Completely Normal Open Setup 8p NOC - Game Over

Approved by zorbees and LightWolf even though no approvals are really needed.
Created due to demand in #vampire.

Completely Normal Open Setup 8p NOC

The Setup:

Mafia Godfather (cops as town)
Mafia Roleblocker/Hooker
Town Cop/Inspector
Town Doctor/Bodyguard
Town Miller (cops as scum)
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town
Vanilla Town

Only talk in the thread.
Only talk during the day.
Don't talk when you're dead, not one post, not one 'bah'.
Stop talking between the lynch flip and the NK flip or lack thereof. Talking between hammer and flip is okay.
Day periods are 72 hours and night periods are 24 hours.
Editing and deleting is banned. If you have a typo just Edit By Way Of Post.
Likes are banned because that's fucking dumb.
Scum get a quicktopic where they talk. They can talk during whenever (daytalk enabled).

Signups: (8/8)
Yeti - Town Cop/Inspector - Killed N1
Aura Guardian
Houndoomsday - Town Bodyguard - Killed N2
Walrein - Town Miller - Lynched D2
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Anyone who didn't get a role pm is vanilla town.
Day 1 begins now and lasts 72 hours.

Votecount 1.1

Not Voting (8): THE_IRON_KENYAN Yeti Aura Guardian LightWolf zorbees Daenym Houndoomsday Walrein

Go wild.

<Blue_Tornado> oh yeah and it if wasn't clear by now
<Blue_Tornado> everything was 100% randomized

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