Cops & Robbers (Signups)

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Cops and Robbers
Approved by billymills

I may as well roll out the signups since there are quite a few people who may not get a shot at playing in billymills' game. This game will have a player count of 16 people. It will have a huge mafia inspiration to it but it isn't classified as mafia since it doesn't fall under the conventional standards that make up a mafia. It's pretty much a hybrid game.

In any event, follow standard signup procedure for this game (e.g. P1, P2, etc).

Some of the rules to this game have been omitted because they pertain directly with the flavor of the op. These will be added once the game actually starts.

2. The game starts N0. During this time, you may not paste any part of your Role PM anywhere. You may begin sharing Roles D1. Day periods last 48 hours or until a majority is reached. Night periods last just as long or until all PMs have been received. Please stay active and do not force me to sub you out.

3. You may send in only one action per night, unless otherwise specified by your Role PM. This includes using items, or passing items (see rule for passing items for more specifics).

4. You can paste things told to you by the hosts. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM the Co-host for assistance. Impersonation of a host or another user, however, is banned at all points. Please do not attempt to impersonate in any way. No screenshots of anything related to the game allowed.

6. Priorities are set and will be kept secret. Don't even ask about them.

7. There are items in this game. You may hold any number of items at any time, unless otherwise specified by your Role PM. Note that at night, you may pass items to any number of users by sending a PM titled “Night X-Passing <item(s)> to users <1>, <2>, <3>, and/or <4>.” Essentially, you may pass any and all items you possess to any users you desire, but that will count as your night action that night. You may not pass items during the day. As a clue, passing items has the lowest priority.

8. The IRC channel for this game is #ffm. Acklow and Walrein MUST be informed of any IRC channels or spreadsheets/whatever else you create for this game. My e-mail is, for spreadsheet purposes.

9. If a role PM and the rules clash in something, the role PM takes precedence.

10. This game is slightly experimental.

11. Please talk to me during the game, it will make for a better postgame.

24. Rule number 24 says you must obey rule 24. If you do not obey rule 24, there will be consequences.

12. If you are willing to be a sub for the game in case you do not get selected, you may mention that in your signup post.

13. There is no cardflip in this game.

IRC channel is #ffm for those who are interested.

Signup List
Ditto - reserved (P2)

Lady Salamence
Aura Guardian
General Spoon
Steven Snype

little gk


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hi i'm cohosting

keep this in mind when you sign up

if you are allergic to walreins maybe you shouldn't


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On Jalmont's behalf, I am retracting his signup. I have it on good authority that Jalmont hates the rules, particularly the no cardflip and rule 24.
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