Collaborative Project: We Only Write the Tier Lists

Competitive pokemon has a rather storied history, with tons of crazy additions and ups and downs that we as players have been discussing and experiencing for years.

So I think it's time that we put it all together and write a song about it.

The basic idea is that it would be "We Didn't Start the Fire" (By Billy Joel), only about our shared love of competitive battling. I have several lyrics written from my experience as a player, but I feel that more is warranted if we want to paint a full picture.

I figured that each gen would get a full 8-stanza verse, so it would be slightly longer than the original, but I feel that we could all have a great deal of fun doing this. Here are some of the lyrics I have concocted so far:


We only write the tier lists
This game's kinda broken, what was Game Freak smokin oh
We only write the tier lists
We try to contain it but we can't sustain it oh

Gen 4 Part 1:

Physical-Special Split
Rhyperior is taking $#!^
Lucario is on the rise
Garchomp destroys us all

Gen 5 Part 1:

Weather monster, fox, and toad
OU Fighting overload
Rotom-Wash, Ferrothorn
Excadrill’s balance forlorn

These were just the first things I came up with. I'll have more later. If any of you wish to add anything, just post it below. I trust that if this can pick up momentum, it will be fantastic.

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