Daily Giveaways (Done)

What do you like to see on giveaways?

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deposited : trapinch
Level : 26
gender : female
IGN : Sato
Message : bluemew

received. thanks
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Request: Manectric
Pokemon deposited: Level 42 Male Skitty
IGN: Rithik
GTS Message: Bluemew

Thanks in advance!
Thanks for the Cresselia, Bluemew. Can I request for a Manectric?

Deposit: Cottonee, Female, Level 6
IGN: Sapphire
Message: Bluemew

Thank you in advance!
Deposited a lv 17 male Swablu with the message "BLUEMEW"
IGN Maurice

thanks! :)

/edit: received it, thank you! :>
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Requesting your male manectric please
Depositing a lv30 female espurr( German)
Message: blue mew
Thank you
Hi Blumew! If possible, I'd like Manectricke, please :)

Deposited: lv 1 male Italian Venonat in heal ball
Message: VCG 16
IGN: Matteo

Thanks in advance!
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