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waiting for a moment
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College apps are done and I haven't written an analysis in like a year so let's see if I still got it
reserving hydreigon
My Araquanid analysis is still pending QC 2/2, but I recognize that it's low-priority right now and I'd hate to not be contributing just because I decided to start with a low-priority mon.

Therefore, I'm requesting permission from talkingtree and Memoric to reserve Kindgra; its a mon I'm pretty familiar with using in SM and I think I could whip through this pretty quickly.

e: Kingdra, although I'm sure it is very kind :I
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Stonehenge was a sex thing
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I'd prefer that you wait for now, but when Araquanid gets sent to GP you can take "Kindgra" heh
Could I please have Ferrothorn? (Not very experienced)

Edit: Realised I don't need permission but I'm still going to leave the top part in case I'm wrong
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Sylveon, please! I know I have an ICBB, but it ends on Wednesday, so I should be able to submit the skeleton on time. If not, Thundurus.

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