CaPmon Sprite Revamping

Since we now have a PO server working and some downtime before we get around to generation 5 CaP projects it's about time we updated our 4th gen CaP sprites to fit in better. Just a small token to make sure everybody playing has the best experience possible!

Everybody can contribute! I would however prefer if people would work on full sets of sprites and critiquing work instead of say, posting recolours for shiny sprites.

As we get closer and closer to getting full sets of sprites I wish to switch the focus from revamping to animation. We'll get a guide on it up eventually but in the meantime if anybody wants to have a go animating a finished set we would be grateful. This includes generation 5 CAPs Tomohawk and Necturna along with their own pre-evolutions.


  • Sprites should use a 96x96 px canvas.

  • Sprites shouldn't be much larger than normal from their generation 4 versions, however feel free to use the additional space if you need it.

  • Backsprites should show all of the Pokémon and not just the upper parts of it. They also should be roughly the same size and pose as the front sprite.

  • Please try to keep the same poses from the original front sprites as much as you possibly can.


Shortlist, in order of need-
Pyroak rerevamp (back only, or both)

Embirch & Flarelm set
Breezi set
Privatyke set
Nohface set (wip wyverii)
Monohm & Duclohm set
Colosshale set
Voodoll set

Set animations

Pre-evo icons (all fully evolved caps have animated icons)

Fully Evolved:

Syclant: Old, New
Revenankh: Old, New
Pyroak: Old, New (to be revamped)
Fidgit: Old, New
Stratagem: Old, New
Arghonaut: Old, New
Kitsunoh: Old, New (New Sprites by Doran Dragon)
Cyclohm: Old, New
Colossoil: Old, New
Krillowatt: Old, New
Voodoom: Old, New


In addition to our generation 4 monsters getting a bit of a makeover we're also adding pre-evolutions for the first time. Please remember that CAP ASB takes the lead from us and not the other way around.

Names and appearance may still be the subject of some debate. Remember to make a full set of sprites including backs, shiny colours and gender differences (gender optional). They'll need to use the same guidelines as above. Additional material from old threads will be added for reference where applicable.

(old sprites will be updated to the correct canvas size requirements)

Syclar (cap 1): Full set
Embirch & Flarelm (cap 3): Embirch front, Flarelm front, Concepts -design by Elagune, sprites by cartoons! .
Breezi (cap 4): Breezi front -design and sprite by Cartoons! .
Rebble & Bolderdash (cap 5): Full Rebble set, Full Boulderdash set
Privatyke (cap 6): Front -design and sprite by cartoons!.
Nohface (cap 7): (WIP Wyverii)
Monohm & Duclohm (cap 8): Monohm front, Duclohm front
Colosshale (cap 9): Colosshale front -design and sprite by cartoons!.
(Krillowatt Pre evo) (cap 10): Full Set -design by ToastTyrant
Voodoll (cap 11): Front, Front shiny -design and sprite by DougJustDoug


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BTW, 5th gen back sprites generally show the Pokémon in the same pose and with the same size as the front sprite. The silhouette of the back sprite is usually very close or identical to that of the front sprite :)
The pre-evo sprites look fantastic! I really like the Nohface one personally, but Pilcowatt looks a little 2D and otherwise not as professional.
Thank you very much for that SgtWoodsy. Doug's sprites are excellent!

As for Doran's question no they will not be animated. Animations aren't needed for our PO server implementation. We've got enough to do regardless!

Finally what Wichu says is as far as I know correct. I haven't been through all the new sprites but they do appear to have that trend. I'll amend the guidelines.

Now for an attempt at an arghonaut revamp:

I suspect the back may be too small in some areas, especially the sword arm.
The proportions on your back sprite are phenomenal, even if they currently don't match the front sprite perfectly. As a matter of fact, I always felt that the front sprite had some wonky proportions in the first place. Those boxing glove fists are small and the two front arms are the same size even though they're slightly angled. This is actually the case with quite a few of the CAP front sprites, and if we could slightly tweak them all to fix the proportion issues I'd be ecstatic. I'll list the ones with strange proportion oddities below:

(You're already doing Arghonaut, and I noted the issue above so I won't do so again)

This one has always bothered me a bit. Notice that the back arm has the end of the arm more angled than the back so the cannon appears deformed. Also, the relative sizes of the back and front cannons are off, and I've always felt he's holding them at weird angles anyway. It'd be awesome, if Wyverii was motivated to do a repose, to pose him something like this. I also always felt that Pyroak would look epic with a pose like this. Just suggestions. The only thing I think really needs to be fixed is the proportions.

The proportions for Fidgit are all sorts of crazy. The forearms aren't angled properly to actually get to the size they are, and the back arms aren't angled properly to get super small. Fixing the proportions here would be great. It'd also be cool if we had a pose for it that didn't look like he was climbing on a wall, and like he was instead on the ground.

I'd like to note that I think that the following front sprites are pretty much perfect and don't think they need any tweaks:

  • Revenankh
  • Stratagem
  • Cyclohm
  • Colossoil
About Pre-Evos

I want to note that I think Duohm would be cooler if his heads weren't tucked into the cloud. I think there should be a gradual progression of "necks getting longer" with each evolution. As of right now, Cyclohm looks strange because his heads sort of rocket out of the body compared to Duohm's. I do like that you made the clouds get slightly darker with each evolution. (PS: We should give Cyclohm Drizzle for ++broken!)

Coloshale is amazing. Don't change it ever. The shiny sprite should be in similar colors to Colossoil's shiny, I think. Please don't make it yellow—I don't want to suffer yellow submarine jokes for the rest of my CAP days.

Syclar is also amazing. Probably my favorite adorable pre-evo right now. I also think Privatyke is classy. I dig the bandana.

Plicowatt looks... Well, I don't want to be rude, but I think it could be improved considerably in both concept and execution.

Lastly, I have a personal request: Let's make Cyclohm's shiny sprite a pink cloud!
Lastly, I have a personal request: Let's make Cyclohm's shiny sprite a pink cloud!
I completely agree with this.

(for those that don't know the story, the idea behind cyclohm was to make a fluffy pink elec/dragon specs tank. as cyclohm is everything but pink, i figure that doing this would ultimately fufill cap 8's prophecy as being the best cap to ever exist in the past, present or future.)

Also, I'd prefer a Magmortar-esque pose for Pyroak. It seems like a cliche'd pose but it really works well.
We're not changing the art concepts for these Pokemon. At most, we can change the poses, although we should try to retain as much of the original work as possible since it is the spriter's legacy in that CAP. I only made a few pose suggestions because I think a few of the sprites could use some touch-ups anyway and this is the best (and only) time we could ever make them.


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My only suggestion would be to give Privatyke a hook on its left hand, as it already has a blade in its right (to match Argonaught).
Sorry, I definitely didn't mean to insult or anything, the sprite is certainly far better than anything I could have done (and I think the sprites in your sig are very good). I definitely appreciate your involvement, as does everyone else I'm sure.

It was an honest criticism though, and someone else said something similar. Don't be so quick to take criticism as a personal attack.

I've updated the OP with this. Obviously if you feel it can be improved please say or even better do an edit. It'd also be nice if some artists with a bit of time other than myself and cartoons can come in here and do some of the labour. Only the plicowatt sprite is done by someone else, Mektar.

As for the comments, Fidgit almost certainly needs to be reposed and anybody willing to take a shot at a Pyroak repose is welcome to it, it might take me a long time to get around to it myself. Excellent post overall Dusk though I cannot agree with any sentiment that a sprite cannot be improved, especially with Revenankh and Colossoil which have some glaring errors and corrections that need to addressed such as broken outlines, overuse of highlights and unconsistant markings.

Spiffy (the pink dragon) might return, a shiny isn't too much of a big deal, still if there's enough opposition to it it'll retain its normal colour. This isn't a go ahead to start changing the alternate colours of every CaPmon. Unless you have an actual objective reason for it they should remain as close to the original as possible. The only reason why I'm allowing this is because it's a throwback to a long standing and popular CaP meme.

Finally, Mektar, you don't have a very good track record for taking criticism of any sort. This is one of your less sarcastic replies. A far better response would have been an attempt to identify why there's criticism or a proper explination of why you think it doesn't warrent change if you feel that way. You have the support of the artistic community if you need it.
Arghonaut is simply excellent. I enjoy the touch-ups you made and don't think they are too much at all.
Wyverii said:
Excellent post overall Dusk though I cannot agree with any sentiment that a sprite cannot be improved, especially with Revenankh and Colossoil which have some glaring errors and corrections that need to addressed such as broken outlines, overuse of highlights and unconsistant markings.
This is a very good point, and I thank you for clarifying it. I suppose what I'm more attracted to are the poses and general proportions of the sprites. I actually had never noticed on Shoddy Battle that Revenankh had broken outlines, but he definitely does now that you mention it. That should absolutely be fixed. And yeah, Stratagem has a few oddities with the shading on his head in the front sprite and other places. These things should get addressed, and I didn't mean to suggest that the sprites not be changed at all.
Firstly, great work on Arghonaut.

Secondly, someone's going to have to take a crack at reposing Syclant as well; I seriously doubt he'd be able to stand on the chunk of ice sticking out of his arse, especially as he DOES have tiny little legs he can use.


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Yeah Syclant definitely was not sprited with the intent of showing his whole back body. He was meant to be seen as sort of mid flight though, like pidgeot and whatnot.

Since I've not even so much as acknowledged paint's existence in like half a year, I MAY try to use this to get back into things. ._.

Back needs to be extended towards the viewer, limbs need tweaking. It shuld be noted with backsprites that it's a lot harder to work on something that's supposed to mimic the size and pose of another viewpoint then to just make something that looks the same proportionally. I wonder what implications this has for the submitters of gen 5 CaP sprites.
Can I suggest that Revenankh's shiny sprite get more defined lines? I think that the broken outline on the normal sprite actually suits very well, but the shiny sprite is too dark to clarify properly with my vision. Just a small suggestion! Also Mektar, Plicowatt looks great, don't worry about it! It's your best sprite I've seen so far.

Here's the full Krill set for the revamp. Feel free to edit, etc.

All sprites are to have full outlines. That includes Syclant and Revenankh. As a matter of fact the current ant and rev sprites do have full outlines. I've decided to pull up the original sprites as they were at the time of them winning the polls hence the broken outlines. As for the rev shiny, don't worry, it being too dark is a common observation and whoever does it will probably lighten it slightly to compensate.

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