Tournament Doubles Ubers Championship II (Won by Demantoid)


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We ended up with 43 signups, so I assigned 5 byes at random to push us to the clean number of 48 - this means we will have a 3-way round robin finals! Deadline for round 1 will be Monday June 25th at 11:59 PM EST. I will keep usage stats similar to the stats kept for my DUU tours, so PLEASE POST YOUR REPLAYS


The Cheesen One vs EmbCPT
London13 vs Lorex
Grand Mousse vs. qsns
pikapip1010 vs Mint16
talkingtree vs ProotyBaby
vs stax
Demantoid vs Regrets
SocialSocialSocial vs emiforbes
lightning1870 vs Nido-Rus
vs Anime Sans
cielbakasan vs BYE
red24246 vs frisoeva
Mindape vs n10sit
Wamr vs DaAwesomeDude1 - Extension
miltankmilk vs BYE
Mr.GX vs Phantomizer
jo-doduo108 vs BYE
Yellow Paint vs Elegyy
Jrenner vs BYE
Paraplegic vs NintendoKenny
Lord Death Man vs DaWoblefet
vs Mizuhime
Mr. Zigzagoon vs Test Bot #
AuraRayquaza vs Prometheus756[/user]
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