can u imagine how fucked kamikaze17 would have been if his landorus-therian hadn't been able to use the move protect because he foolishly threw it away for a small boost to his special defense stat


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Luxray did it's job so I'm happy.

Super close game, gg shane. Hopefully I'm showing some of you guys the fun sets that can work in DUU (it's a good meta I swear). Also anyone can feel free to ask me about my weird sets because I promise there was a reasoning behind them lol
totem asked me to sub him out. both my subs are playing for seasonal in 20 minutes. we'll see who's feeling up to it after the set and sub them in.

edit: stax actually just said he cant play so its lookin like checkmater is gonna be our man
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Also I demand a trade, my team has 5 wins and I am 2 of them, this is BULLSHIT. I deserve better.

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