Chenko's Photography Thread

I take photos. and draw but don't count on me posting it...

We had to edit the colours of image we had taken for school. The second Image was taken in a puddle.

Couldn't get inside... :(

Some of these are really old (three years is the oldest I think), I could put these in chronological order. But, I chose not to. If you want more of any of these photos just ask and I'll post them. I'm currently using a Nikon D70, *GASP* so old (it came out in 2004). No filters either either. I don't have money to buy anything new... I do a lot of work on film cameras as my school has a dark room, I've got a Canon from the 1970s and a Diana F+.

I'll upload more as I find more photos and take more photos.
I was bored so I taught myself to colourize images with an old photo of my grandmother.

The forehead is a poorly done, but it was my first try. Might try colourize other old family photos.


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These are all some really nice photos! You have a talent for finding an appealing composition for whatever you photograph; the angles at which the subjects and environments are taken make them lively and interesting to look at. Personally I love the "House" series in your first post, they give a good impression of how old and run-down that area is, and convey a sense of mystery about it. Your smoke photographs and colorization work are impressive too!

If I may suggest one thing, I'd say scaling down your images to post here in the thread might be beneficial. A lot of them are around 2,700px by 1,800px, and I have to zoom as far out as my browser will allow to see the entire image. Perhaps try limiting the longest side to 1000px or less; even that is awfully large, but it will make it easier to see the photos on screen.

Long story short, you're great at photography :] Looking forward to seeing more from you!

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