Tournament CAPPL VII - Signups

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formerly Zetasniper
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Name: Zetasniper (Zetalz on PS & Discord)
Tiers Played/Interested In: SS CAP, (played SM CAP back in the day but super duper rusty)
Non-Player Roles: No-lifer (aka free test dummy), insomniac, free cat pics
Foreseeable Inactivity: None whatsoever


CAP 1v1 me IRL
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Name: MrDollSteak
Tiers Played/Interested In: SS, SM
Non-Player Roles: I can MSPaint Emojis into existence, and I already have.
Foreseeable Inactivity: My time zone is occasionally a pain for scheduling (g'day) but otherwise no major absences on the horizon.
Name: Rage.Spam.Quit
Tiers Played/Interested In: All
Non-Player Roles: able to build for each gen (altho I’m prob not going to be able to chug out teams like a factory since I’m working two jobs this summer, which leads onto my next point)
Foreseeable Inactivity: I’m working two jobs this summer, so I won’t be able to test + build as much as I would like. That being said, CAPPL is always one of the highlights of my year, and I will find time in my busy schedule to prep for each week since I want to actually participate in CAPPL. (Maybe putting me in bo3 all gens every week is a bit of a risk, but I would be able to sub in for someone every now and then).
Name: Amamama
Tiers Played/Interested In: SS
Non-Player Roles: Building Assistant, Testing, Artist, Philosopher, Incoherent cheering
Foreseeable Inactivity: The last Weekend of June and the first two of July are packed sadly, but Im around for anything in between and after.

The Number Man

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CAP 29 Playtest Winner
Name: The Number Man
Tiers: SS, (Bo3 if someone can teach me USUM and ORAS)
Non-Player Roles: I work best when I get passed a team or at least have someone to help me build
Foreseeable Inactivity: I will probably be able to start most weeks, but I'm managing OMPL so some weeks might be busier. I will show up and play my games though
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