Classic SM Ubers Tournament - Round 1

Classic SM Ubers Tournament - Round 1

We are turning back time to enjoy this wonderful and balanced metagame.

Tournament Rules:

  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • This is a standard SM Ubers tournament.
  • Best of three, single elimination.
  • Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown!
  • I would strongly encourage you to play your games on the Smogon Tournaments PS! Server since it automatically saves replays.
  • Do not make baseless activity posts, get in contact with your opponent and report missed times / scheduling issues only.
  • Standard clauses apply.
  • All the usual Smogon rules regarding activity, timer, disconnection, and ghosting rules apply.
  • There will be hard deadlines.
Standard Rules and Clauses:
  • Species Clause: A player cannot have two Pokemon with the same PokeDex number on his team.
  • Evasion Clause: The moves Double Team and Minimize are banned. (No other evasion boosting things are banned).
  • OHKO Clause: The moves Horn Drill, Guillotine, Sheer Cold, and Fissure are banned.
  • Endless Battle Clause: Anything capable of intentionally creating an endless battle is banned.
  • Moody Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Baton Pass Clause
  • Necrozma-Dawn Wings, Necrozma-Dusk Mane, Blacephalon, Stakataka, Naganadel and Zeraora are banned
  • Ultranecrozium Z, Solganium Z, Lunalium Z, Mimikium Z and Kommonium Z are banned
  • A move tutor got introduced in USM. Please refer to these two threads for the banned moves (1/2).
  • If you get caught using a banned Pokémon or move the game will end with a loss for you, but you are still allowed to play the remaining games if possible.
Fardin  vs  Kaif
Souw  vs  Verde
RahelGamer03  vs  eblurb
PekePadawan  vs  byronthewellwell
Hugo Barrington
 vs  Randompizza
daunt vs  vs  Gus2000
pazza  vs  Cam
 vs  adjustments
Pawwz  vs  Fc04
 vs  RaJ.Shoot
Stef Bryant  vs  Shaad Skyel
absdaddy  vs  toytean
ericwangswim  vs  XSTATIC COLD
BoopToOblivion  vs  Maki's Fox
 vs  GotCookies
l'habitat  vs  Romus
Wanony  vs  52Gambit
 vs  Lasen
Ainzcrad  vs  agenS
Rhmsitb  vs  Royal1604
orch  vs  SiTuM
Nowh  vs  Dankoc
CDW Enrique  vs  RottenInfernape
Lord Thorx  vs  THIS MACHINE
Shiny Latias'  vs  Zesty43
MegaLucario  vs  K3ppr
CursedStar  vs  64 Squares
Icemann  vs  Mr. Mime fan
FinnQwert  vs  LaBalladeDesCieux
TopLel TopKek  vs  Kiara95
Skykingtornado  vs  Wamr
Holy Ghost
 vs  Lkjc

Deadline is the 19th of June.
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I just want to make a few things clear before you all go ahead and battle things out. First of all it is not required to post your replays but make sure to save it. Naturally its better to post them because its always nice to have something to watch. Second of all its your responsibility to notice if your opponent broke any rule in the games. Which automatically leads us my final concern. If you look closely you might notice that Raj.Shoot casually pulled out that Necrozma Dusk-Mane in G2 and to make it worse he even revealed Ultranecrozium Z. That game obviously would have ended with a lost and his opponent didnt even have to play it out. If I had a basketball I would yeet that shit against his god damn forehead but thank god he ended up losing anyways.


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