Tournament DCL I - Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize, SIGNUPS CLOSED]

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User name: ultraplayer

Time Zone GMT-5

Discord Tag ultraplayer

Tiers Preferred SS Galar, USUM, ORAS

Availability Can play every week. Usually will be playing Friday or Saturday Aka every draft players wet dream

Player Info Top 4 ORAS Classic, 4-1 USUM Classic, Top 32 SWSH, Top 8 Classic Playoffs

Better in older gens, only play with one mon at a time ever (no VGC). 8 years experience, 9 chips won, played on several teams before.
User name: Codefallen

Time Zone GMT-11

Discord Tag Codefallen

Tiers Preferred All

Availability I’m available on weekends anytime but during the week I’m available 3:00-6:00 pm

Player Info I play Pokémon
User name: Bouff

Time Zone GMT-4

Discord Tag safierre

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, USUM, ORAS

Availability Might be off a few days in october

Player Info i uhh played draft in a few discord tours and made semis of an oras one i guess that’s cool!
User name: VoltyPichu

Time Zone GMT+2

Discord Tag leszekan

Tiers Preferred All

Availability I am available

Player Info I have played draft for 2 years, tho I started more seariously this year. I once won a red red vgc league, I will play my games and I like pichu. I played in one draft team tour and helped in a few.
User name: yuramas

Time Zone GMT+3

Discord Tag yuramas

Tiers Preferred All

Availability after 6-8 pm gmt+3

Player Info Ive played a good amount of drafts, and wanna get even more experience!
User name: Deranged_Lime

Time Zone GMT+1

Discord Tag deranged_lime

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, USUM, ORAS

Availability Should be no problem. Uni starts soon and I have a part time job but I have no problems finding time otherwise.

Player Info Been a part of the scene casually since 2016, but have been competing in more serious and well known tours/leagues over the past year. I have netted some achievements since then, including division wins in the WPF and EDC, as well as Top 16 in Smogon SS Draft Cup and currently Top 32 in Smogon Summer Seasonal. Also currently in a couple team tours within the PGP and DTT. I'm always looking to improve by fighting better and better players, with tours like this being a great place to find them. I'll happily contribute to whichever team I land in, if you'll have me.

Chris Chien Pao

formerly hunternoooob
User name: hunternoooob

Time Zone GMT+5.5

Discord Tag Chriscp

Tiers Preferred SS Galar, USUM

Availability 7-10pm week days
Sunday all day!

Player Info good
User name: It's classified

Time Zone GMT+8

Discord Tag opinionated

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, USUM

Availability Mostly available at weekends, but can play at night times

Player Info Haven't played much draft before, but it's been pretty fun. Also, I like trying to beat stronger opponents
User name: a12qsd too

Time Zone GMT-5

Discord Tag a12qsd

Tiers Preferred All

Availability 10pm est is best but I can be flexible on weekends.

Player Info Been playing draft for a long time, top 4 finish in the smogon vgc draft tour, and generally finished between top 16-32 in the other tours. Been part of cpc, krash, dgba poison point, pgp team tour, legends alliance, and more. Hail Diggersby.
User name: deathdragon25o

Time Zone GMT-4

Discord Tag deathdragon25o

Tiers Preferred All

Availability 7am-10am weekend 2:50-6pm weekdays plus other random times

Player Info Better at singles than vgc 2xVGC playoffs 6x singles playoffs 2x singles semifinals 1x singles win been playing draft for about 8months
User name: s1lveryo

Time Zone GMT-5

Discord Tag silveryo

Tiers Preferred All

Availability all days

Player Info played draft leagues for over 5 years now
User name: PikachuZappyZap

Time Zone GMT-7

Discord Tag pzz04

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, USUM, ORAS

Availability Busy with uni stuff but will be as active as possible

Player Info SS Galar/USUM are my preferred tiers, but I can play others. Just got top 4 in draft classic playoffs as well, I can DM replays/other stuff you wanna scout me on (drafting, prepping, etc.)
User name: Luxanse

Time Zone GMT+2

Discord Tag Luxanse

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, USUM

Availability Might go on a short trip in October, should be available all throughout the tour otherwise.

Player Info Past champion of some well-known leagues in the community such as Trick House, GSA and OLT, have performed well in solo tours in the past such as LDI and the current Summer Seasonal.


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User name: vmnunes

Time Zone GMT-3

Discord Tag vmnunes

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, USUM, ORAS

Availability Should have no problems with availability.

Player Info Been playing draft since 2017. Played in way too many leagues and tours to count, getting a few championships and a lot of playoffs runs. Have experience with multiple draft team tours, including getting a championship in last Clash of Kings and being on a finalist team in DPL. Also participated in recent smogon draft tours, getting to top 8 in USUM.
My best tiers are USUM and SS, but I'm flexible to play in others without issues (excluding VGC).
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