CAP 8 CAP 8 - Part 10a - Name Discussion

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Final Submission: Cirrpent

Did it get any support? No, not really, but I do think it's a clever name and at least I can try ;_;
Final submission: Stormbrass

A Flarebrass is a type of fire dragon. This simply replaces Flare with Storm!

Diosavant was intended solely for Cartoons!'s dragon, and that's why I'm not submitting it. :)
My Final Submission would be Trimera.

It is an obvious play on the word Chimera and the prefix tri. The Hydra, Cerberus, and the Chimera were all siblings(if memory serves) in greek myths. This is interesting since a dragon general portrays parts from various animals(making it a kind of chimera in a way). Also Cerberus has three heads like our Thunder cloud. And finally if I recall right didn't Cyzir refer to it as a Thunder Hydra at some point?
Final Submission: Ohmyolnir [Pronounced "Om-yoll-near"]

I change the lettering so people pronounce it correctly, instead of the "J" sound.
Good luck to everyone!
Final Submission: TTARD
Nah, just joking,

Final Submission: Lihydra(Lie + high + dra)

A hydra is a many-headed snake/serpent, and refers to the Pokemon having three heads, and "Li" abbreviates lightning, which is a dramatic effect of electricity.
i can see a distinct difference between the first posts in this thread and the later, less tacky ones. Does this always happen?


not quite too old for this, apparently
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Just reposting it: Final Submission - Spiffy

As in: Damn that is one Spiffy dragon!


Am I poplar yet?
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OKAY, THAT'S ALL FOLKS! This thread is done!

The Name Poll and Attacking Moves Poll shall be up in a few minutes, so be ready.
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