Connecticut - Potential Pokemon Tournament

What's up?

I am just looking to see if there are any people in Connecticut that want to start some sort of local Pokemon tournament/club sort of thing.

If enough people respond to this post, I would be willing to set something up in a nearby event room or something along those lines.

This is just an idea, and therefore no final decisions about this have been made.

Please reply to this post and tell me what you think. <3

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We definitely need something here in Connecticut especially on the video game level. I know in past years we had them over at Gaming Etc. in Stratford, CT but seems long time now. They regularly do TCG which I have no interest in really.

Expert Evan

every battle has a smell!
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I know this is sort of last minute, but Gaming Etc in Stratford, CT is going to start having Pokemon video game tournaments on Sundays starting tomorrow using the BW OU format without the smogon ban list.

personally I don't have an OU team unless I put together a bunch of VGC pokemon and replace "Protect" with something else at least.

Edit: update, further details are in this youtube video here:
Hi guys, just an FYI at the very last minute here - at our FYE Games store in Waterbury we run annual (or semi-annual) Pokemon Tournaments tied to releases of games, and we're having one at 1 PM today to kick off the Black/White 2 release weekend. We use the uber ruleset from the site here, entry is a $5 deposit and winner gets a copy of Black 2 or White 2.

If you're in the area and see this in time, we're at the Brass Mill Center, hopefully some of you can come on over!

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