Tournament Clean Slate Open [Won by Jucherz]

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Welcome to Clean Slate, the Pet Mod that aimed to do exactly as the title states: Create a brand new "micrometagame" from scratch, with the ultimate goal of creating a balanced yet still varied compact metagame existing separately from any existing tier. No Lando-T here! Clean Slate is the first meta for the Pet Mods Grand Slam, and a pretty good introduction to Pet Mods due to limited custom content and a fair amount of resources. I implore you to join.

  • Battles are BO3 and played on Dragon Heaven
  • Please post replays in thread
  • Only use Pokemon on the spreadsheet- I believe you can technically use any Pokemon in the game in a match as the validator overlooks them, but they are banned nonetheless.
  • Standard OU clauses
Signups so far:
  • leonard (from big bang theory)
  • exploudit
  • Scoopapa
  • Gravity Monkey
  • Brodaha
  • Yoshiblaze
  • Sqauwkerz
  • Spook
  • Jucherz
  • RaJ.Shoot
  • DanDaMan99
  • Anaconja
  • The Cruelest
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