Daily Draw challenge


dumb broad
Can't use the chat thing, but it sounds like you guys are drawing random Pokemon as a king or a queen.

I drew a Buizel on random picked a king:

Edit: Also, how do I get in to the chat? Lemme in. Please ♥?
How do you get in? You should be able to just go to the art room via this link. Don't forget that you also need roompaw from Art2d2 to use his functions (Unless they removed that and I just didn't notice.) For that you can talk to staff there and they should give it to you.

Just thought I'd also mention that the Image is broken for me. Fix it please? ♥
I have no idea if it's actually visible, and if it is visible how clear it is, but for the Mario Maker sprite -themed one I got Gligar. I usually don't finish these so might as well try and post it I guess! I know this isn't really a serious thing but if anyone has any constructive criticism / abuse I'll happily take it.

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