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The prefix "den" comes from the Japanese word "Denki" which means Electricity. Many words use that or the prefix "den" to denote that something is electric. Tatsu is an old Japanese word for Dragon. Japan/China has several words for dragon actually.

sounds like a pokemon name, short, simple, easy to pronounce

works well with Cartoons and Regi DS's art submissions too
Tennis' Spiffy and Mag's Dragohm seem to be top quality choices.
I like names that either are incredibly type based (see: GHOSTEEL) and names that are so random that they absolutely no link to the pokemon whatsoever.
It would be funny if Buffalo Wing's art design wins and we end up naming it Spiffy. That... would be... funny.

So I think we should wait to see what art wins first to actually think of a name that fits it. =\


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Panzer (a German tank, especially in the context of World War II. Attributively, the term also refers to armoured military forces, as in panzer divisions or panzer battles) + roar
Arg, billymills, I'm glad I decided to scroll up the page one last time and look; I was going to post almost exactly as you did.
Spiffy and Dragohm are great, but Thundra also caught my eye.


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Eh, I guess the only name I really came up with was the slightly biased name I coined for my submission: Styrm

It combined Storm and Wyrm, but this is a pretty limited name as few entries were based off of Wyrms.

So I guess I'll come up with a better name able to be applied for multiple dragons later on.
Hey thanks for stealing my name idea, Mag. >:(

But yeah, I guess I'll support Dragohm (and I pronounce it just like it sounds).

(On a serious note, I am sorry if this is a misunderstanding and we actually thought of the same name.)
Zeyu (pronounced ZEH-yew)
The first 2 letters "Ze" is taken from Zeus, which is the Greek God of Lightning.

The last 2 letters "yu" is taken from the word Ryu (竜), which means Dragon in Japanese.

(pronounced "REE-oh Suh-VARR")

Ryo/Ryu (Japanese for dragon (duh)) + Biot-Savart. Both have silent t's.

The reference is a bit obscure, but it seems very appropriate, especially if one of the more streamlined designs gets picked. Also, the spelling can be changed to better reflect the pronounciation if people think it necessary.
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