*Cross fingers* Please don't... [A First OU Warstory]

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Hi everyone. I'm not certain how this is done, but here goes.

This was a Shoddy Standard Ladder Match against Blechdose123, you all know the rules.

iiMKUltra's Team

Blechdose123's Team

Log will be bold

Comments will be unedited.

Leftovers recovery, Sandstorm damage and other inanities will be deleted.

iiMKUltra sent out Hippowdon (lvl 100 Hippowdon ?).
Blechdose123 sent out Alakazam (lvl 100 Alakazam ?).
Hippowdon's Sand Stream whipped up a sandstorm!
A sandstorm brewed!
Alakazam used Taunt.
Hippowdon fell for the taunt!
Hippowdon used Stealth Rock.
Hippowdon can't use Stealth Rock after the taunt!

A pretty poor show from the Hippo this match, I'm afraid, mainly due to me not knowing that Lead Alakazam carries Taunt, and I would have switched to TTar immediately if I'd known, as Sandstorm breaks the Sash.

iiMKUltra switched in Tyranitar (lvl 100 Tyranitar ?).
Tyranitar's Sand Stream whipped up a sandstorm!
Blechdose123 switched in Lapras (lvl 100 Lapras ?).

Tyranitar used Dragon Dance.
Tyranitar's attack was raised.
Tyranitar's speed was raised.
Lapras used Surf.
It's super effective!
Tyranitar lost 58% of its health.

Tyranitar used Stone Edge.
Tyranitar's attack missed!
Lapras used Surf.
It's super effective!
Tyranitar lost 42% of its health.
iiMKUltra's Tyranitar fainted.

Face. And palm. In alignment. Stone Edge is my never-miss move, and I really needed it to come through here. But of course, the H4x0r Gods curse me again.

iiMKUltra: :O
iiMKUltra switched in Mamoswine (lvl 100 Mamoswine ?).
Blechdose123: sorry bro
Mamoswine used Stone Edge.
It's super effective!
Lapras lost 59% of its health.
Lapras used Surf.
It's super effective!
Mamoswine lost 100% of its health.
iiMKUltra's Mamoswine fainted.

I really was surprised at how bulky Lapras was here, I was expecting a KO from ScarfSwine. However, all was not in vain, as he undoubtedly helped.

iiMKUltra switched in Rotom-s (lvl 100 Rotom-s).
Rotom-s used Thunderbolt.
It's super effective!
Lapras lost 16% of its health.
Blechdose123's Lapras fainted.

I switch in Rotom-S as a cleaner, and it does its job.

Blechdose123 switched in HotDog (lvl 100 Houndoom ?).
HotDog used Dark Pulse.
It's super effective!
Rotom-s lost 99% of its health.
HotDog lost 10% of its health.
Rotom-s used Thunderbolt.
HotDog lost 70% of its health.
The sandstorm rages.
HotDog is buffetted by the sandstorm!
HotDog lost 6% of its health.
Rotom-s is buffetted by the sandstorm!
Rotom-s lost 1% of its health.
iiMKUltra's Rotom-s fainted

I was extremely lucky to survive Dark Pulse here, and in retrospect, shouldn't have stayed in.

iiMKUltra switched in Heatran (lvl 100 Heatran ?).
HotDog used Sucker Punch.
It's not very effective...
Heatran lost 18% of its health.
HotDog lost 10% of its health.
Heatran used Earth Power.
It's super effective!
HotDog lost 4% of its health.
Blechdose123's HotDog fainted.

Here is where we get to the meat of the battle, starting with a simple cleanup on aisle 3.

Blechdose123 switched in Staraptor (lvl 100 Staraptor ?).
Staraptor's Intimidate cut Heatran's attack!
Staraptor used Close Combat.
It's super effective!
Heatran lost 80% of its health.
Staraptor's defence was lowered.
Staraptor's special defence was lowered.
Heatran used Lava Plume.
Staraptor lost 100% of its health.
Blechdose123's Staraptor fainted.

Blechdose clearly predicts I'm scarfed, and I proceed to spit lava in his face because of it. However, I am low health, and he sends something in to hopefully wall me...

Blechdose123 switched in Spiritomb (lvl 100 Spiritomb ?).
Spiritomb is exerting its pressure!
Heatran used Rest.
Heatran fell asleep!
Heatran restored 85% of its health.
Spiritomb used Shadow Ball.
It's not very effective...
Heatran lost 18% of its health.
Heatran's special defence was lowered.

As I rest in his face.

Blechdose123: what kind of item does it wear?
Heatran is fast asleep!
Heatran used Sleep Talk.
Heatran used Lava Plume.
Spiritomb lost 51% of its health.
Spiritomb was burned!
Spiritomb used Nasty Plot.
Spiritomb's special attack was sharply raised.

Sleep Talk gives me Lava Plume and a burn as he plots something nasty.

iiMKUltra: leftovers
iiMKUltra: were you thinking scarf?
Blechdose123: why is it sometimes so fast
Heatran is fast asleep!
Heatran used Sleep Talk.
Heatran used Rest.
But it failed!
Spiritomb used Dark Pulse.
It's not very effective...
Heatran lost 57% of its health.

Which was clearly haxing me to get a Rest. (As he is effectively +3 due to Shadow Ball lowering my SDef.)

Heatran woke up!
Heatran used Lava Plume.
Spiritomb lost 24% of its health.
Blechdose123's Spiritomb fainted.

I wake up, use Lava Plume, he dies. Simples *meerkat noise*.

Blechdose123 switched in Alakazam (lvl 100 Alakazam ?).
Alakazam used Focus Blast.
It's super effective!
A critical hit!
Heatran lost 50% of its health.
iiMKUltra's Heatran fainted.

This interests me, as up to here I was thinking Alakazam had Counter, so didn't stay in on Tyranitar (or thought I was Scarfed). He obviously does have Focus Blast, as it crithaxes my Heatran into oblivion. (Which I could have survived if a) Heatran had got Lava Plume or Earth Power from Rest, and b) He didn't get a crit.

iiMKUltra switched in Forretress (lvl 100 Forretress ?).
Alakazam used Focus Blast.
Forretress lost 63% of its health.
Forretress used Gyro Ball.
Alakazam lost 88% of its health.
Blechdose123's Alakazam fainted.

Wowz. I know Alakazam is fast, but I wasn't expecting a OHKO. (If it interests you, Gyro Ball does 185.7% - 219%)

Blechdose123 switched in Magnezone (lvl 100 Magnezone).
Magnezone used Thunderbolt.
Forretress lost 43% of its health.
iiMKUltra's Forretress fainted.

Oh bother. This thing, is apparently quite good at killing Steel-types. Who'd a thunk it?

You may have realised at this point that my last pokemon is Hippowdon. And so the title comes round - I am crossing my fingers, and thinking, please don't have Magnet Rise.

iiMKUltra switched in Hippowdon (lvl 100 Hippowdon ?).
Hippowdon's Sand Stream whipped up a sandstorm!
Magnezone used Magnet Rise.
Magnezone became immune to ground attacks!
Hippowdon used Earthquake.
It doesn't affect Magnezone...

Yeah. That happened. At this point, meaningless ggs are said, as I have clearly lost. If it interests you, the prospective damage on this is 1337% - >9000%.

iiMKUltra: nooo
Blechdose123: yes man
iiMKUltra: just as i clicked that, i was thinking, please don't have magnet rise
iiMKUltra: literally nothing can hurt you now
Magnezone used Hidden Power.
It's super effective!
Hippowdon lost 75% of its health.
Magnezone lost 10% of its health.
Hippowdon used Earthquake.
It doesn't affect Magnezone...

Blechdose123: do you think
Magnezone used Hidden Power.
It's super effective!
Hippowdon lost 31% of its health.
iiMKUltra's Hippowdon fainted.
Blechdose123 wins!
Blechdose123: gg
iiMKUltra: gg

MVP - Heatran, for feigning Choice and slapping 3 (could have been 5) pokes round the face.

-Blech's Lapras for being pretty damn bulky.
-Magnezone. You know why.
-Rotom-S, for surviving a Life Orb Houndoom's Dark Pulse.

-Me, for simply not knowing enough - Alakazam carries Taunt.
-Hax, for giving me a Rest and him a Crit.
-Him, for thinking Heatran was choiced.

Thank you sincerely anyone who has stayed this long. Please be nice leave comments.
Not a very good battle. You complained about hax a lot. Comments were lacking. Try getting in to the meta game a little more before you make a war story :)
Wierd battle. Involved a lot of hax, the comments were rather lacking, and you clearly didn't know to much about the metagame (opponent used a strange team also; only two OU pokemon). not to horrible for your first try though. 4.5/10.
I really, really, really wanted to stop reading after

This wasn't really a good warstory. You obviously don't know much about the metagame, your comments were lackluster, and the random hax spikes were a huge turnoff. Regardless, this wasn't that bad for your first try.


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Earlier comments said it best, this was a pretty bad warstory. Read the archived ones and try again soon (or however long it takes to get a good battle). Good luck with your next one!
I wanted to stop reading after he KO'ed your Rotom. Those first three kills were way to easy for him, and only one member of his team was OU. Read through some archived warstories; you'll see why this one wasn't that remarkable. Still though, I don't mean to get you down. Keep at it, and try again.
I stopped reading at the Mamoswine KO. Tyranitar shouldn't have taken the needless risk and stayed in, and you should have known better than to think a scarf Mamoswine Stone Edge would KO, if it even hit.

Bad warstory, however I hope to see you try again in the future.

MK Ultra

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Thanks for the comments guys. I realise I made some pretty poor decisions in this battle, but I certainly will try again. Thanks.
How does your opponent not realize that Heatran has leftovers? There should be Leftovers recovery...everything about this battle was mediocre to bad. I don't need to repeat what others have said.

However, I will compliment you on choosing to warstory a match in which you lost--not many people do this, and it is a very appealing and admirable trait in a warstory. I would give you at least two stars just for being brave and doing this. I hope to see more from you in the future.
I agree. Nasty Plot Spiritomb is a really bad idea compared to Calm Mind. Although I might try it for the lols in a Trick Room...
Also, the opponent switched Alakazam out of Tyranitar due to the possibility of Scarf, or he didn't want to gamble on Focus Blast's shaky accuracy. On the other hand, he was mighty unafraid of Pursuit.
I thought at the end there was some kind of twist involving you beating Magnezone with Hippow. The battle was lacking, and the comments are as well, I hope to see better Warstories of you in the future :)
What? Just because someone uses Lapras doesn't mean it's going to be a bad battle. Think outside of your OU box, please.
yeah, I should take an offensively and defensively weak Pokemon with an SR weakness seriously. That's great logic, bro
Yeah, except Lapras has better defences than Vaporeon. It does have pretty poor defensive typing, with a SR weakness, but STAB Ice Beam and a pretty good movepool help it too. I've been using it quite a lot, and it's generally a beast. It also helps that a lot of people are unaware of its stats, I guess.
Stopped reading when I saw Lapras, there's no reason to take it over another bulky water. Perish Song doesn't count, Celebi performs that job better.
Stopped reading when I saw Lapras, there's no reason to take it over another bulky water. Perish Song doesn't count, Celebi performs that job better.
Could be that he just likes the Pokemon. Remember when we used to pick Pokemon we liked and not based on their BST?

Or he just wanted the challenge, and the satisfaction of beating OUs with UU/NU.

Regardless, bad warstory. Your comments were about as necessary as the text in 90% of the motivational pictures out there. And you played horribly, your opponent was more interesting...


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yeah the only cool thing was that...well you lost lol. and i mean its cool since like 90% of all warstories has the writer winning. anyway yeah the comments+battle+players/moves were all pretty bad...
Sure is close minded in here.
Know what else? We should use Banette, too. All of you closed-minded OU fuckers and your Gengars and Rotoms.

Awful warstory, comments provided no insight whatsoever, battle had no prediction whatsoever, terrible play and obvious lack of knowledge or skill from both sides. Better luck next time.
Sure is close minded in here.
We want to see good battles, not gimmicks. You're definition of open minded must be moronic. Using unusual Pokemon is fine as long as you are using them to do something another Pokemon cannot do better. Otherwise it falls into useless gimmick territory which is not what we want to see on a competitive battling site.

Lapras does a shit job as a bulky water. The only thing it has is Perish Song/Whirlpool which it likely won't ever get off.

Terrible battle, meh comments.

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