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i like to play and draw.
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Hi, from the sprite project here. Who could I talk to in order to get the SV in-game models? I’m interested in posing them for sprite references since it’s difficult to get references for specifically Walking Wake and others.


i like to play and draw.
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on a semi-related note, i found some good gen 9 menu sprites on twitter. I don't know if the artist would want them used on showdown but i'll link their deviantart here just in case.
This person is already on the smogon sprite team. However, please don't opt someone into having their work used in showdown. That's not how things work.
Hello! I'm new on this topic. DJTHED Still working with 3D sprites? If yes, could you do a animated back sprite of this Stunfisk? As so his front and back shiny?

And same with this Ferrossed, could you?

Thanks anyway!
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Asking on the behalf of another user but apparently the Zoroark and Zorua gifs are missing the red tips on some of their fur. The neck scarf for Zorua and a strand of hair incorrectly transitions from light red to white when it's supposed to transition from light red to a darker red.
Hello! I've deleted the above posts, and will leave a bit of a note here for anyone planning on posting with feedback here in the future.

It's fine to leave some of your thoughts regarding the project. Respectful critique regarding some of the work presented? Sure. Suggestions regarding organization? Can staff possibly assist somehow, is finding skilled people that could be interested in the project a potential prospect to pursue further down the line, or are prospects for capable newcomers low? Thoughts from the creator of the project regarding a question you might have? It's fine and valid to bring up something you're curious about, but not like this. Not with an attitude. Not with passive-aggressive remarks and comments that double down on it.

These are people working on things in their free time. Just volunteering. This requires a specific skillset and an interest for volunteer work that not many users have. DJTHED and other contributors of this project are doing thankless work whenever they're able for a long time now. Finding even more people with a willingness to do the same is more often than not a rarity. This goes for any project in smeargle's laptop, the staff is always here to help in any way we can (and contributors are free to reach out for help whenever), but forum projects aren't always gonna be perfect, fast and optimal. At some point it's just about artists and their relationship with volunteer work/why they do it. Passive-aggressiveness and lack of respect for said work certainly won't encourage them to keep going.

Sometimes, people are just busy, pursuing other things, or not motivated for smogon stuff at the time. And that's fine, because they are in no obligation to do this in the first place, and certainly aren't under any deadline that needs to be followed. We always post with this in mind.

Please don't derail this thread, and when you post feedback or ask questions, do so respectfully.
Yo, I don't mean to be that guy right now, but are the Hisuian Lilligant and Kleavor sprites Flicks made gonna be released in Pokemon Showdown? They're not in the sprite directory.
He will probably redo them with the new animations from SV, pretty sure they got new animations.


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I do have a question regarding some of the enw idles - Quite a lot of mons have different idles for Standing and Flying animations. With that being the case, I'd assume only one of these idles would be picked for showdown as it's more efficient. My question is moreso how it would be decided which mon uses which animation? Because personally i feel like there isn't really a standardization that'd work here since some mons look better flying while other look better standing.

Would these just be decided on a case by case basis which animation gets to be used for the Showdown idle?


When that time does come, I hope like old gen sprites there is a split of gen 6/7/8 having the old animations, and 9 having the new ones. It would be weird to stop splitting them arbitrarily because its 3D now


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it's so over
Who said it's over?

There's not a lot of people who are able and willing to do these 3D renders, so a lot of it falls on the shoulders of just a couple people, including mine. As a result, this project is always at the mercy how much free time we have in any given moment, and if we are willing to dedicate the free time to work on this. This means that there will always end up being some dead time for projects like this since it's mostly just me and one other person able to dedicate time to this.

Anyway, the fact that there's been not much activity lately doesn't mean it's over. I want to get back into this, but I am spread quite thin with some other projects, as well as my job that is also in a similar field. Time will tell when I will find the time, but acting defeatist over inactivity doesn't help motivation, so stop.

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