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Ok, this is my first concept of the Steel/Flying CAP. An Armored Dodo. I was intended to create a glamorous legendary treasure's bird, but it didn't work. Dodos were fat and clumsy birds, terrestrial creatures, they couldn't fly, but they were fast. Our CAP is fast and uses Belly Drum. I drew this Dodo as a knight, because it's a Steel-type, the ax like nozzle match also with the concept. The right wing is a shield, which is detailed above, and the tails are four swords that moves like Skarmory's wing. Evil face is for intimidate. It always walks with a flag in a lance as if in battlefront.
This sketch is too busy - there is too much going on.
OldManDugan, I recommend you go with the faded blue color scheme. The only other one that looks remotely doggish is the C-3PO one, and that takes away any ability to intimidate ANYTHING in my mind (because of the association with C-3PO).
Seconding the suggestion to go with the faded blue. Perhaps one of the other ones like the army surplus could be a possible shiny.


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Hey guys, the slate's been posted and we're just waiting for it to be finalized before the Secondary Ability Poll goes up. Once the poll is over, we'll have an additional 48 hours before this thread closes. That means you have about 4 to 6 days to finish! Start thinking about your final submissions!

Additionally, don't forget about the posting limits rules. This means that for both artists and commenters it's important to check the thread even if no new posts have been added since people may have edited their posts with new information or art.


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Final Submission

(MS Paint, Photoshop, and Imageshack all render images slightly differently. That was an annoyance for getting colors just right with this upload.)
Supplementary sketches.

In case I haven't explained my design enough, I'll explain it some more. :) Following the demise of a design that was the antithesis of an intimidating, physically-defensive speedster, I ended up creating this motorcycle-bird-centaur. It's inspired by biker gangs, most predominantly Hells Angels [sic]. The design, of course, invokes generic biker imagery with the sleeveless jacket (with iron filing [not fuzzy afro, laundry ball, or chest hair] shoulder puffs) that is actually a metal plate, weighted-knuckle gloves, and beak bandana facsimile (unintentional but serendipitous). A smaller portion of the design draws more from Hells Angels' logo, albeit very loosely; the wings and feather colors.

  • Orivexes: Great! :D My main concern has been ameliorated, and the rest of the design works! Actually, the armor works better with Belly Drum than the previous breastplate. :) I do wish the overall design was more fitting with Intimidate than a grimacing face. It's rather difficult without changing the design, though. If you want to change anything, go with the 'Large and in Charge' motif for Intimidate. Everything else is fine by me. :)
  • Birkal: Hmm, I'm not feeling the design. It might just because it's a sketch, but it's rather lackluster compared to other metal birds. :/ I've seen your sketches on IRC and hope that you develop those in a way distinct from the other birds in this thread. :D
  • Louis Janquart: Your English sounds pretty good to me! No worries! I say that the concept and design are neat, but the execution could be better. While the design fits Steel/Flying (and provides a fun way of using Drill Peck/Drill Run, among other things), the drawing feels quite amateur. I know that that must happen with some people, but if you can, try to make the lines more contour with the design's shape. The drills, for example, look wobbly and non-conical. Do you have the patience to make the drills' lines smooth and in perspective?
  • JWtheMighty: Oh, my, this is a neat concept. :D It's wonderfully creative and has a great design. There are two concerns I have about it that really pull away from the appeal of it, unfortunately. The first and foremost is the insectoid origin of it. Bug-like wings and six limbs say more Bug-type than Flying-type. The second concern is that the body's shape and segmentation reminds me a lot of Lairon. I would like a little more diversity, even if it's coincidental.
  • Calad: Eh, I don't like the red all that much. :/ What's saddening is that with the stat spread, a blimp just doesn't seem all that speedy. No fault of yours (and this design still has a tankiness to it that fits this CAP's defense). The design is still fine! It's just become less fitting for the CAP than I'd like. D:
  • noobiess: I like it for some reason I don't understand. :) As a design. Steel as a typing is evident, and Flying, yes, but less so (those floaty bits are the indicators). Intimidate... it's a stretch to me. A shifty-looking fellow seems more like the type to hide and sneak rather than impose its appearance upon others. I say to go with the floating arms. As for the colors... they're decent. The blue, red, and brown could be a bit more unified, but I wouldn't know where to go with those colors. Again, I like the design, but I don't think it fits where this CAP is going. :/
  • OldManDugan: I enjoy this design. :D Not only is it well-designed, it's got a sense of humor that accompanies how fitting it is. It's a speedy, Intimidating rascal that demonstrates Steel/Flying. I'd stick with the original color scheme. I can't see Belly Drum in it as much as other designs, and that's my sole concern. It's otherwise lovely.
  • Magistrum: Yay tail feathers. :D Frigate Bird demonstrates its physical tankiness, although I must wonder how fast it can be? (Supporting art, hint hint. :P) I'm honestly divided as to whether its likeness to Honchkrow is a deciding factor for my vote for it. I like it, but people will draw similarities as a CAP design nonetheless. :/
  • Sgt.Moose: There's a hint of something electric with that visible energy across the owl's horns. Good if we get Volt Absorb! A detriment if not. I do anticipate your next revision with curiosity as to the inclusion of Intimidate.
  • S0L1D G0LD: Well, ah, dragons. Dragon-type. That's the first, large hurdle you'll have to climb over for your design to be considered as fitting for this CAP. How about something less overtly draconic?
  • Hollymon: Neat. :D I still have my personal preferences against it toward your other design, but this one's pretty swell. I won't trouble you with my concerns, seeing as you're probably locked with your design and there aren't any big issues.
  • FlinchMachine: Great Steel/Flying type representation. Looks like it can use Belly Drum. Certainly intimidating. Looks defensive enough. Speed, I could see. All of the criteria for the CAP feel plausible, yet I have concern toward one big element in the design. Pokemon having props are rare--Pokemon with artificial armor are rarer. Could I ask for the lance and buckler to be incorporated more naturally into the design rather than it be equipment for the bird? That would be great for my personal preference. :)
  • uncookedTpain: All of the criteria for the CAP fit; Intimidate, I must say, works well with that toothed beak and gawking eyes. Your design has neat metallic plates; they're unusual yet organic, which looks really neat compared to other designs. Nice! I wish, however, that the drawing was something more than a profile view, however, since it looks flat and lackluster for the eyes. Even if the design is fantastic, the art still needs a bit of pizazz.
Final Submission

A design drawn from sputnik and the kosmonauts that followed. Let me elaborate with forged Pokedex entries...

  • The weak communicative signals it emits travel so slowly, the Pokemon often ends up intercepting its own messages.
  • Living just outside Earth's atmosphere, the Pokemon is often pelleted by space debris. They become particularly active during meteor showers.
  • Possibly because of its lonely existence, this Pokemon is said to be particularly easy to train and eager to please once caught.
  • First discovered when a solar flare caused many of these Pokemon to drop to the Earth in 1947, their startling appearance caused much fear and paranoia.

Supporting material

Initial roughs that cemented the design.
A trained kosmonaut is star of a popular tv show in Japan!
Just first a sketch, I'm throwing in a completely new design, probably not a wise idea, but what the hell. Maybe it'll make it to the next poll or whatever.

Link because I'm not sure if its too big or not.

I'll add colors and stuff later, but the stupid fucking iPad only lets me ever upload one of my concept art/supporting artwork.

Edit I went with a robot outfitted into a football player's outfit, because tis the season, I guess.
Final Submission

Just dropping by with this, may edit into a more finalised version and some supporting art a bit later:

Concept is something like a Sky Warrior/Knight. It has razor sharp feathers that it uses to create slicing winds. It strikes fear into opponents by making its sharp feathers stand out to make it look bigger and more dangerous while it's golden markings in its helmet makes it look like it's leering at its foes.

edit: Time's not really kind to me for the rest of the week so if I can't add more to it I'll just make this the final submission just to see how it will go :)
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Final Submission

And here he is, my Helicopter Dragon! I think this is a BIG improvement over my previous attempt and I think this design works well with a lot of moves/abilities/stats. It has a horn for Peck/Megahorn/Iron Head ect, Claw moves can be learned, arms which can punch and also a tail. It's belly has a design so it sort of resembles a button in the middle. Of course, you cannot press it but I think it works well with Belly Drum as it is kind of the On button idk! It can be very fast, running or flying thought the air with its propeller and can use the propeller to perform various flying type attacks. He is very intimidating, and is perfect for Volt Absorb, less so Wonder Skin but it could work because he is a reptile? <--- Supporting Art

my entry too late?
its wings are huge, and all the yellow parts are gold,so tecnicaly
gold= metal?

psg edit: Images must be hosted externally. Read the OP.
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Comments on my six favorites, in no particular order.
Quanyails, your design is outstanding, I especially love the whole Hell's Angels vibe going on. The only thing is the facial structure seems a tad bit unnatural, but I realize that's because it's symbolizing a mask, and I'm sure it'll look better in sprites.

Hollymon, your design perfectly captures the typing of Steel/Flying, and I feel like it'll have a LOT of versatility flavor and movepool wise, perhaps even getting moves like Outrage.

elcheeso, your design is absolutely hilarious and expertly drawn, full marks. Only problem is its concept is an absolute draw for dirty jokes, but that's not really a problem in my book.

Yilx your design is one of my favorites, but it's too Blaziken-esque for me to want it to be a CAP. Perhaps changing the color s

Blue Frog, I disagree with you when you say it's too cute, that thing is bloody terrifying! Anyways I really love the concept, but I feel like the art needs to be sharpened a bit more, especially around the metal tubes on its back.

StrawberryLover69, I am proud to know you, that is far and away the funniest CAP I've ever seen, I absolutely want to be able to use "Steelberry" on Showdown. This is definitely my favorite of the bunch, despite its bizarreness, both for sheer humor and the fact that using a strawberry stem as a helicopter rotor is easily the most bizarrely creative flying idea on this forum.
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Final Submission

Main Design

Supporting Material

Design Progression
This is an animation of the design from the original sketch to final full-color art. Just click the thumbnail to see the animation in full size.

I call this design "Rocketmon" because it is based on rockets and astronauts, if you can't tell. It has rocket boosters on its back, rocket fins on its feet, and a clear head shield to complete the rocket/astronaut look. I chose sky blue coloring to give it a "flying" feel, and I can imagine this thing blasting off and soaring amongst the clouds.

I think the rocket theme lets this be just about as fast as we need it to be, and 118 speed is easily justified. Bullet Punch? Of course. ExtremeSpeed? Hell yeah. I'm not saying we have to give it those moves, but if movepool creators want to go there, this design certainly won't hold them back. I'm thinking all sorts of Steel/Flying stuff can go with this guy.

I made it a fatmon because Belly Drum typically is a move for pokemon with fat bellies, but I also have a launch button there on the midsection to further support the use of the move. The thinking is that it presses the belly button (no pun intended) and launches to wreak mayhem with +6 attack.

Although I never finalized any of my supporting art sketches, I had fun working on this design. I think it has kind of a Buzz Lightyear feel to it, which is just fine with me. To infinity and beyond, Rocketmon!
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This is your ~50 hour warning.

I will close this thread for submissions at approximately 9pm EDT, Thursday September 26th. It might be a little later than this, but don't count on it!

Oh, and for the lazy folks who don't wanna go looking in other threads or this OP, this is what we're dealing with:

Typing: Steel / Flying
Ability: Intimidate / Volt Absorb / ??
Stats: 50 HP / 92 Atk / 130 Def / 65 SpA / 75 SpD / 118 Spe
Guaranteed Move: Belly Drum.
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Final Submission

Here's the greatly updated and final version of my war-peacock concept, drawing inspiration specifically from old-world armors, cannon balls, military drummer boys, and Japanese war fans; it is war in peacock form, as odd as that sounds. Despite having such inspirations, I also wanted the design to be beautiful and visually striking just like a real peacock is. The round portion of the body was intended to look like a cannon ball, but not intended to weigh as much as one; it's just a visual nod. While the war fan and drummer boy might be very culturally distant from each other, I rather liked the idea that both could be used as a form of communication or signaling, which I thought might be an interesting direction for the practical application of this territorial peacock's visual inspirations.

Supporting Material and general notes:
-Belly Drum: I think I remember someone asking how the original design could use Belly Drum, and while I did incorporate it into the design with strong, finger-like feathers on the ends of his wings, I thought I'd take it even further with this version by having gold plating on them as well. With the gold plating, they're exceptionally sturdy and great for drumming on his big belly. Here's a rough sketch of how I picture him drumming:

-Flight: Not a traditional flier, the war-peacock uses his tail like a third wing. The tail is so broad and powerful, a single flap can lift him into the air. Staying in the air is just a matter of alternating between supporting himself with his smaller wings and getting another boost from his tail. Here's a little sketch of what he looks like in flight:

-Intimidate: Being a stylized peacock, this guy makes himself large and intimidating by fully expanding his massive tail and making himself appear much bigger than he really is. The nine eyes on its tail staring down the opponent certainly help as well.

-Volt Absorb: Considering I finished this without knowing Volt Absorb would be chosen, I think it actually worked out pretty well. His tail being one giant conductor, perhaps it attracts the electricity and sends it right to his bulbous belly where he converts it into energy or something like that. It also makes me glad I changed his helmet ribbon from red to yellow.

-Just a little info about drummer boys and war fans if anyone is interested:
-Drummer Boys:
-Japanese War Fans:

Leviathes Thanks for the feedback, I like the nitpicking since it enables me to address specific concerns people have. He could look a little faster I suppose, I think his chunky silhouette betrays the fact that he's still a lightweight bird underneath those pauldrons. With that decent attack stat, I think he's strong enough to support a little bit of armor without costing him much speed. The tail itself is very much like a real war fan, which (while made of a thin layer of metal) are light and airy, just much sturdier than a paper fan. I'd also like to clarify that the 'mystical ornaments' are sharp pieces of metal with an eye shape (like the image on the tail feathers of real peacocks), useful as much for slashing as they are for intimidating foes.
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Wow lots of great art here! (I wish I could draw as good as you guys :( ) I'll comment on some designs:

Cartoons! , it looks... bizarre. I don't know how it looks like performing Belly Drum, but beside that point it doesn't appeal to me for the lack of a recognizable face, sorry. Great drawing though!

Blue Frog , I think the legs could use some reworking because it looks too small for a bulky bird. It looks awesome with its tail cannons though :D

elcheeso , I agree that it doesn't need a design on the belly; most pokemon don't anyway.

mcFlareon , I really think it looks good, but as it is now it looks too humanoid for my taste; more humanoid than gothitelle or gallade even. It goes well with the stats/abilities though; I look forward to how you develop this (even though you're cutting it close to the deadline lol)

DougJustDoug A minion in a spacesuit! :D I think that's why it appeals to me so much.

Harle Wow soo beautiful! If I would nitpick though, it kinda looks slow for 118 speed and the mystical ornaments give me a special-attacker vibe, not a physical attacker. But nonetheless it's awesome in its own right.
Final Submission

Supporting Material/Notes
Based off of the flightless bird, the Takahe. To pursue its dream of flying, it crafted armor that allows it to soar.

Bullet punch and ExtremeSpeed are easy for this guy. Imprints on its midsection prove takahemon's devotion to Belly Drumming!

Thanks to everyone who helped this design take shape! Take to the skies, Takahemon! :)
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