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Pet Mod Clean Slate 2

Physical Wallbreaker: Spooktune, leonard, G-Luke
Special Wallbreaker: Squawkerz, Scoopapa, Anaconja
Offensive Pivot: Anaconja, Tuther, Spiderpig
Defensive Pivot: Scoopapa, leonard, Squawkerz


Formerly Le-Hydra
Physical Wallbreaker: leonard's Stonjourner, Spiderpig's Regigigas, Anaconja's Tyranitar
Special Wallbreaker: Tuther's Cherrim, G-Luke's Octillery, Spook's Toxtricity
Offensive Pivot: Cookie Butter's Deoxys, G-Luke's Coalossal, Spiderpig's Necrozma
Defensive Pivot: Scoopapa's Dubwool, Demon Dragon's Cobalion, leonard's Mr. Rime


Sugar, Spice and One for All
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Physical Wallbreaker
Squawkerz' Drednaw
G-Luke's Perrserker
Spiderpig's Regigigas

Special Wallbreaker
Demon Dragon's Hatterene
Speny's Porygon-Z
Scoopapa's Cresselia

Offensive Pivot
G-Luke's Coalossol
Squawkerz's Grimmsnarl
SteelixPrismGX's Duralodon

Defensive Pivot
Spooktune's Eternatus
Tuther's Claydol
Squawkerz' Suicune
Physical Wallbreaker: Spooktune, leonard, Tuther
Special Wallbreaker: Squawkerz, Tuther, G-Luke
Offensive Pivot: Tuther, Cookie Butter, leonard
Defensive Pivot: leonard, Scoopapa, Spooktune
Physical Wallbreaker: Leonard, Spook, G-Luke
Special Wallbreaker: Demon Dragon, Scoopapa, Squwakerz
Offensive Pivot: Anaconja, G-Luke, Spiderpig
Defensive Pivot: G-Luke, Demon Dragon, Scoopapa
Physical Wallbreaker:Anaconja,leonard,G-Luke

Special Wallbreaker:Tuther,Pokemon guy,G-Luke

Offensive Pivot:Pokemon guy,Spooktune,Spiderpig

Defensive Pivot:Spiderpig,Pokemon guy,Spooktune
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Physical Wallbreaker: Spiderpig's Regigigas, Spook's Copperajah, G-Luke's Perrserker
Special Wallbreaker: Scoopapa's Cresselia, G-Luke's Octillery, SteelPrismGX's Frosmoth
Offensive Pivot: Spiderpig's Necrozma, Anaconja's Zacian, Cookie Butter's Deoxys-Normal
Defensive Pivot: Spook's Eternatus-E, Leonard's Mr. Rime, Demon Dragon's Cobalion
Physical Wallbreaker: G Luke, Leonard, Anaconja
Special Wallbreaker: Tuthur, G-Luke, Demon Dragon
Offensive Pivot: Tuthur, G-Luke, Spook
Defensive Pivot: Scoopapa, Leonard, Tuthur
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Physical Wallbreaker: Anaconja, leonard, Tuther1
Special Wallbreaker: Scoopapa, G-Luke, Anaconja
Offensive Pivot: Anaconja, Scoopapa, Demon Dragon
Defensive Pivot: Scoopapa, leonard, Anaconja

Cookie Butter

formerly the someone
is a Pre-Contributor
Physical Wallbreaker: Anaconja, SteelixPrismGX, Spiderpig
Special Wallbreaker: Cookie Butter, Tuthur1, SteelixPrismGX
Offensive Pivot: Cookie Butter, Scoopapa, Anaconja
Defensive Pivot: Tuthur1, Scoopapa, Leonard


is an Artist
Physical Wallbreaker: SteelixPrismGX, Spooktune, Tuthur1
Special Wallbreaker: Cookie Butter, Scoopapa, Demon Dragon
Offensive Pivot: Spook, Spiderpig, Squawkerz
Defensive Pivot: Spook, leonard, G-Luke
Name: Mimikyu
Roles:Priority using sweeper, stealing stat boosts with spectral thief, taking normal, fighting, ground and ghost hits?
Type: Ghost/Normal
Abilities: Levitate
Stats: hp:50 attack: 105 Def: 50 Sp.Attack: 90 Sp..def: 50 Speed: 102
Movepool additions: All the +1 priority 40 base power moves (aquajet, quick attack, vacuum punch.) Spectral thief

4 Immunities sounded like a fun gimmick, not much of a reasoning
Name: Mimikyu
Roles:Priority using sweeper, stealing stat boosts with spectral thief, taking normal, fighting, ground and ghost hits?
Type: Ghost/Normal
Abilities: Levitate
Stats: hp:50 attack: 105 Def: 50 Sp.Attack: 90 Sp..def: 50 Speed: 102
Movepool additions: All the +1 priority 40 base power moves (aquajet, quick attack, vacuum punch.) Spectral thief

4 Immunities sounded like a fun gimmick, not much of a reasoning
it's currently the voting period for the previous slate, you'll have to wait before submitting
Physical Wallbreaker: Anaconja, Leonard, Scoopapa
Special Wallbreaker: Squawkerz, Spooktune, Leonard
Offensive Pivot: Leonard, Demon Dragon, Cookie Butter
Defensive Pivot: Tuther1, Scoopapa, Spiderpig
Physical Wallbreaker: Demon Dragon, Spooktune, G-Luke
Special Wallbreaker: Turther, Scoopapa, Anaconja
Offensive Pivot:Squawkerz, Tuther, Cookie Butter
Defensive Pivot: pokemon guy, demon dragon, Tuther
PW: Leonard, Scoopapa, G-Luke
Special Wallbreaker: Tuther, Anaconja, Scoopapa
Offensive Pivot: Anaconja, Squawkerz, Cookie Butter
Defensive Pivot: Leonard, Demon Dragon, Anaconja

Winners are Leonard's Stonjourner, Tuther's Cherrim, Anaconja's Zacian, and Scoopapa's Dubwool. Adding them to the sheet

Slate 3: 1 Physical Wallbreaker, 1 Special Wallbreaker, 2 Mixed Walls
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Formerly mangarrow
Physical Wallbreaking Sub (#1)

Name of the Pokemon: Gumshoos
Physical Wallbreaker, Choice Scarf user, Choice Band user, Late Game sweeper

Abilities: Stakeout / Adaptability
Stat Distribution:
Atk: 140
Def: 90
SpAtk: 75
SpDef: 110
Spd: 85
BST: 600
Movepool Additions: Quick Attack, Bulk Up, Slack Off
Movepool Removals: None
Custom Elements:
Quick Attack: 60 BP; +1 Priority
Justification: Gumshoos initially had a very fun, useful niche in offensive pressure as merit of Stakeout, making it phenomenal at applying extremely powerful switch based pressure. However, its middling speed tier and blatant lack of any priority made it subpar despite its great coverage options. This variant of Gumshoos for CS Ubers is not only is an incredibly potent wallbreaker thanks to its shiny new Ground STAB that nails Weezing-Galar, Orbeetle, and Stonjourner, but it is now a legitimate option for pressure--which is the whole purpose of a wallbreaker to begin with. Additionally, if it wishes to augment its offenses, Bulk Up sets running Adaptability are a viable option that compliment its new priority, solid 100/90/110 defenses, and new reliable recovery. However, despite its incredible offensive proficiency, its speed doesn't entirely corresponding, and it possesses an otherwise subpar defensive typing, making it prone to choice scarf users and common offensive options.

Special Wallbreaking Sub (#2)

Name of the Pokemon: Meowstic-F
Special Wallbreaker, Choice Scarf user, Choice Specs user, Set-up sweeper

Abilities: Technician / Infiltrator / Competitive
Stat Distribution:
Atk: 98
Def: 76
SpAtk: 120
SpDef: 97
Spd: 115
BST: 600
Movepool Additions: Snarl*, Frost Breath
Movepool Removals: Charge Beam
Custom Elements:
Snarl: 60 BP; Lowers Special Defense instead of Special Attack
Justification: Simply put; a terrifying, powerful special breaker for CS Ubers. Thanks to the change to Snarl, the addition of Technician, and Meowstic's new Dark STAB (which is a huge threat against Stonjourner especially), not only does she suddenly transform into a much more potent special attacker, but a special wallbreaker as a whole. Technician not only compliments Snarl, but Meowstic's incredibly generous special movepool. Such moves as Hidden Power and the terrifying/new Frost Breath, make Meowstic a blatantly powerful, versatile threat that can threaten a myriad of the Pokemon currently in the metagame. On top of that, Meowstic's possession of Competitive makes her an inherent deterrent against Defog users, often times associated with walls in of themselves. Her main downfall, however, lies in her inability to easily boost her special attack while keeping offensive pressure. Charge Beam's removal means that Meowstic will need to rely on Snarl and good play with CM for drops/boosts, and the lack of priority + heavy emphasis on offense makes Meowstic-F dangerously prone to Sucker Punch and 50/50s. However, make no mistake; Meowstic doesn't necessarily need to boost with its great 120 SpAtk, especially when coupled with Snarl's new effect. If her special attack were any higher, it would be far too effective.

Mixed Wall Sub #1 (#3)

Name of the Pokemon: Incineroar
Mixed Wall, Phazer, Offensive Pivot, Defensive Pivot

Abilities: Stamina / Intimidate
Stat Distribution:
Atk: 100
Def: 95
SpAtk: 80
SpDef: 140
Spd: 49
BST: 600
Movepool Additions: Alolan Whip*, Slack Off
Movepool Removals: Overheat, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Blaze Kick, Flare Blitz, Bulk Up, Will-O-Wisp
Custom Elements:
Alolan Whip |
| 130 BP | 85% Accuracy | 10 (Max 16) PP | A devastating blow where the user throws the opponent against a ring. If the move isn't super effective, it is weakened by 50% and forces the opponent to switch out. -6 Priority.
Justification: A strong mixed wall with heavy Smash Bros flavor designed to counter the beastly Stonjourner and be an all around wall. Thanks to its access to U-Turn/STAB Knock Off, a powerful offensive/phazing tool, and abilities that augment its physical defense, Incineroar's redesign transforms him from a bulky attacker into an absolute wall and a defensive menace that can take on any foe daring to challenge its throne in the ring. While it lost a lot of its fire moves (including Will-O-Wisp) and the ability to set up--it gains reliable recovery and a powerful offensive/shuffling tool that allows it to be a pestilence in the CS Ubers metagame and difficult to break through. The new Alolan Whip enables it to effectively brutalize Normals, Steels, Darks, Rocks, and Ices for staying in on it while providing the bulky threat with a STAB phasing move against other Pokemon, making it a hard counter against mons like the new Dubwool daring to stay in against it. Its greatest weaknesses, however, lay in its abysmal speed and extremely undesirable weaknesses in Flying and Fairy (Weezing/Zacian hours), especially given how its new move has negative priority. Make no mistake, because this thing is an absolute pain in the ass to a strong user and a great anti-set up mon given its great abilities and its possession of arguably the strongest phazing move in the game.

Mixed Wall Sub #2 (#4)

Name of the Pokemon: Doublade (Not Eviolite Compatible)
Mixed Wall, Defensive Backbone, Hazard Stacking

Abilities: Stance Change*
Stat Distribution:
Atk: 150
Def: 45
SpAtk: 150
SpDef: 45
Spd: 90
BST: 600
Movepool Additions: Vice Grip*, Spikes, Recover, Body Press, Will-O-Wisp
Movepool Removals: Swords Dance, Shadow Sneak, Toxic, Sacred Sword, Close Combat, Autotomize, Brick Break, Night Slash, Psycho Cut
Custom Elements:
Aegislash mechanics stay. If the user is a Doublade, switch to Parry form when a Status move is used, which swaps Attack/SpAtk with their corresponding defensive stats. If a Parry-Doublade uses the move Vice Grip, it will re-enter its base form and use the attack.
Vice Grip: Steel Type; 75 BP. Lowers Special Attack of opponent when used.
Justification: These are swords. I got rid of Swords Dance. Otherwise, what kind of a wall is this thing? (I would have loved to have it keep it for flavor, but given the function of its ability--let's face it--it'd be busted and not at all corresponding to the slate.) Either way, choosing to dismiss it as any defensive behemoth as merit of its stats alone would be an incredible mistake. Thanks to its own special version of Stance Change, once it uses a status move, instantly its defenses and offenses swap, giving Doublade a gargantuan 120/150/150 spread of defenses--an absolutely terrorizing combo in addition to its already great Steel/Ghost typing. It walls such things as Zacian and Weezing to great effect, and even freely stacks against them. To make matters worse, its fit with Spikes, a great recovery move in Recover (i was originally considering Strength Sap for flavor, but no), Body Press, and Will-O-Wisp! However, it gets even better; because of its ability, it can also pack a base 150 attack backed STAB move that lowers the opponent's special attack, making it not only a menace offensively but making it even better defensively. Its speed tier allows for it to quickly get into its defensive form without needing Protect, however, fast Pokemon can terrorize it if it lacks the move, meaning it needs some speed in order to get itself primed and ready to go. Hypothetically, it all seems perfect, and you could even run a choice set if you wanted to be offensive, but then you realize all you get are your STAB moves and Aerial Ace. Indeed: in exchange for all of this, it loses Toxic, a great boosting move, a ton of coverage, and offensively mandated priority, which relegates it to an inherently defensive role by merit of its options. Knock Off and similar moves are brutal against it, and without Vice Grip it can be surprisingly passive (Cherrim shreds it). On top of that, due to its loss of Toxic and many useful offensive options, it's a very one note, predictable Pokemon. However, don't underestimate its offensive potential as well as its defensive potential, as it can punch a hole into your opponent's team and take every hit while it's at it.
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Cookie Butter

formerly the someone
is a Pre-Contributor

Name of the Pokemon: Beautifly
Role(s): Special Wallbreaker
Type: Bug/Flying
Abilities: Lightningrod / Screen Cleaner / Overcoat
Stat Distribution: 65/65/90/155/120/105 (600)
Movepool Additions: Apple Acid, Hurricane
Movepool Removals: None
Justification: This is basically the Orbeetle killer. Struggles vs Cherrim, since that resists Grass/Fairy, takes neutral from Bug, and Hurricane gets 50% Accuracy under Sun. Cherrim also outspeeds.
Screen Cleaner messes with Dual Screens mons like Orbeetle and possible future Aurora Veil HO teams. Overcoat messes with possible future Spore users I guess.

Name of the Pokemon: Aggron
Role(s): Physical Wallbreaker, Mixed Wallbreaker, Hazards
Type: Steel/Rock
Abilities: No Guard / Rock Head / Filter
Stat Distribution: 80/130/180/130/80/70 (670)
Movepool Additions: None
Movepool Removals: None
Justification: +Huge attacking movepool
+ Physically inclined high BP STABs (Iron Tail and Stone Edge) with Dynamic Punch and Earthquake as notable coverage
+ Head Smash/Rock Head, Stealth Rock setter and Filter/Weakness Policy as niche options
+ Can run mixed with Thunder, Fire Blast, Blizzard, Earth Power, Focus Blast or Dark Pulse, and STAB Flash Cannon, but no Special Rock STAB
+ Rock Polish set outspeeds a fair amount of things
- Can't boost offenses and doesn't have Taunt, if it doesn't 2HKO or OHKO walls through exploiting weaknesses and foe's lower defense, it won't KO
- Very slow, only outspeeds Dubwool
- 4x Fighting and Ground weaknesses

Name of the Pokemon: Registeel
Role(s): Mixed Wall, Hazards
Type: Steel
Abilities: Mirror Armor / Early Bird / Oblivious
Stat Distribution: 80/75/150/75/150/50 (580)
Movepool Additions: Assimilation, Gyro Ball
Movepool Removals: None
Custom Elements: Assimilation = Steel-type Spectral Thief.
Justification: The idea was to replace the usual Haze you see on walls with another move that removed stat boosts. Bulk Up, Calm Mind, Quiver Dance and the like are very much worth stealing, and Registeel becomes less set-up bait. It has the usual Registeel stats with a great tool at its disposal. Registeel also affects stat boosts in another way with Mirror Armor. For example, we currently have Intimidate Zacian which would be hindered by Mirror Armor. A set with Early Bird + Rest may be viable, but I wouldn't call it reliable. With Oblivious, Registeel can act as an untauntable Rocks setter, but loses out on the quicker Rest or stat drop bouncing.

Name of the Pokemon: Groudon
Role(s): Mixed Wall, Sand Setter, Hazards, Phazer
Type: Ground/Normal
Abilities: Sand Stream / Bulletproof / Pressure
Stat Distribution: 71/89/131/73/127/89 (580)
Movepool Additions: Shore Up
Movepool Removals: Swords Dance, Bulk Up, Precipice Blades, Stone Edge
Justification: The long lost Phazer Support Groudon of earlier gens but hopefully balanced enough for Clean Slate.
Secondary Normal type is there to check Stonjourner, and honestly also give it a weakness to make it more balanced.
Groudon checks Cherrim if it switches into it, messing up its Solar Beam. Groudon also gets checked by Cherrim if Cherrim switches into it, due to the sheer power of its Solar Beam.
Phazer sets get checked by Zacian, since that is immune to Dragon Tail and has Intimidate, and Groudon is weak to Fighting.
Groudon can pressure Orbeetle, but not break them unless it's an offensive set. Weezing lacks recovery so it gets taken care of by Groudon.
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Name of the Pokemon: Copperajah.
Role(s): Physical Wallbreaker, Hazards Setter, Sweeper

Abilities: Sheer Force / Mold Breaker / Heavy Metal
Stat Distribution: 122/130/109/100/99/60
Movepool Additions: Swords Dance, Taunt
Movepool Removals: None
Custom Elements: Steelspike - Status - 0 BP - 100 Accuracy - 32 PP - Steel - Hurts foes on switch-in. Factors Steel weakness.
Justification: This thing absolutely takes down both Orbeetle and Weezing-Galar just with Earthquake and Heavy Slam alone. Now, what people aren't prepared for, is Copperajah's adaptability to metagame trends, as it has the ability to pick up Play Rough, Power Whip, Heat Crash, Stone Edge, or Superpower. What Copperajah ISNT prepared for, is a possibility for Weezing to pick up Fire Blast.

Special Wallbreaker


Punk Rock / Minus / Refrigerate
Stat Distribution
Movepool Additions
Ice Beam, Blizzard
Movepool Removals
Punk Rock and Refrigerate make for some interesting counterparts. on one hand, you could boost Overdrive, on the other hand, you could boost Hyper Voice. removing Boomburst was the safest option for a refrigerate abuser.

Name of the Pokemon: Pokestar-Monster
Role(s): Mixed Wall, Cleric, Pressure Stall

Filter / Pressure / Unnerve
Stat Distribution: 110/80/130/90/135/50
Movepool Additions: Toxic, Protect, Hyper Beam, Rest, Sleep Talk, Snore, Confide, Miracle Eye, Recover, Hypnosis, Glare, Shadow Sneak, Torment, Dark Pulse, Foul Play, Barrier, Amnesia, Spite, Reflect, Light Screen, Ingrain, Psychic, Heal Block, Magic Coat, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Dream Eater, Giga Drain, Night Shade, Heal Bell, Wish, Blink*
Custom Elements: Blink -- 16 PP -- 70 BP -- Special -- Dark -- The user blinks and disappears, Striking the foe and staggering it. The target loses 2 PP from the last move it made. If the target attacked the user this turn, it instead loses 4 PP from the move.
Movepool Removals: Bro this thing has 2 moves beforehand
Justification: Oh god its like Dusclops but better. In ZU, Dusclops ran Spite and Pressure, PP Stalling the foe with its large defensive stats. In Clean Slate 2, PokeS-Monster is that, but amped up. Solid Recovery, Wish Passing, Status Spreading with Glare, and Blink, means that this thing can just stall someone out. unfortunately, it does not have trapping, allowing someone to escape easily.​
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Name of the Pokemon: Salamence
Role(s): Physical Wallbreaker
Type: Dragon/Flying
Abilities: Moxie / Aerilate
Stat Distribution: 95/135/90/90/90/100 (600)
Justification: Salamence is a powerful physical attacker, especially with Aerilate-boosted Returns. However, Stoujourner and Neutralizing Gas Weezing-Galar check it very well.

Name of the Pokemon: Deoxys
Role(s): Special Wallbreaker
Type: Psychic
Abilities: Pressure
Stat Distribution: 90/130/70/130/70/110 (600)
Movepool Removals: Nasty Plot, Recover, Knock Off, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse
Justification: Deoxys is a powerful special wallbreaker thanks to its STAB Psycho Boost. However it is checked by Orbeetle who resists its STAB, and it can be outsped easily due to its relatively low speed tier as an attacker.

Name of the Pokemon: Hydreigon
Role(s): Mixed Wall, Hazard Control
Type: Fire/Dark
Abilities: Levitate
Stat Distribution: 92/95/110/105/130/98 (600)
Movepool Additions: Defog, Knock Off
Movepool Removals: Nasty Plot, Flash Cannon
Justification: Hydreigon is a solid switch-in to Cherrim-Sunshine, resisting both its STABs and hitting it with hard sun-boosted Fire STAB. However, it gets hit hard by Zacian's Close Combat and Stonjourner's Stone Edge.

Name of the Pokemon: Buzzwole
Role(s): Mixed Wall
Type: Bug/Ground
Abilities: Beast Boost
Stat Distribution: 89/103/131/79/127/71 (600)
Justification: Buzzwole is a great mixed wall by virtue of its Ground typing, which the current meta both needs and hates. Ironically, its biggest switch-in is itself, since it resists Ground also.
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War Incarnate

formerly SteelixPrismGX
Name of the Pokemon: Grapploct
Role(s): Physical Wallbreaker, Stallbreaker, Choice Band
Type: Fighting/Water
Abilities: Regenerator / Adaptability / Technician
Stat Distribution: 100 / 153 / 122 / 70 / 100 / 75 (620 BST)
Movepool Additions: Gunk Shot, Bullet Punch, Knock Off, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Poison Jab, Meteor Mash
Movepool Removals: None
Custom Elements: None
Justification: Grapploct's main niche in CS Ubers is that of a powerful offensive wallbreaker thanks to its high attack stat, good bulk, and passable speed. Having two great abilities between Adaptability and Regenerator allows it to run many different sets, although it will likely want to run Adaptability due to its high offensive stats, however, Regenerator is also nice for bulkier variants. Fighting/Water STAB + Steel + Dark coverage allows it to handle Weezing-Galar and Orbeetle easier, and finally having a form of good priority in Bullet Punch is incredibly useful for something as slow as Grapploct. It does run into the issue of being outpaced and easily KOed by Galarian Weezing and Orbeetle, with the former actually walling it, though, so that should be enough to balance it out.
All-Out Attacker:
Grapploct @ Life Orb
Ability: Adaptability/Regenerator
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Bulk Up
- Close Combat
- Liquidation
- Knock Off / Bullet Punch / Ice Punch

Grapploct @ Leftovers
Ability: Adaptability
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Octolock
- Close Combat
- Knock Off
- Meteor Mash / Substitute

Choice Band:
Grapploct @ Choice Band
Ability: Adaptability
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Close Combat
- Liquidation
- Knock Off
- Meteor Mash

Name of the Pokemon: Dialga
Role(s): Special Wallbreaker, Hazard Setter, Hazard Remover, Choice Specs, Offensive Support
Type: Dragon/Steel
Abilities: Pressure / Stalwart / Prism Armor
Stat Distribution: 105 / 110 / 130 / 145 / 90 / 90 (670 BST)
Movepool Additions: Recover, Defog, Calm Mind
Movepool Removals: None
Custom Elements: None
Justification: A very powerful and bulky special wallbreaker that can run many different types of sets and fill many roles in a team. It's pretty straightforward in how to use it - bring it in on some neutral or resisted attacks, set up Stealth Rock or boost with Calm Mind, and fire off some seriously powerful attacks. Prism Armor gives it some serious resilience and makes defensive variants possible, and its offensive typing, while not the best, does have some decent neutral coverage.

Name of the Pokemon: Corsola-Galar (Eviolite Incompatible)
Role(s): Mixed Wall, Calm Mind Sweeper, Defensive Support, Offensive Support
Type: Ghost
Abilities: Cursed Body / Clear Body / Marvel Scale
Stat Distribution: 70 / 95 / 140 / 115 / 140 / 40 (600 BST)
Movepool Additions: Thunder Wave, Toxic, Recover
Movepool Removals: None
Custom Elements: None
Justification: Corsola-Galar's main role is basically just a (powerful) mixed wall that can also run offensive variants as well. Its solid 70/140/140 defenses allow it to tank many hits from the likes of Stonjourner and Cherrim. Its wide support movepool containing Will-O-Wisp, Stealth Rock, Strength Sap, as well as others like Thunder Wave and Toxic allows it to support its team in many ways. Not being able to get the Eviolite boost sucks, but won't really matter with such high defenses, so it can afford to run Leftovers or the like. Its low speed and unreliable recovery methods, not to mention its lack of resistances making it susceptible to being taken out via stronger neutral attacks hamper it as well.
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Sugar, Spice and One for All
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Name of the Pokemon: Durant
Role(s): Physical Wallbreaker, Hazard Setter, Priority
Type: Bug / Ice
Abilities: Compound Eyes / Ice Body | Strong Jaw
Stats: 76 HP / 138 Atk / 85 Def / 70 SpA / 94 SpD / 122 Spe [585 BST]
Movepool Distribution: Ice Fang, Megahorn, Ice Shard, Spikes, Icicle Crash, Knock Off, Swords Dance
Movepool Removals: Superpower, Iron Head
Justification: Durant is a fast and strong attacker with a pendant for sporting very heavy shoewear. With two different STAB priority optins it has no problem hitting faster foes. It smashes Orbeetle with Megahorn, but it is hopelessly walled by Weezing, and is bodied 1v1 by both Stonejurner and Zacian.

Name of the Pokemon: Gyarados
Role(s): Special Wallbreaker, Hazard Removal
Type: Water / Flying
Abilities: Intimidate / Long Reach | Pressure
Stats: 95 HP / 60 Atk / 69 Def / 135 SpA / 100 SpD / 111 Spe [570 BST]
Movepool Additions: Calm Mind, Defog
Movepool Removals: Dragon Dance
Justification: WIP

Name of the Pokemon: Duraludon
Role(s): Mixed Wall, Hazard Setter
Type: Steel / Dragon
Abilities: Heatproof / Filter | Stalwart
Stats: 85 HP / 74 Atk / 119 Def / 95 SpA / 132 SpD / 70 Spe [575 BST]
Justification: WIP

Name of the Pokemon: Guzzlord
Role(s): Mixed Wall
Type: Dark / Poison
Abilities: Gluttony / Harvest / Rough Skin
Stats: 227 HP / 93 Atk / 71 Def / 98 SpA / 68 SpD / 43 Spe [600 BST]
Movepool Additions: Gunk Shot, Toxic Spikes, Baneful Bunker, Wish
Movepool Removals: Draco Meteor, Outrage
Justification: WIP
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Name of the Pokemon: Zamazenta
Roles: Special Wallbreaker, Mixed Wallbreaker,
Type: Normal / Dark
Ability: Flare Boost
Stat Distribution: 92 / 130 / 70 / 130 / 98 / 110 | BST: 630
Movepool Additions: Nasty Plot, Taunt, Parting Shot, Ice Beam, Double Edge, Knock Off
Movepool Removals: Play Rough, Psychic Fangs
Justification: A mixed wallbreaker with solid Atk and SpA. Special Flame Orb sets are its primary focus, using Nasty Plot or going mixed with Facade. Physical sets would probably run choice items, and would still have the option to run some special coverage like Ice Beam or Moonblast. It serves as an offensive check to Stonjourner, but is checked in turn by Zacian and Specs Cherrim.

Name of the Pokemon: Palkia
Roles: Physical Wallbreaker, Hazard Remover
Type: Water / Steel
Ability: No Guard / Water Veil | Iron Fist (HA)
Stat Distribution: 95 / 145 / 110 / 90 / 85 / 55 | 580 BST
Movepool Additions: Iron Head, Iron Tail, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Drain Punch, Defog
Movepool Removals: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Trick Room
Custom Elements: Spacial Rend - Now physical and Water type
Justification: Palkia has a great defensive typing and a very spammable move in Spacial Rend, allowing it to open up holes in the opposing team while serving a defensive role of its own. No Guard Iron Tail is a powerful secondary STAB with a 30% chance of lowering Def, making it hard to stall out. Iron Fist gives it some ability to adapt to metagame changes with three solid coverage moves, should it need them.

Name of the Pokemon: Probopass
Roles: Mixed Wall, Stealth Rock, Rapid Spin
Type: Rock / Steel
Ability: Levitate
Stat Distribution: 65 / 80 / 145 / 110 / 150 / 40 | 590 BST
Movepool Additions: Rapid Spin, Recover
Justification: A levitating Rock/Steel type is surprisingly useful, dealing with many pokemon that would like to run Ground coverage to deal with Steel types, while also being neutral to Fire. It provides Rapid Spin and/or Stealth Rock support, as well as a slow pivot with Volt Switch, which all could make it a good utility mon to have around.

Name of the Pokemon: Zygarde
Roles: Mixed Wall, Coil Sweeper
Type: Dragon / Ghost
Ability: Shed Skin / Compound Eyes | Natural Cure (HA)
Stat Distribution: 75 / 105 / 135 / 105 / 125 / 75 | 620 BST
Movepool Additions: Leech Seed, Will-o-Wisp, Pain Split, Shadow Ball, Hex, Shadow Bone, Shadow Sneak
Movepool Removals: Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves, Extremespeed,
Justification: Zygarde is extremely good at spreading status around your opponent's team, and can heal off status of its own with Shed Skin and Natural Cure. With balanced attack stats, it has a lot of options for avoiding passivity, such as Dragon Tail, Core Enforcer, or even Compound Eyes Focus Blast.
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