Tournament Doubles Ubers Championship II (Won by Demantoid)


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Activity calls:
Grand Mousse vs. qsns: qsns scheduling didn't really occur, almost wanted to just give qsns the win but he didn't make an effort to schedule beyond the initial vm, so:
[21:42:47] n10sit: !pick qsns, grand mousse
We randomly picked:

pikapip1010 vs. Mint16: Mint16
pikapip missed the time, mint gets the act win

Yoda2798 vs. stax: Yoda
Stax didn't respond to yoda's initial vm, which was sent on Saturday, but stax obv made no effort to schedule before then, so yoda gets the win

Demantoid vs. Regrets: Demantoid
Regrets never responded to Demantoid's vm, demantoid's win

Wamr vs. DaAwesomeDude1: Extension
Daddy asked for an extension, and I gave it to him. ;)

Yellow Paint vs. Elegyy: Yellow Paint
Elegyy didn't respond to paint's Tuesday VM until late afternoon today, so paint gets the win.

Round 2:

Deadline will be Monday, July 2nd at 11:59 PM EST. I'm not using challonge since it does not provide a scenario for a 3 way finals. I am using the very handy to form random pairings for each round. I realize this isn't traditional, but since this is not a seeded tour, it shouldn't matter much.

Usage stats:

DaAwesomeDude1 vs Yellow Paint
cielbakasan vs qsns
necrocat219 vs EmbCPT
Mr. Zigzagoon vs Demantoid
vs Prometheus756
miltankmilk vs Memoric
pikapip1010 vs Lorex
Paraplegic vs Yoda2798
emiforbes vs Nido-Rus
jo-doduo108 vs DaWoblefet
red24246 vs Mr.GX
vs Mindape
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I beat mint16 2-0, but he never sent me the replays after i asked
I’ve been on vacation so I’m only getting to this now, but I had no way of knowing the game even occurred, let alone that you won. In the future, please remember to post in the tournament thread saying that you won. Also, please remember that the responsibility of saving the replays falls on both players, and the responsibility to post always falls on the winner. Since Mint16 acknowledges that he lost fairly, i will award the win to pikapip. Please remember to post in the future!

NEW PAIR: pikapip1010 vs. Lorex

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