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CMT for:

OT | 03080
Once I learned about Shell Break, I needed one of these. Naïve to run Surf/Hydro Pump as well.
Shellder – Lake of Rage
Naïve – Skill Link – UT Level 1
Rock Blast
CMT For:

OT | 03080
DDTar is awesome; running Babiri Berry lets you destroy Scizor with Fire Punch, and running Leftovers adds bulk.
Larvitar - Lake of Rage
Jolly - Guts (Sand Stream) - UT Level 1
CMT for seadra

OT | 03080
Kingdra is amazing. That is all.
Horsea – Lake of Rage
Naughty – Swift Swim – UT Level 1
HP Electric 70!

I'm also looking for some help on HG RNG,care to help me? :)
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