Daily Deathmatch 2019 (Survivor Leaderboards)


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Date/Time: June 18, 12PM
Theme: Risk
First: myster~17
Second: Wingdingnoob
Participation Points: Alexander489, battler444, abd1710, Ouija Board

Date/Time: June 18, 6PM
Theme: Eeveelutions
First: myster~17
Second: Rach
Participation Points: Prof. Spalding, TheSeelGoesMeow, Whimper, Cheese555, Master Jenny


formerly GuiTheNerd
Posting for LS's Ghost

20th June, 6PM
Theme: Outlaws Chaos
First: Ilikepinkbunnies
Second: 1v1sp
Participation points awarded to: myster17, WingdingNoob, Guishark, Shadecession, ElbowSkinn, Cheese555


Summer Bulk 2020
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6/21 12 PM EST
Theme: Hide and Seek Tag with exclusions finale
First place: Esi-leaf.
Second place: abd1710
Participation points: 1v1sp, Xx69DabLord42069xX, Ilikepinkbunnies, Wingdingnoob, myster~17, battler444, awa! nderingcaelum, tonixy, Geene, LS's Ghost.


formerly GuiTheNerd
Date/Time: 22nd June, 12PM
Theme: Hunger Games Anonymous, with one fake nick that eliminates their killer
First: myster17
Second: Wingdingnoob
Participation points awarded to: Zyg, Toni◕‿◕XY, awa~ nderingcaelum, Ilikepinkbunnies, Saya Amanogawa, battler444.
June 22, 2019, 6PM EST
Shadecession ⌐■_■
Theme: Empire
First: M3mesz
Second: G.u.i.S.h.a.r.k
Competitors: M3mesz, G.u.i.S.h.a.r.k, TheSeelGoesMeow, Cheese555, awa! nderingcaelum, myster~17, Esi-leaf, Wingdingnoob, Ilikepinkbunnies, Prof. Spalding
Date/Time: June 25th @ 12pm
Theme: Exclusions
First: awa! nderingcaelum
Second: myster~17
Players: Yahboyboter, Wingdingnoob, Guishark, battler444, samsamblaze, Memester Jenny, abd1710, Prof. Spalding, Ilikepinkbunnies.


Stay safe everyone.
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Date / Time June 25th, 6PM
Theme: Exclusions (Oceanized) Blub Blub
First: awa! nderingcaelum
Second: Prof. Spalding
OPL: ElbowSkinn, samsamblaze, Guishark, Gimm1ck, Cheese555, Shadecession, Made in Saudi, myster~17, rufastweepingdevil.


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for abd
Date/Time: June 26th @ 12pm
Theme: Roll Boost
First: profspalding
Second: battler444
Players: Wingdingnoob, samsamblaze.

for me

Date/Time: June 26th @ 6pm
Theme: Follow The Leader
First: Prof. Spalding
Second: ElbowSkinn
Players: Shadecession, wingdingnoob, deetah, Mitsuki, Made in Saudi, DisguisedZoroark, Ouija Board, Master Jenny.


Summer Bulk 2020
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Late Posts:

6/23 6PM EST
Theme: Choose Your Roll
First Place: Mitsuki
Second Place: Guishark
Participation: awanderingcaelum, whimper, Ilikepinkbunnies, battler44, myster~17, Shadecession

6/24 12PM EST
Theme: Risk
First Place: Abd1710
Second Place: Prof. Spalding
Participation: Alexander489, awa! nderingcaelum, samsamblaze, myster~17, wingdingnoob


Stay safe everyone.
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Date / Time: June 27th, 2019 @ 12PM
Theme: Dragon Orbs
First: ilikepinkbunnies
Second: ElbowSkinn
Other People: ZQM, cat liquor, Guishark, Shadecession, Alexander489, ABD1^7=1+0, myster~17, battler444.
Date/Time: June 28th 6pm
Theme: Roll Switch Roll Battle Elimination mode
First: samsamblaze
Second: Prof. Spalding
Participation points awarded to: Wingdingnoob, Alexander489, battler444, Whimper
Back to the Classics
June 29, 2019, 12PM EST
YOUR HOST: Shadecession ⌐■_■
Theme: Classic
First: Wingdingnoob
Second: myster~17
Competitors: Bruh Moments [GuishArk, awanderingcae LUM], battler444 rules [battler444, Alexander489, Made in ☽ Saudi, myster~17, Wingdingnoob], ABD1^7=1+0

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