CAPTT IV: Finals


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Welcome to the finals and sorry for the delay. This is the moment many of you have been waiting for! Good luck to all of the battlers and thanks for the two finalists teams for fighting so hard to get to this point. At this time, the state of the 3rd place matchup is not known since lineups are still missing; if I ever get them then I'll edit them in, if not then this might be it.

Time for the titans to get at it.

Pajantoms (3) v
Pyroaks (1)
USM: SHSP v Rage.Spam.Quit.
USM: snake_rattler v Heaven Jay
USM: Dj Breloominati♬ v Mx
CAPLC: taranteeeno v infamy
ORAS: EternalSnowman v Wenderz

-This tour will have all matches default to bo1, but if both opponents agree to bo3 then that is allowable. Any such agreement should happen before the first match is played, otherwise it is assumed to be bo1.

-If a team wins 3 or more matches in a week, then that team wins the week. At the end of the 5th week, the two teams that have the most weekly victories will move onto the finals. If there is a tie for 2nd place when determining the finals teams, then the team that won the most individual matches will advance. Therefore even after winning 3 matches during a week, it very well might be in a team's best interest to continue and win more. On the flip side, even after losing 3 matches in a week, the losing team should still try to win any remaining matches.

-All matches played must have a replay saved. It is the winner of the match who has responsibility to post the replay for match, though the loser is definitely allowed to confirm the loss with a reply as well, and teammates are allowed to post replays as well; the main point is that replays have to be presented. It is unfair to NOT have your match's replay shared because if every replay is available then it presents an equal access to the proof of the players' skills in the context of this tournament. Not sharing replays makes it harder for a particular player to be studied, which is unfair to the players that do put themselves in the public eye via this tournament and their replays.

-Matches must be played in their corresponding format. Do not play in Custom Battles. Cawdet is banned in CAPLC.

-Try to contact your opponent immediately and VM them/post a message on their smogon wall. Keep scheduling public so that your scheduling attempts can be verified. If you opponent agrees on a scheduled time but does not show up for the match, then record proof of this via a screenshot, video, etc and post it in this thread or PM it to EpicUmbreon29 and HeaLnDeaL. If your opponent misses a scheduled match on a Friday or Saturday, you may use your screenshot as proof for an activity victory. If you opponent misses a scheduled match before a Friday, it is expected that some sort of serious rescheduling effort is made by both parties unless you specifically stated earlier that you would not be available Friday/Saturday and your opponent acknowledged this. If there is a serious time conflict between players, then at the earliest available opportunity a substitution should be made. Captains and Co-Captains are the only ones allowed to make substitutions, and they can do so by replying to this thread by stating which of their two subs are subbing in for which starting player. More often than not if an opponent misses a scheduled time during the beginning of a week, it is expected that serious rescheduling efforts will take place and no immediate activity win will be given. If you scheduled a match and then realize you can't make it, it is 100% in your best interest to let your opponent know ASAP so that rescheduling or subbing can be done.

-Coinflips will only happen when two teams are tied 2 vs 2 and the the remaining match is questionable on who should gain activity. If a team is 1 vs 1 (or 0 vs 0) and all remaining matches have questionable activity calls, then the CAPTT Johning Clause will activate and both teams will end up losing the week. It should be every team's top interest to avoid a draw situation by having at the bare minimum 3 matches played each week, though obviously having all 5 matches played is preferable. This clause exists because it's flat out ridiculous if a team can't play more than half of their matches every week. [This rule is making it's return from CAPTT I. It's never had to be activated before and let's keep it that way. Note that this clause do NOT impact a matchup where it is clear that one team deserves multiple activity wins. This clause is reserved for when there's no appropriate contact between multiple sets of opponents between two teams. Again, the clause has never had to be activated in the past and this is more of a harsh deterrent against lack of scheduling.]

-Ghosting is not allowed, nor is any form of psuedo ghosting. Giving advice to a teammate or friend while they are playing a CAPTT match is not allowed. Planning any sort of schedule to ghost is not allowed. Any ghosting or planned ghosting that is found out will result in the offending team automatically losing the week. If a team is found to have ghosted in at least 2 weeks, they will be disqualified from the tournament and the offending captain and/or players might face bans from future CAP meta tournaments. "Public Ghosting" is not allowed either and any offenders will meet immediate and harsh punishment.

-Try to have good sportsmanship and don't be a dick. Poor sportsmanship may result in being kicked from the tournament.

-In the event of a disconnect/timeout, the offending player should show proof that the disconnect was genuine. Acceptable proof would include a photographic picture of your computer's disconnect message or blue screen or whatnot with enough external variation to assume you just didn't google the image or whatever. If the proof of the disconnect is determined to be valid and both players have submitted their teams in a spot the hosts have access to prior to their match, then the match should try to be recreated as close as humanly possible to the way it was at the point of the disconnect (this is the most preferable method-- using server leaders/admins might help in this if they are available and willing). Having neutral parties start with the original teams and giving the original players player status at the start of the match should be done if the same teams are used, since this prevents team changes from being made. In such a case, EpicUmbreon or HeaLnDeaL should retrieve the teams from the team conversation if available, since a good team has them posted before each match for review anyway. If the player that disconnects does not have a valid copy of their team submitted, then that player does not have the ability to recreate the match and they will lose the matchup if their opponent wishes. In extra-ordinary situations that do not follow the above "best practices" then EpicUmbreon and HeaLnDeaL will decide how to best move forward and may consult other smogon tournament leaders as applicable.

vs Arghonauts(1)
Volkrakens(1) vs Pyroaks(4)
Reverbells(2) vs Pajantoms(3)

Revenankhs(1) vs Pajantoms(4)
Reverbells(2) vs Pyroaks(3)
vs Volkrakens(1)

Revenankhs(1) vs Volkrakens(4)
vs Reverbells(2)
Pajantoms(3) vs Pyroaks(2)

Revenankhs (3)
vs Pyroaks (2)
Reverbells (3) vs Volkrakens (2)
Pajantoms (2) vs Arghonauts (3)

Week 5:
Reverbells(1) vs Revenankhs(3)
vs Volkrakens(2)
Pyroaks (4) vs Arghonauts(1)

Weekly Wins:
Revenankhs: 3 wins, 2 losses
Arghonauts: 3 wins, 2 losses
Volkrakens: 1 wins, 4 losses
Pyroaks: 3 wins, 2 losses
Reverbells: 1 win, 4 losses
Pajantoms: 4 wins, 1 loss

Matchup Wins:
*Revenankhs: 12 wins, 12 losses, +0
Arghonauts: 12 wins, 13 losses, -1
Volkrakens: 10 wins, 15 losses, -5
Pyroaks: 15 wins, 10 losses, +5
*Reverbells: 10 wins, 14 losses, -4
Pajantoms: 15 wins, 10 losses, +5
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Pajantoms v Pyroaks
USM: SHSP (60) v Rage.Spam.Quit. (40) - shsp plays lc
USM: snake_rattler (45) v Heaven Jay (55) - jay is good at cap iirc
USM: Dj Breloominati♬(40) v Mx (60) - mx has been more consistent but you never know
CAPLC: taranteeeno (51) v infamy (49) - arg close one slight edge to teeno but really can go either way
ORAS: EternalSnowman (55) v Wenderz (45) - esm goat


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won vs inf, gg bud!

s/o to SHSP and snake_rattler picking me up. thx to ItzViper482 (snake.. who doesnt draft ESM) for putting in a good word for me and helping me learn the tier. rssp1 for being a great testing/building buddy. SHSP again for letting me test all sorts of bad ideas on him and taking games whenever i needed them.
s/o to the Pajantoms for being a sick team w awesome atmosphere, funny memes, great players. ill def want to do CAPTT again and hopefully w all of you on the same team.


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won versus RSQ, GG man, GG roaks.

we did it. Lets go pajantoms. What a fucking season. Watch this post for shoutouts soon.

Snake: oh captain, my captain: dont let this record get to you man. Between all the work you put into analyses, tlting, and real life, the fact you felt comfortable suiting up at all is an inspiration. Could not have asked for a better captain, helper and presence. Also the GOAT of min/maxing spreads, seriously insane at that.
BoltSapphire: man, you said like 3 lines all year, and one of them was asking "odds of winning." hope you can be more active. think the odds ended up pretty solid.
El: Dude, i am real upset we never got a chance to play you. I'm glad you were around in chat so often, giving us a mix of memes, life tips and pure hype. I'm glad you had a good time man.
ESM: Seriously one of the greatest players I've had the pleasure of teaming with. I have to thank you so much for stepping up and playing ORAS for us, and killing it too. Really inspired me to get into other tiers and try to level up a lot; I hope to see you around man. Thanks.
G-Luke: Sorry you didn't end up with a chance to play that w5 game man. Was awesome to be around ya.
GP: You are seriously one of the least lucky people I have been around, but for the most part you take it in stride (after a while). Great player and awesome bud to have around in the chat; amazing emotes too. Your luck will swap over one day and idk if you'll drop a game after.
Krazy: you beautiful inactive bastard
LoL: What a guy. What a youtube channel, really. Super happy to have you around and call you a friend, man. Glad we could make "The CAP" come true. Seriously, sub to this glorious youtube channel people.
SW: HE NEVER LOSES; man you might be the deadest alive person in that team discord but between the week 1 clutchness and the escapades the two of us have had, i'd draft you to play one game any other year in a heartbeat. type more often tho
DJ/Spitfire: the one, the only, the 1-0 WCOP India GOATER. Super enjoyed building with you and watching you play and be a part of the team. Just such a fun dude to team with and to play with; post some of those wild teams sometime man, and keep in touch!
Sundar: the self proclaimed worlds greatest punching bag; might be the best team tester in the game. You helped me and the team really get everything to the level we needed to be; if you ever need build help or a test lemme know, i'm happy to return the favor. Also just a great dude and everything, and hilarious to boot.
Teeeno: man, between you and viper I've been inspired to pick up LC. One of the best people I know, absolutely hilarious, amazing teammate. Sorry I didn't line you up with much in-team LC help, but I hope you enjoyed making me a better tester as the year went on, haha. See you around, in CAP and LC; must be that CT air that grows good talent, eh?
Xythiant: Man, i think you're gonna be damn good in not too long. the amount I saw you level up while in the team is amazing, second only to how good of a teammate you were, always wanting to do more for the team. You're gonna be awesome really, really soon; I'm excited to see it. If you need anything just ping me.

Snor: you beautiful flaming asshole. I love you man; GL in college and retirement
Offler: The brit with the world on his back. Go post some of those Noivern teams. Love you man, thanks for all the late year help
Drap: the greatest builder. i'm confident you have like 8 meta breaking sets waiting. SWISH. love you
fratty: come back to life
Epic: the nicest guy and the best host, thanks for responding to all my crazy ass seeding and record questions
viper: itzviper39th. time to beat you on your turf sometime. thanks for making LC hype and cool for me and being such a fucking nice guy. love you man.

pajantoms=fucking greatness
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