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Welcome one and all the the finale of the first CAP Seasonal rotation. Although we have had many problems getting here, I am proud to say we are reaching the climax of this series of tournaments. This won't be a normal tournament you can sign up for but an invitational for those who scored the most points throughout the series of tournaments with an epic battle between the 16 best players from all 3 seasonal.

  • All matches will be played with the CAP ruleset at the beginning of the round. E.G. Greninja may be banned two days after the round has started but Greninja will still be usable for the remainder of the round.
  • All matches will be a BO3 or Best of Three. You may switch teams in between games. You do not have to play all three matches if one person wins the first two though.
  • Replays must be saved and posted when claiming a victory / posting losses. No replay, no win, no exceptions. If participants fail to follow this rule, the match will go up on a coin flip.
  • Matches can be played on Pokemon Showdown OR Smogtours.
  • Activity calls will be dealt by on a case-by-case scenario, but generally just get your matches done. If it is impossible to due within the timeframe you may ask for an extension but please post it in the thread.
  • This tournament is Double Elimination. It means if you lose once you go to Loser's bracket but if you lose while in Loser's you are out for good. Unlike the other seasonals this tournament is a Single Elimination if you lose one round you are done and will not have a second chance.
  • Schedule your matches. If one fails to communicate with another then the match will not be coin flipped and the user that tried to actively get the matches will get the win

I will need all the people down below to confirm if they are playing or not.

Jho mxmts Airwind snake_rattler reachzero Heaven Jay cbrevan jas61292 Snorlax in the way hoblaph PD Granny Pie SHSP EpicUmbreon29 iRKD EternalSnowman

If any of you are unable to compete please let me know so I can slide other people in
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