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Hello everyone, and welcome to the CAP Media Thread! This thread can be used to post all sorts of CAP mediums, from YouTube videos to social media posts.

Here's a specific list of things you can post in this thread:

  1. YouTube Videos (Suspect coverage, lives, etc.)
  2. Facebook posts (e.g. Spotlights, team highlights, etc.)
  3. Articles
  4. Live Streams
  5. Anything else you can come up with (Get permission)
General Rules:

  1. Please keep the posts CAP related.
  2. Don't clickbait people (i.e. have it look CAP related but be something entirely different).
  3. Don't just spam your videos / posts. Try and have some sort of description to go along with whatever you would like to post.
  4. You can comment on people's posts here, but don't get too crazy with this.
Any post in this thread is subject to removal by the CAP moderation team.

(Shamelessly stealing the OP from NU)
:Tomohawk: Articles :Tomohawk:

Have you always wanted to read articles about CAP if so this is the place where you can see all of the articles that the community has written :D check them out! :D

:Syclant: Old Articles :syclant:
:astrolotl: New Articles :astrolotl:

Will update this regularly if a new article come
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