Detective Pikachu (Possible Spoilers)

Horrifying CGI pokemon aside, did anybody see the Pokemon League poster was for Sinnoh?

It's Sinnoh confirmed! Or a meme reference. Or a tie-in with the recent Sinnoh launch in Pokemon Go. Or just a coincidence.


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... I should probably get to finishing Detective Pikachu...

But yeah, very interesting. At first when I saw the still shots I was kind of horrified. However after seeing them in motion they do look much better and I got to say are VERY expressive. I think given some time I can get used to these, unlike CGI humans where the uncanny valley prevents you from really buying these are human characters, I think Pokemon can get away with it especially when playing next to real life actors. So with that out of the way let me do my usual trailer time stamp review:
0:03: You can already tell almost every scene in this movie is going to be full of references and easter eggs. To not drive myself crazy I'm going to try and ignore most of them.
0:05: OMG CHARMANDER!!1! IT'S SO CUTE!!!1... sorry, I'll try to keep that to a minimum too.
0:07: Is it a bit weird that there's pictures and products which has the Pokemon looking like they do in the games in a world where the Pokemon look realistic?
0:25: Ooh! Charizard poster! Wait, ARTICUNO vs Steelix? Is Articuno not a Legendary in this world? If it is seems kind of strange for a poster advertising a battle with it being so bland.
0:28: Okay, so in this movie sounds like Tim is a failed Pokemon Trainer. Interesting, SM sort of went into what happened to trainers in Alola who couldn't make a career out of being a trainer and now this movie is maybe expanding on that. Guessing it was the Sinnoh League that Tim tried competing in? BTW, the Detective Pikachu games I believe are canon with the core series games. But, if Tim is a former trainer, what happened to his Pokemon?
1:33: Jigglypuff with mircophone, classic. But shouldn't that guys face be scribbled all over? You can't just do the joke halfway, especially when the guy is bald giving Jigglypuff even more room to scribble.
1:36: AWW YEAH, CHARZIARD!!! And he's so fluffy. That's kind of weird, always imagined him scaly. I mean, I do have a Charizard plush toy that's fluffy, but that's a plush toy. Eh, if anyone can make a fluffy, fire-breathing dragon work, it's Charizard.
1:38: Oh, there's the missing Pancham and Squirtle, is this an underground fighting ring? Well if any Pokemon media is going to cover illegal Pokemon battles would make sense to be a detective movie.
1:44: Does Tim have an entire closet of modern art Unown shirts? And more importantly, are they going to sell those shirts (the merchandise that comes out for this movie would be VERY interesting).
1:45: ... So I'm guessing this is Mewtwo's doing, I know he's involved in the game's story and lifting a landmass like its Inception would be something he's do...
2:04: Good to see them using the Pokemon's powers in making jokes instead of just relying on their physical appearance. Now they showed that earlier with Jigglypuff putting a guy to sleep who drank espresso, but Jigglypuff putting people to sleep is a well known thing about it where not many may know Mr. Mime can create invisible walls. At least shows the script writers know their Pokemon (though that shouldn't be too surprising, Pokemon is 20 years old and a lot of script writers were probably kids when Pokemon came out. I imagine working on this movie is a lot of people's dream come true).
2:09: Oh yes, let's not forget, Ryan "Deadpool" Reynolds if Detective Pikachu. And he doesn't do that bad of a job. He's a bit higher pitch than the Detective Pikachu in the games who sounded like a rough and gruff detective, but I think Reynolds is doing a good job being I think he's supposed to be a wise cracker. I await the fan cut of the trailer/scenes that replace Detective Pikachu's line with some fouler Deadpool lines.
2:16: CHARIZARD!1!! Well I guess we'll finally get our answer to Pokemon eat other Pokemon... okay, being its Pikachu of course not... and the answer is yes anyway...

Alright, so from what I can tell they're at least using the premise of the Detective Pikachu game (Tim is looking for his father) though probably is going to be really the only connection. Which is fine, the story of Detective Pikachu feels kind of standard anyway, the main draw is the dynamic between this average kid looking for his father and a talking Pikachu detective and the situations they get into. And they look to have that down so it's already off to a promising start. :)

BTW, do those realistic looking Pokemon remind you of anything? Well, the answer is in the question, they look like those realistic Pokemon images people like to draw time to time. Well, guess what, the most famous of those artists, RJ Palmer, was actually hired to help with the Pokemon designs in the movie. Not bad for a something he did just as a fun side project. :blobthumbsup:
Well, this is pretty nifty. Honestly, I think they nailed the Pokemon designs in this. They all strike that great balance between being cartoonish and realism, I love it. And if we can expect the jokes to be Pokemon-oriented like that Mr. Mime interrogation, this should be entertaining as a film.
Well we all know that this game will come out, as Serebii had told us about this game slightly after XY came out. (around the same time they predicted Pokken)
I just never know why it took so long to announce, especially how it is a low budget spin off.

It just doesn't fit into the epic hype of 20th anniversary.

And it is one of those games where Pikachu gets all the spot-light.
Well, good for Pikachu fans, and they are numerous. Just that not every Pokemon fan is a Pikachu fan though.
Well I loved the game and can't wait to see the movie next year
So was anyone else disappointed with the way it ended? Not gonna say how it ended for the people who still haven't played/beaten it.

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