Disconnected From Server (Always)

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Hey guys idk what is up with pokemon showdown but every time i try to get online to pokemon showdown I always get this stupid screen that tells me i have been discoonnected because the server was probably reset. Only thing i have been having this screen pop up every time i try to log on for the past month or so. No server is down that long, I thought it also might be something with my firewall but when i turned my firewall completely off it still pulled up the stupid message. I have tried opening it in Chrome, Explorer, & Firefox and it has worked in none of them for me. If ya got a solution it would be greatly appreciated.
Mysteriously Banned from Showdown

Well I was just playing Pokemon Showdown when Zarel logged on yesterday , I said hi to him , but the server did not view my message , so I sent the message again just once , and I was banned , but the server said that I spammed like ten times :(
Try Deleting it and Download it Again.

woodchuck edit: use the technical support thread (but read the op first)
also 'deleting it and download it again' ps is a webapp smh
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