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The thing with playing online is you can't telegraph your moves- you can't wire yourself to keep spamming a combo again and again, as once you strike the player will be wary of that and block you, and proceed to pummel you once you whiff. To stay on the offensive you have to keep mixing it up- alternate between overhead and low strikes, and be ready to grab out of a melee of attacks. Also, pretty basic, but you should also be able to pull off specials at moment's notice.

Just keep your style fresh and youll have fun online as well! Remember to get online at #capbattle to check for hosts. Don't be disheartened by the current low in activity, if you stay there for a while, youll surely meet one of the hosts, or just have a chat with other people in there.

Battle Capacity v03 (previously CAP Battle) is released!

Please check the website for the download links plus information on the game.

I look forward to seeing you online, and even if that isn't your thing, I hope you enjoy what the game offers.

Thank you all so much for your patience and continued support!


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I am absolutely loving Colossoil!
My new favourite by far.

I'll experiment with Colo and Clohm and I'll get back to you with combo videos I find when I get a little more comfortable with them.

Again - great work Cartoons, this is just amazing. there's not enough I can say.
Thanks for keeping loyal fellas, thanks to everyone down at #capbattle who worked tirelessly to playtest the game and finally, thanks to our great and glorious leader Cartoons! for creating such a wonderful little masterpiece!
heh, 'leader' is hardly the word when you tend to have the greater administrative powers in the chat anyway.

I'd gotten a couple of comments about how Rapidshare's limit was exceeded. I've created an account with them so that problem should be fixed now.

Also, that'd be awesome, Zystral, I'd love to see your vids, and any other videos people would like to post of the game.

Well, I'm enjoying myself. Sweatin' is just as unfairly hateful as always, and Vitalimar's grabbing juggles of death seem to be unblockable if you can't dodge the first few hits (even the CPU on Breezin' can pull it off, no kidding), but I'm having fun regardless.
A medium difficulty mode is something I'm considering for the next version, for people who want something more challenging than 'breezin' but who aren't yet reasy for 'sweatin'.

Vitalimar's vital throw string seems viable until you make it to the other wall. Although if anyone can actually do it continuously I'll reconsider changing it.

Also, I'd like to thank Aquamarine for undergoing the 'hoster's challenge'. We finally have another person eligible to host games on Lunaport.

This brings the list to

Lurker Without Posts


I know some of others have demonstrated the ability to host games, so if you're interested, please let me know and I'll add you to the list.
I may have spotted a bug (hur hur hur); while using Syclant on Breezin', I won the first bout against Colossoil and Vitalimar, then lost the next two. I still went onto the next match and the credits respectively.

Also, nice choice of a secret boss, Cartoons.

EDIT: When will be seeing more shiny colouring schemes?

EDIT 2: Who does the voice acting?
Its great Cartoons!! I love Cyclohm and Kitsunoh, but I've found a rather irritating glitch. On breezing with Kitsunoh during the Stratagem battle I paused it then came back, and Stratagem was gone, its an empty arena, but I can still move around and time goes down
Thanks for the heads up, Woodsy.

I could add more colours for sure, the only problem is that the resultant quality of the shinies tend to be inconsistent across the board. Where they work seamlessly with some characters like Stratagem and Kitsunoh, others like Pyroak and Colossoil just come out rather atrocious due to the similarity of some colours to another. It's something i could do though perhaps for the characters that tend to yield better results.

Also, all the voices in the game are my own. I actually wanted to get a girl to do Kitsunoh's voice, but she couldn't ultimately pull off a convincing evil fox/cat masked ghost pokemon.

I've uploaded a Syclant combo demo here

It's not a full on tutorial and assumes you're already familiar with the moves and terms as discussed on the main website. It's mostly for fun and really accentuates how dangerous Syclant can be. Next video will probably be Arghonaut as I get comments about how he's supposedly 'low tier' or some rot.

edit: sorry about that Solstice. I'm not sure what caused that, but I'll run some tests to see what I can do.
Well, I'll point out a really, really f'ed up glitch: When fighting Arghonaut with Pyroak in Breezin', a bright orange clone of Arghy turns up. The clone doesn't do anything, and makes the batle easy because they share a life bar and one Solarbeam kills them both if aimed correctly.


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Okay, no videos but I've been playing versus Sackbot in Trainin' with Cyclohm (who has the niftiest voice ever).
Here's how I write my attack combos:
if you imagine the keyboard numberpad, from 1-9. 5 is neutral and means you are not pressing any directions. 2 is down, 4 is left, 6 is right, 8 is up etc.
If I say "3A" that means doing the weak attack while pressing down. B is medium and C is strong ofc. j is jump and T is ability (trait).
Numbers that precede a jump means a jump in that direction (4j means backjump, 6j means jump forwards)

Short little Cyclohm tricks:
(5A ,) 4C , T
This is pulled off a bit slower than the normal combo, but there's no black frames. Plus, 4C to Static pushes you back a bit so it gives you a little spacing to pull something else off.
Doing this combo without 5A is optional.

Twister , Thundershock
Needs some good timing, but otherwise a short combo that's easy to pull off thanks to Twister's suction hitbox. Also, any TShock can be used, but obviously the longer you leave it, the lower angle you'll use.

jB , 5B
This is a little harder to pull off due to the nature of Cyclohm's jB, as you have to pull it off during the descent otherwise it whiffs. You have to pull the jB off near the ground, as if you do it higher up, they have a chance of invincibility. I'll try to record this one soon to show you what I mean.

jC , 5B
Cyclohm's 5B is so versatile it's hilarious. Again, unless they're jumping with you, you will want to wait until you're nearer the floor before pulling this one off. It's also a lot harder since you have to make sure you hit the floor as soon as the second hit finishes, and once you hit the floor you have to go into 5B immediately or they get a frame of block in.

Twister , 6jC , Tri-Attack , 6C or Thunder
finally, a long combo!
Yes, this is very absurd, and very visually stunning too. Twister into 6jC is very forgiving in terms of timing, but you will want to hit them while they are as high in the air as possible. This means that there is more time before they fall down, giving you a larger input window for Tri Attack, and then after Tri-Attack you have to time it very carefully or else 6C will miss. There is a bit of a gap between Tri-Attack and 6C actually, so practice is required for that final attack, even though it isn't needed. If you're using Thunder to finish the combo off then tap your downleftright as fast as possible since you need to strike them in mid-air to hit them with more than one Thunder strike.

jB , 2C
Cyclohm's cheap-shot. Again, wait until you're near the ground before launching B.

Twister , jC , jC , Tri-Attack
This is my second favourite combo ever. It's very difficult to pull off, but it doesn't waste a Thunder like the previous one, yet does equal damage. The hard part is getting the second jC at the right timing after the first, since Cyclohm's strong jump attack has a proportional knockback to hitbox rate. That is, if you hit them lower, they go flying up lower. So you need to jump and jC as quickly as possible in order to get them as high as possible. Also, once you've pulled off the second jC, key in Tri-Attack while in-midair, you won't have time to do it on the floor.

Small video of me playing around with the combo idea

from what I find, Cyclohm is a very powerful and flexible character, although be warned if you are going in for a large combo. Most Cyclohm combos will start Twister -> jC, and if your opponent catches on, it may prove difficult later on. However, it's in those short little combos, one or two moves long is where Cyclohm really shines, since you can either trade speed for power, and string a bunch of small hits together or just whack them with two attacks. Keeps the pressure up.
Experiment with Twister -> jC though, see where it takes you and see what you can do.
Amazing game, kudos to you C! Oh and the easter egg thingy is nice, found it on my first try ^^

Edit: argh, is it just me or is Skulloton a bit underpowered?
Wow, thanks so much for that Cyclohm write up, Zystral!
You seem to be going really indepth with Cyclohm which is great. He has one of the looser fighting style designs in this game so there's probably a lot that he can do that I'm not aware of. I hope people find your strats informative.

TV-Rocka, what appears to be the trouble? After you start up the BattleCapacityV03.exe you should see the title screen. Hit any button (wasd to move) and select the mode you'd like to play. If you have further problems, please send me a PM.

I've posted up some new combo videos on the Youtube channel. From now on, these will be updated in OP.

Thanks everyone for your comments (and bug reports!)
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