Daily Giveaways (Done)

What do you like to see on giveaways?

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(insert current season) Bulk (insert current year)
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Deposited a Female Lv. 46 Floatzel for the beedrill
IGN: Serb
Message: Bluemew

Thanks in advance
Yeah deposited a fem. Skitty Lvl. 8
IGN: Pia, again ;)
Message:Bluemew thanks U

Got it - Thanks a lot :)
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whoa a beedrill finally *_* so cool
Deposited a female lv1 scraggy
IGN: Marine
Message: Bluemew

whats the nickname supposed to mean though? would it be possible to change it to the normal name or something like BeeKing?
thanks in advance :)
Beedrill gets such an amazing upgrade in Mega Evolution so it's sting will certainly hurts. :P

I will be lovely to have her, so I am putting my request here.

Deposit: Braviary, Male, Level 45
IGN: Sapphire
Message: Bluemew

Thank you in advance! And no Beedrill seen, so no gender lock for me, sorry for the inconvenience!
Deposited: Ralts F lv. 3
Message: Bluemew

Requesting Beedrill! Thanks!
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Deposit: lvl 1 female Hoppip (hope you can use this one to breed a future giveaway)
Request: Beedrill female lvl 100
IGN: Sérgio
Message: Bluemew

Thank you so much! :)
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