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Considering this isn't anywhere at the moment, and I couldn't find anyone to actually answer me if this had been put together, I am going to put it here.

Going to collate the list of changes for the CaP Mons in one thread rather than them being in 8 billion other threads, and it is better to get it started NOW rather than later I guess. I'll be listing the major changes to the CaPs and linking what I believe to be their "Roundup" posts (if they have them).

Mods: You can Update this post too! - To other UL/GL People, Can you either: Tag me in a "Round Up" Post you make at the end of your process, or post in this thread with relevant information. Also let me know ASAP (I'm usually around on Discord and am increasing my presence on Showdown) if anything here is incorrect.

Major Updates Majority:

Arghonaut - Complete - [Add Technician, Add Circle Throw, Scald, Wide Guard, Bulk Up, Low Sweep, Bulldoze, Poison Jab, Waterfall, Surf, Power Up Punch, Spikes, Close Combat] - CAP Updates: Arghonaut Discussion & Full Change Log

Aurumoth - Complete - [Remove Illusion, Add Light Metal, Add Infestation, Signal Beam, Psychic Terrain] - CBrevan's Sum Up & New Movepool

Revenankh - Complete - [Add Triage, Add Shadow Claw, Will-o-Wisp] - CAP Updates: Revenankh Discussion

Tomohawk - Complete - [Remove Earth Power, Reflect, Add Aqua Tail, Power Up Punch, Sky Attack] - CAP Updates: Tomohawk Discussion & new movepool Here

Voodoom - Complete - [Add Cursed Body, Add Nasty Plot, Flash Cannon, Foul Play, Thunderbolt, Smart Strike, Snarl, Power Up Punch, Hyper Voice] - DK's New Movepool & Snake Rattlers Sum Up

Minor Leans Major:
Naviathan - Complete - [Remove Water Veil, Add Guts, Add Heavy Slam, Psychic Fangs, Brutal Swing] - CAP Updates: Naviathan Discussion (Complete)

Minor Updates Majority:
Kitsunoh - Complete - [Add Iron Fist, Bullet Punch, Wish] - CAP Updates: Kitsunoh Discussion

Malaconda - Complete - [Add Drought, Spiky Shield] - CAP Updates: Malaconda Discussion

Minor Leans Consistency:
Plasmanta - Complete - [Add Aura Sphere, Electric Terrain, Electroweb, Iron Tail, Magnet Rise, Poison Jab] - CAP Update: Plasmanta Discussion

Consistency Leans Minor:
Cawmodore - Complete - [Add Belch, Shock Wave, Water Pulse] - CAP Updates: Cawmodore Discussion

Consistency Updates Majority:
Colossoil - Complete - [Add Unnerve, Add High Horsepower, Drill Run, Fury Attack, Rock Tomb, Bulldoze, Brutal Swing, Smart Strike, Snarl, Torment, Chip Away, Wide Guard, Block, Foul Play, Retaliate] - CAP Updates: Colossoil Discussion

Crucibelle - Complete - No Changes Made - CAP Updates: Crucibelle Discussion

Cyclohm - Complete - [Add Damp, Add Electric Terrain, Bulldoze, Dragon Tail, Swagger, Volt Switch, Wild Charge, Aqua Tail, Electroweb, Icy Wind, Iron Tail, Powder Snow, Hone Claws, Incinerate] - CAP Updates: Cyclohm

Fidgit - Complete - [Add Frisk, Add Acrobatics, Bulldoze, Drill Run, Sludge Wave, Venoshock] - CAP Updates: Fidgit Discussion

Kerfluffle - Complete - CAP Updates: Kerfluffle Discussion [No Change]

Krilowatt - Complete - [Add Minus, Add Volt Switch, Scald, Wild Charge, Aqua Tail] - CAP Updates: Krilowatt Discussion

Mollux - Complete - [Add Draining Kiss, Leech Life] - CAP Updates: Mollux Discussion & New Movepool

Necturna - Complete - [Add Leech Seed, Magical Leaf, Grassy Terrain, Night Shade, Phantom Force, Ominous Wind, Seed Bomb, Spite, Worry Seed, Leech Life, Sleep Talk, Dark Pulse] - CAP Updates: Necturna Discussion

Pyroak - Complete - [Add White Smoke, Add Aromatic Mist, Bulldoze, Burn Up, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Tail, Flame Burst, Flame Charge, Flash Cannon, Grassy Terrain, Heat Crash, Incinerate, Iron Head, Petal Blizzard, Round, Wild Charge, Zen Headbutt] - CAP Updates: Pyroak Discussion

Stratagem - Complete - [Add Sniper, Add Quick Guard, Laser Focus, Accelerock, Speed Swap, Lock On, Smack Down, Smart Strike, Bulldoze, Dazzling Gleam, Zen Headbutt, Incinerate] - CAP Updates: Stratagem Discussion

Syclant - [Add Ice Body] - CAP Updates: Syclant Discussion - New movepool - CAP Updates: Syclant Discussion (Movepool Submissions)

Volkraken - Complete - [No Significant Changes] CAP Updates: Volkraken Discussion

New Dex Entries
Arghonaut, the Pirate Pokémon

Diamond: Hearty and boisterous, ARGHONAUT are known to take over opposing ships and crews for entertainment.

Pearl: ARGHONAUT are very efficient sea captains, commanding crews of both Pokémon and people alike.

Platinum: ARGHONAUT are a bit egotistical due to their success as captains, and from the vast number of PRIVATYKE that aspire to be them.
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