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Flavour points/idea:

So here's a rough sketch of a concept I've been (very) slowly developing. It's mostly inspired by drones and intelligent robots in general. I figured just a floating robot might be too simple, so I had the rather cool idea of giving him a projectable magnetic field that allows him to both levitate/agilely move around and provide a bit of protection. I'm not really sure what else to point out since the rest of the design is basic and not nearly as inspired, but it is just a WIP...

Full page of drawing: The back view has a hazard sign pattern that I thought might be cool.

UPDATE: Flying Pose:

Click the thumbnail to see a rough sketch of the bird flying (just before catching a rattata or sth:)) When flying it spreads out the feather like endings of it's wings which are usually folded inside the cape. I'll probably open the left wing in the original pose for the final submission so all parts are visible in one image.

About the Color Scheme:
(Metallic color scheme:
Although I find it very hard to choose which color scheme I like more, I tend to agree with @alexwolf 's reasoning down here. I guess the metal bird looks more intimidating, but for now I prefer the more lively bird. If you feel like commenting on my design please mention which color you prefer (and why). Thanks everyone!

I upload my new design before the poll for the primary ability closes because I don't have time to do this tomorrow.
Because I assume Intimidate will be the primary ability, I changed the design a bit to accommodate this ability a bit better. I made the bird taller and more 'mature looking'. More important is the fact that I cleaned up the art and learned a bit more about photoshop to get better lines. I hope you like it!
Another small change is that I gave the bird two 'fingers' to give it a bit more flexibility in expressions and so it can drum with two separate mallets a bit better:p

If Motor Drive ends up being the CAP's (second?) ability I don't know what I'll do yet;)[/hide]
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Knirp really good job on improving your design, it's almost flawless now! I prefer the yellow coloring because it makes the whole design more alive and pokemon-ish, not to mention that it makes your bird look more like a living being than a mecha-bird (although i don't know which one of those two you meant to show with your design). And even without the steel beak and the steel feet it still looks as a Steel-type thanks to its xylophone armor. However, it's also true that a steel beak is much more intimidating than a normal one, so there is that too. Both designs are great honestly, i just prefer the one with the yellow beak and feet a bit more.

Updated Full Colored Version. [One step away from finalization]
Design Concept:
1. Flying Cyborg Pokemon (Half Mech, Half Organic)
2. Large ears for wings instead of bird wings or feathers
3. Bluish Silver plated armor for steel type
4. Danger Overdrive button as a belly button in conjunction to the move Belly Drum
5. Power Arms to complement sheer power of Belly Drum (and maybe the ability of Iron Fist)
6. Round belly and arms and fingers designed for Belly Drum.

Thank You for the comments; all additional changes will be made in the Final Submission.

Alternate Color [Shiny Color]
Here is my entry:

I had some other designs, a satellite and an ufo-pokemon, but them where way too cute to get intimidate so I decided to go with this one: the gargoyle pokemon.
It can put it's wings around him to hide. It resembles also on a peak of a medeavil tower so it can hide itself too.

Here are some comments:
Overall: I think alot of people try a bit too hard to make the belly drum thing work. It's just a move and it doesn't have to be the karacterizing move. Also it could be the case that the move is learned in a prevo-stage.
Birkal : I love the design. It's so inventive :) The only thing that bothers me are the glasses, it just doens't look really pokemon-ish.
Calad: I love the fact that it's a blimp.It really matches the type of the pokemon. I don't really like the spikes on the fins though. They don't really match the design in my opinion.
Carbonthesecond: I like the design and the way you implemented the heart, but I do'nt see it working as a steel/flying pokemon (more like a steel/ghost)
Doran dragon: Probably my favorite so far. I like the design and it really matches the typing. The green color looks great to me, but I would try some other colorpattern too.
Dracoyoshi8: Love the design, and I would love the see it in colors.
Golurkyourself: I like the seaslug thing but I don't see the connection with a flying-steel pokemon. I rather see it as a nice water-poison pokemon.
Prankster: I love the rocket-idea. It isn't been done before and I think it's an inventive concept. I also like the way you implemented the hair as the smoke the comes of with a rocket-launch. But I think the design would look better if it looks a bit less humanoid.
WPS: I think the concept is amazing. It also looks really nice. I think you should focus on implementing the wings better in the design because now it looks like a monkey with random looking wings.
Dracoyoshi's cloudmaker and Knirp's xylophone bird strike me most. Knirps, the yellow beak and feet look way better. Nice work.
Also can it please be a farfetch'd evolution ok thanks
I haven't posted for a long time! let's fix that.

Well it's certainly an intimidating beast! I have to question the design ethic behind having one giant wing and one short hand(?). I'm also concerned that your lack of a clear outline around the subject will disqualify your entry at crunch time.
Calad: Your is pretty much finished, so there's not much to say. I like his sullen glare, it fits the ability well.
CyzirVisheen: You keep up with that one, I want to see a beautiful completed entry! :D
Doran Dragon: you also get on with shading that up; sharkplane looks lovely now but would be lovelier with some depth! :P
DougJustDoug: I'm not sure that I like the yellow head, it evokes electricity too much in combination with the facial marks. Other than that, good work.
elcheeso: I love this bat and want you to continue with it. It's a truly massive improvement over your entry last CAP.
Golurkyourself: Update with what you've done already :I
Knirp: You've certainly improved upon this design a whole lot since I first saw it. I still think though, that it could benefit from having pupils, and not having rivets on its belly. Apart from being hard to sprite, they make it look much too artifical.
paintseagull: like Shinx or Larvitar, yours is cute enough to work with intimidate. :3
Prankster: I think yours is real cute too, but it would massively benefit from having less colors.
Shanimanim: good of you to go a flightless bird route, but right now it looks far too much like a real cassowary wearing greaves. I understand that we all have different ways of drawing things, but even this could be further stylized.
Yilx: Personally I think that your nail-footed angel girl is better designed than the tengu, and stands a better chance of success.

And now, to show off my own work!

Based upon the Triassic gliding reptile Sharovipteryx, This creature can perform powered flight thanks to the natural ramjet engines in its upper thighs. Belly Drum is achieved via smacking its spherical tailtip against its underside, and its metallic claws can be fired off for a deadly missile strike! It is unknown who the owner of the glowing eyes inside its head is, but they're certain to creep out any foe!

Well, my cute blimp/missile is completely torpedoed by Intimidate as an ability, so I'm moving to idea B. Motorcycle bird-taur is a bit of a stretch from my last sketch of it, but unlike the other sketches, I'm pretty pleased with the design. It's iffy when you think about its design origins, though. o3o I'll reiterate that the dark puff on the bird-taur's chest is iron filings, not an afro or laundry ball. :P

  • alphsoup: A whale, hmm... It can definitely work for Steel/Flying, though it can imply Water-type. With the inclusion of Intimidate to the criteria, I'd go for the fierce-looking drum. :) Are those antennae on its head or angry smoke?
  • Blue Frog: I still say all of the attention on the design is toward the tail, though I suppose it works since the bland area is the large belly, which should be prominent like that. With Intimidate as an ability, I suppose the peacock should have something that makes it more scary. Maybe those beady red eyes work. :P
  • TwistedSpaceman: Ooh, your style shows energy. :D I like that. All of the criteria, in my opinion, are met; Steel, Flying, Belly Drum, and Intimidate. It's got cartoonish exaggeration (which I like for pokemon), and its design is neat overall. I can't wait to see it colored!
  • LimaPro643: That is sort-of intentional! Whales are ideas for animating an otherwise inanimate object; the face and bands were representative of that. Of course, I don't want it to be too much water-y, so everything else leads the person to see it as an Animate Inanimate Object. Well, off to my new idea.
  • Dracoyoshi8: That supplementary sketch reminds me of sheep! :D That's charming, but unfortunately, now with Intimidate, that works against the design. Still, if it's sizable and imposing enough, it'd fit Intimidate (and be redundant).
  • andrew3391: I love the colors you have on the hummingbird. :D The blue and yellow work well for the design and eschew the expected colors of shades of gray. Unfortunately, the now-included criterion of Intimidate makes this design less likely to succeed. Shame, too, since it's such a neat design.
  • Golurkyourself: I've seen people use that nudibranch frequently, but I must say it's a stretch to see it as Steel/Flying. Maybe it's just because I don't see the Steel typing without proper contrasts, and maybe because the wings look less wing-like than my expectations. o3o; Do you think putting the design in a flying pose might sway my thoughts on it? The other parts of the CAP--Belly Drum and Intimidate--work nicely. :) Those triangular teeth are cool, creepy, and cute all at the same time.
  • Knirp: I can see Intimidate working with this pokemon, and the mallet feet are neat. :) It's amusing seeing a potential way of explaining Intimidate with that grim hood and pointed finger. Still a great entry!
  • ReddHawk34: I see what you're doing with the concept, but make sure that the design doesn't lead the viewer to think something else. All of the stitches and rickety parts of the drum you have may represent Ghost-type more than Steel or Flying-type. When you color those designs in, perhaps you should downplay those and emphasize the metallic parts. :) At least, with what you have currently, the designs would fit Intimidate very well.
  • Arkaious: I think I need to see colors more before I make a decision about your design. Are those dark portions and the hinged mouth metallic? What are those lobes on the chest and tail for? (Are those feathers? If so, don't draw them one-by one, but instead, imply with internal lines.)
  • Hollymon: With Intimidate now in the mix, I'd say the dragon fits those attributes more than the knight. o3o I still personally prefer the bird knight, but the dragon's probably a better choice.
  • Chris900: Hmm, a stunt rocket driver? o3o Cool! I agree that the colors do bring comparisons to Ghost- or Dark-types. The purple body and glowing eyes indicate that most for me. Perhaps a yellow or blue body to signify Flying?
  • DougJustDoug: Color changes everything, doesn't it? That airy blue makes me think of it soaring through the sky more than something that may be associated with another pokemon type. :D Nicely done with that! With Intimidate as an ability, though, I feel like your design got whittled in viability. :/ Still a great design! Maybe the angry eyebrows will pull it off. :P
  • Fl055: The design reminds me of the Latis and Rayquaza. o3o Both of those are Dragon-types, so yes, it would draw me to the idea that this one was, too. Maybe with additional shading or a change of color scheme will make it seem more Steel- or Flying-typed. It feels too derivative currently.
  • Yilx: Ah, I like this more than the other design. XD It's got a nice origin and it's excellently designed, while keeping the typing and Belly Drum obvious. It also fits Intimidate, coincidentally.
  • Orivexes: Hmm, it still looks feminine--mostly because of the breastplate. x.x Maybe make that portion a big chunk of armor, since that's the only glaring thing I can see about the design. Everything else is nice. :) Maybe the face could be more malevolent or helmet more intimidating for the voted-upon ability of Intimidate.
  • MachoCheese: There's some whimsy I like in your design that few other designs have. :) It's clever how you chose to represent the Steel-type, Flying-type, and Belly Drum. Cartoonish charm, I believe. I just wish Intimidate fits it better. D:
  • Seed: Hmm. o3o This is a concept I haven't seen executed like this. It seems to be (even if it isn't) based on CAP getting a defensive ability like Water Veil or Magic Guard. beyond the bubble, the design could be fleshed out. The presumably metallic tail doesn't coincide with the simple pivot arms or square-mask-over-round-cranium. Maybe if everything was rounder, the design would work together more.
  • Mr Spyda: o3o I'd say to make the jetpack more prominent. :P A dinosaur seems just 'there' rather than contributional to the design.
  • Cheeno: Pretty art. :D Make sure that the glow at the top of the design doesn't break one of the rules in the opening post. I wish the design fit Intimidate a tad better, as the design itself is rather cute, but it glowering and soaring above opponents with those large wings fit nicely!
  • CyzirVisheen: Well, I've looked at a lot of metal birds already, and I can't say that yours stands out. >>; I might see it if the design is a bit clearer or colors make it remarkable, but I'm not impressed. :/
  • Torkoals: The shading indicates metal and the turbine's still there. I think it's more symmetrical than previously, except for the bolted plate on front. Still, it's an improvement!
  • noobiess: Gargoyles remind me (and many people, I bet) of the Rock type. o3o The highlights on the metal portions indicate Steel, yep, but those wings still look rocky to me. It fits Intimidate as well as Belly Drum, but that rockiness about it doesn't make the design a favorite of mine.
  • Steampowered: Puffy cloud lizard. :D I wish I liked it more for its connection to CAP's information than its cuteness. I can see it puffing its cloud to make itself seem intimidating, but I favor other designs if it comes to that. D: Shame. It's creative and nicely-designed, but it doesn't fit as well. :/
  • Mos-Quitoxe: Well, with Intimidate as part of this CAP, a rocket raptor works really well (just look at that mouth!). I like how the legs can swing up and fly that way. I didn't realize that the first time I saw the drawing, and I don't know if voters would see that, too. o3o Just something to think about when the art poll goes up. The design, besides that, is fantastic. :) Shows off everything we have so far with a creative design.


formerly Doran Dragon
Final Submission

So i took some things into account, and also tried to make it more intimidating, though i feel that the subject itself lends itself to flavor of intimidate anyways.

anyways, I was told the ball and rod arms dont look that great, so i'll start working on new version without that
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Hello all! It's been a very busy past few days but things are finally calming down and I'm able to get back to the CAP scene. First, a big thanks to LimaPro643, Leviathes, Fuzzie, and Quanyails for your comments and suggestions, I really look forward to hearing your comments on the next iteration of my CAP!
As for right now I don't have much new to share, I have taken my old hand-drawn, scanned, and slightly touched-up image and completely redone the linework in a paint program (as well as cleaned out all of the nasty scanned paper texture from the background). From this stage I'm going to begin to edit the design in a much faster and cleaner fashion on the program, here's my new framework:

From here I plan to: 1) Remove the Wailmer chin stripes and play with either flowy cloud facial hair, a fierce painted ceremonial Taiko look, or maybe a combo of both, 2) Try redoing the arms with a somewhat longer and more flowing look and having them emerge from further back on the taiko body while trying to incorporate a metal Taiko stick/chime look to the fingers, and 3) See if I can make the cloud body and fins more interesting once the first two above are done.

I'll also be getting around to making nice cranky puffer linework, but for the time being this one will have more of my attention.

FYI, This laughable collection of line colors are not even close to the proposed color ideas, they're there just to make my life easier for changing different sections while painting. Sorry for the same-ness that this post brings, but I thought I'd give a pulse and let those interested know my next direction!
As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated!

Comments for Others
@Blue Frog - I miss your derpy peacock too and actually like it much more than your burly one, have you played with the idea of still keeping it a little derpy and friendly, and just increasing the size of the back tail plumage? The peacock tail is literally used for intimidation in the wild, if you emphasize that physical attriibute you may be able to keep it truer to your old mon while still keeping in the bounds of the CAP project.
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Very early work in progress.

Loosely based on the B-29 Superfortress, best known for the Enola Gay, who performed the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. Shame Unburden got shot down, as it would have been thematically perfect. Certainly intimidating though. Belly drum involves its bomb bay doors.

Let me know what you think about the little doodle of what I though its prevo might look like. The more I look at it, the more I like it. Even over the main design. There is something appealing about an energetic Jet engine/ shark plane/ doggie. Belly drum activates its jet overdrive. Every dog like having their belly rubbed after all.

Thank you for your feedback.
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Small update on my design. Showing off the flying/gliding of the xylomon. Also trying out some slightly different eyes and removing of the rivets (like Mos mentioned).
Still not completely sure about the yellow color btw. I think when Motor Drive ends up being its second ability I might change it back to metal again and will modify the red thread into a more electricity cable-like appearance so it can absorb electricity with its head and tailfeathers to power up its insides. Also fits better with the move Iron Head.

Placeholder image of bullet punching a weedle + really rough backview sketch

Some comments:
While I don't really feel like I can provide useful constructive criticism atm, I can say that I'm impressed by quite a few designs. I especially like the ones that manage to get the 'I'm a pokemon vibe' down so accurately (@Calad, @Arkeis, @Doran Dragon). Others I like a lot are @Mos-Quitoxe's, @Yilx's and @Zracknel's and a few others I will try commenting on when they update again.
Still waiting for an improved version of @elcheeso 's bat, that one also still looks like a design with a lot of potential to me.
@Magistrum: nice update, still love your design and it fits very well with intimidate for sure. It's still my favorite for now. If I have to comment on it, I think you definitely improved the transition area from leg to chest, though I think you can improve on it even further somehow. The steely plate thing looks a little bit tacked on to me. Not sure how to go about improving it though, but it's an awesome design as it is for sure.

@wdistance, @Mos-Quitoxe @Darth Missingno. : thanks for the feedback! I'm not sure what ill do with the rivets yet. About the pupils: I'm not sure if adding pupils is the right thing to do. It is a blind bird after all and I think the missing pupils show off better that its just its feather pattern instead of real eyes. Im going to try to find a way to express emotions better. This should also help with tying in to the intimidate ability.
I'll see if I can give some useful comments later, but I'll need to find some time for that. Thanks again to everyone that commented on my submission!
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Alright, time for an update that's long overdue. :p Thanks for the helpful feedback given by everyone!

Because of Intimidate being the primary ability, I decided to go with my Frigate Bird design, and opted for the black color scheme to offset whatever water-type vibe that people get from it:

Links to separate images of front and back views:

Design Concept: Frigate Bird
Frigate Birds are known for their inflatable gular sacs. Their frontal area expands into a vivid red, which is their most striking feature which fits perfectly with the central concept move of CAP 6: Belly Drum.

I expanded the Frigate Bird design with Navy elements as a theme for the Steel typing, as well as a tie-in to Intimidate. The Anchor beak, Sailor hat, Admiral-themed coat, the Shoulder board-like tail feathers and the hand-like wings give a cohesive representation of a Steel/Flying Belly Drum user.

As always, comments, critiques and criticisms are welcome. ;)
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