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Heatran lead is pretty fun, I added hp grass for swampert could also go hp elec for gyras switching in. Heatran is great because even if you get taunted and dont get rocks up you will have it in the back for jirachi. It also lures out water types early in the game like gyra, which can free up ape later. Infernape- Fblast CC mach punch grass knot, def a great set that I've been using for a long time now. Ape can really shine on this team as it has hwish support from lati and overall is just a great fit with the dders on ho. Been really liking twave, sub, waterfall, dd gyra it will just win you games for free. Paralyzing the opp's gyra or lati is huge as well + setting up after a mon choice locks in, really fun set. Jirachi, I dont need to explain anything. Choice Scarf Lati, dd gyra/nite check, can also trick dd tar, also provides healing wish support and can win late game vs scarf gon, great in the rain too vs kingdra. Been using this mon a lot, def my fav scarfer rn.

Edit: here is a replay of the team :) https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen4ou-1822111822-jo53ll8btautxnln1fc0czvdnhz35k1pw
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This is my take on a squad I saw featuring dual fighters Machamp and Infernape; the Life Orb/Slack Off set I borrowed from the Nape connoisseur himself Cubic Skunk AND the great Student of Sinnoh (who I initially forgot to credit, my bad!). It again features Scarf Hwish support from Latias, which overall just has great synergy with Infernape: covering the Gyarados weakness, being a ground immune, etc. Lum Machamp is just a solid opener for this team, with its immense offensive pressure it can often get a 2 for 1, and lures in in Skarm for Infernape to take advantage of (Stone edge to help deal with Gyarados). Metagross provides rocks, switches into Dracos, and hopes to boom on bulky waters to give Infernape an easier time doing its thing. Gengar is the primary Loom check and has great overall utility on this team, throwing out wisps to hopefully give DDTar an easier time sweeping, which holds Chople as a failsafe against Gar. This team is meant to be played very aggressively, you really can't give your opponent any opportunities: momentum is key. The squad definitely has room for improvement, but I didn't feel like changing too much. Suit Scizor is a notable Infernape teammate that could definitely find a place on this squad, for example.

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its time to finally revamp the endevor lead infernape

back in the day i used to love that classic and a ton of old school dpp players been using this kinds of teams so it is based on nostalgia, the HO gyarados/ttar/dragonite core is standard and you can bring a ton of different movesets depending on who you will be playing against, i like two tricking mons to break annoying mons like skarm or clef

its pretty straightfoward SR, endeavor something get free turns setup win




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Double Mixed Starters
Click sprites for paste

I decided to go with the very unoriginal Mixed Infernape set, however I came up with the idea of double mixed attacking core Ape + Swampert, and wanted to give it a shot.

: Let's start with our fallen C2 rank King. My guy is literally a walking bomb, that 1) comes in, 2) deals damage / picks KO , 3) dies. Jokes aside tho, I feel like Infernape is obviously a serious attacking threat, but it's pretty frail and gets chipped down easily by things like entry hazards, sandstorm, and even the Life Orb recoil. That's why I thought that Slack Off might be useful here and allow Infernape to deal more damage later on. (I just noticed that Slack Off has already been used here which is fire)

: The best starter in the franchise (by far) enters the field with a based mixed set in order to help our fallen King rise back to the top. Pretty standart moveset, but since I find this project a chance to experiment with stuff, I came up with a questionable idea for the last move. Outrage is there to target opposing Latias, since it means trouble for this core and Ice Beam doesn't deal enough + Draco may OHKO, so Swampert always loses that with Ice Beam. Goated move Outrage tho and this EV spread gives it a chance to eat a Draco from even Specs Latias and even KO it afterwards.

: Since the Outrage tech will probably fail in most situations, I decided to add Tyranitar for Latias, just to have a safe way to deal with it. Chose the DD set because the other sets are clearly boring! Also, its ability to deal with other threats to the core such as Starmie is appreciated.

: What's better that 1 Lum Berry DD user? Obviously 2 of them. Dragonite is honestly pretty good at opening holes after +1 boost, and I wanted a Dragon-type mon on the team of course. Also, it can find chances setting up if its teamed up with the starters core. For example it could setup on opposing Breloom that checks Swampert and Tyranitar + absoring Spore with Lum Berry. (Scarf Flygon could also be good here)

: With the addition of Dragonite, I decided that I should add Rapid Spin support and also I wanted something that can deal with both opposing Swampert and Suicune. That's why Starmie is on the team with its access to Thunderbolt, Grass Knot, and ofc Rapid Spin.

: I really like lead Metagross, thanks to its ability to hit hard some leads like Azelf, and it is also bulky enough to set Stealth Rock safely in most cases. Lum Berry and Speed investement is there for the Machamp 1v1 that will surely annoy the hell out of me otherwise.​
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Infernape is the mon that this team is built around, aka exerting pressure and allowing infernape to go ham. With grass knot instead of hp ice, this allows me to nuke pert for heatran and other members of the team. slack off is smth I wanted to use to keep it alive instead of just having it die to recoil every time, and because of the switches it forces u can easily get that. With the team I am packed vs latias esp with jirachi, boom tran, dd crunch tar, hp ice zapdos, and ice beam mie to pressure it.


Zapdos is the next member of the team, as lead it can KO colbur azelf, skarm, meta, and can heavily dent stuff such as heatran, rachi, etc. It can also pivot in teammates such as heatran , tar, or rachi in case it faces pokemon such as heatran, latias, sp. def clef or ttar. Hp ice is chosen on this set to smack latias as it can help ape a lot in late game cleaning when latias cant otherwise switch in esp if its a choiced variant

DD ttar is a great late game cleaner of the team, with lum to help vs t wave latias, clef, and wisp rotom, it can easily go ham, esp once its checked are weakened or removed such as skarm, pert, hippo, quag, scizor, meta, zong, etc. But this team is able to help support it as with zapdos, ape, and heatran it can force them to be weakened as a result. It can often take advantage of defensive latias taking hits from ape and setup on it especially if you force it to recover.


Starmie, I love offensive mie, such a good mon, with its great speed tier its able to outspeed a lot of shit. Esp with ape and zapdos it can overload special attackers, clean late game, and weaken stuff for ape to go ham. I chose starmie over latias as being able to overload latias is smth that ape wants badly, latias doesnt provide that nor does it provide a water type for the team.

Jirachi is the 5th member of the team, by focusing on wearing down walls such as rotom, being able to wear down ground types for dd tar to clean late game, and having a paralyzed opponent means spamming stuff such as hydro, tbolt, or ape's stabs are going up against an opponent who may just no recover it off. Rachi is excellent here because it forces pokemon to just be slowed down and allows the team that seems not so fast be much faster as a result.


Rocks tran is the final member of the team, I find a 2nd fire type fun because being able to lure in latias, suicune, gyara, def mie, gastrodon, quag, etc and blowing up on them super helpful for the team, first of all removing latias helps ape a lot, while the grounds make sure that dd tar can go ham. Overloading the offense with more fire blasts alongside ape can make sure that the opponent gets worn down easily​



Just to throw in my twocence as the starter of this thread Cubick Skunk is a great dude and I think he will make an excellent host and hopefully bring this back to life unlike Krystal or I could. With that out of the way I built a Dpp ou team for once no way!

Buttons Squad :o Paste: https://pokepast.es/d16c3775e9007a94
Roserade: It's spikes lead it gets up Spikes could change Stun Spore to Sleep Powder if you wanted too but meh defensive set so it can get up spikes constitanlyish over the course of a game.
Infernape: I am running Expert Belt Slack Off all Speaical Ape yes but fr this set slaps it can smash holes early game to mid game Slack Off and clean up late game.
Gengar: It's here as a spin blocker and it does standard Gengar stuff Sucker Punch is cool for priority especially to pick off scarf Lati and the like.
Jirachi: Fun fact this fucker gets Draco Meteor which is amazing for smashing Latios which could be problematic for this team same reason as for Sucker Punch this also frees up Hp Ground not Ice to kill Heatran which will eternally wall Infernape and Rose.
Empoleon: This is here so you don't auto lose to Tran can be used as your cleaner run Gknot or Ice Beam your choice they both fit here or you can use it as a mid game breaker and use the next poke as your cleaner.
Dragonite: Also here so you do not lose to Heatran can be used to do the same things as Empoleon could be Yache Berry but I like Lum better or you could run Haban if you want to be cringe.
Closing thoughts I built this in like 15 minutes :skull: and its very much just a dumb ass buttons squad but so is all of DPP LMAO but its a fun as hell team so use it if you want :D.

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a garder ptdr.png
Infernape DPP, non-offi.png

( click on emotes )
:aerodactyl: ( aka tssk ) Sub DE to beat Starmie and keep rocks up.
:infernape: ( aka monkeyspin ) Passho for Latias / Starmie and others, vaccum in necessary for Scarf TTar / Scarf Luc.
:gyarados: ( aka JOEL ) Wacan for Scarf Tom / Lati + Outrage to bait Def Latias and remove it for Infernape. Stone Edge is for opposite Gyara and Zapdos.
:gengar: ( aka MODS ) to always prevent spin, NP Nape needs them to for ex OHKO Scarf TTar after rocks; adds a lot of speed control and a Breloom / Flygon switch in. Taunt is broken.
:jirachi: ( aka elnosabe ) acts as offense killer and potential revenge killer, Tbolt for Skarm; Thunder / TPunch can also work.
:metagross: ( aka KEKL ) with NP Nape as water killer I had two choices : Scizor SD Pursuit or Agility Meta. I chose Meta just because it's not x4 weak to fire so I'm not forced to run Occa Berry so I can run Lum Berry to help against status spam, it is supported very well by the rest of the team and it also a very very good late game cleaner.

The team is still weak to Twave spam and notably to Def Lati which can be difficult to take down if you fail the Gyara sequence ( maybe Taunt > Stone Edge, then you beat Skarm then you force Lati in ) but imo it's not that bad for a team built in 25 mins.

s/o Cubic Skunk
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EndureCustap Heatran + Infernape HO

I built this for Isza for his DPP game in Classic Playoffs vs august - it's a team I'm pretty proud of and thought the revival of this competition and this prompt gave me a good reason to share it. I've always found Infernape to have an interesting niche in DPP (hits Skarmory and Clefable in one slot, is a great wallbreaker in general w/ all its coverage options (Grass Knot / HP Ice), and has Mach Punch for DDtar / SDLuc). It's issue of awful longevity is definitely real (weak to all hazards + sand), and it's an important thing to consider when building with it how to mitigate it. In this case, I dealt with it by making the team extremely fast paced, with its wincon being overwhelming the opponent with some of the hardest to wall and most potent sweepers Pokemon in the tier.

The core of Azelf + Gyara + DDtar is a foundational piece of HO. I love Scarf Latias on fast paced teams - Healing Wish is super potent in DPP, and in the case of certain mons such as Gyarados, DPP Healing Wish can put you in a better position than BW and after because the hazards hit first - you can often set up scenarios where you end up with an 100% health Gyarados at a crucial point of the game. The idea for this Heatran was given to me by Pideous - Iron Head is a nice midground option to hit Tyranitar (important when DDtar doesn't have eq), and gives you a 30% chance to flinch Clef. Heatran's general boom targets of Latias and bulky waters is great setup for Infernape.

Infernape fits like a glove as the 6th mon on this team: I want a backup check to Jirachi in case Heatran has boomed another target, a revenger for DDtar / SD Lucario in case they setup on Scarf Latias, and a breaker that can hit Skarmory / Clefable, since this team's wincon vs that style is to never let them have free turns. Only Infernape can do all of these in one slot. I opt for Life Orb here because I don't plan on needing Infernape for a long time - if it forced the opponent to their back foot and got momentum, it did its job.

I find this one of the most fun teams to use that I ever built - hope y'all enjoy it and big thanks to Cubic Skunk for getting this up and running again!

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Lefties Infernape + CB Tyranitar Offense



Putting this here for now in case I wont have time after, but here is a team I quickly concocted in celebration of Cubic Skunk's power move to bring back the teambuilding comp.

This showcases a physically-oriented Infernape with leftovers, which is currently my favourite item to run on this mon. The idea of the item is to negate sand damage to slightly increase its longevity on the field. While its still a losing battle, due to rocks and spikes still being a problem, it can still gain a small amount of recovery at best, while not having to worry about sand at worst. Stone Edge is a coverage move to hit both Dragonite and Gyarados, while Mach Punch is to ensure that the team doesnt get swept by SD Lucario spamming Extremespeed.

CB Tyranitar, or any Tyranitar for that matter, is a good partner for Infernape as it can reliably trap Latias. Why I like CB more is, quite simply, its strong as fuck. It simply racks up damage by taking advantage of Latias being on the field, such that Infernape and/or Latias can sweep in the endgame.

Starmie give the team a strong special presence, while keeping rocks off to further validate Tyranitar and Infernape. It also keeps Metagross healthy vs Lati + Spikes builds such that the team still has some defensive integrity into Latias should Tyranitar be in Specs Surf/Draco 2HKO range or something.

As mentioned previously, Metagross gives the team more defensive integrity into Latias. It also provides rocks reliably and a boom for something like Swampert.

Breloom is a lead made to disrupt. Spore is broken but can still be kept for extra insurance into Swampert.

Latias provides some speed control, and healing wish is to help keep Metagross, Tyranitar and Infernape alive, while also preserving Starmie to get off potential spins.

Definitely far from the best but also not the worst :)


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i was originally gonna bring this vs dbc but then bailed and lost w the other team when this team had a great match up. lesson: never bail.
anyway, this team is built on exploiting the fact that there's essentially no blissey around and overpowering special walls. original idea was cm raikou + cm rachi, then i put sr empoleon bc i can maybe nab a kill on a random quag that way and empoleon is good at actually pressuring clef, esp if they drop sdef to mixedgon better. scarflatias w trick just in case i do face something defensive that's more problematic i can try and do something there. then mixednape to round up the mu vs bulky teams esp if u get a second chance thru hwish. here u can kinda go back and forth between mach and gk, depending on the mu u expect, mach is better vs dd ttar since empo tends to be weakened early but gk helps vs quag stall a lot. vs offensive teams this team does super well since toise + empoleon trade for 2-4 mons usually, nape gets one and then i have latias, rachi and raikou to decide what endgame plays best for me. toise is there cause i wanted a spinner (another spinner that's better than shitmie omg) and a mon that can lead and constantly prevent the azelf boom and also another way to pressure the water resists for empoleon. protect is here bc it actually achieves the same shit as ajet in that it kills azelf as they try to boom but doesn't take another round of life orb dmg and it also helps vs lati locks (since tbolt vs draco can be annoying). it's also nice bc i don't have to throw lati into heatran and shit early game and get it trapped since vs offensive teams lati is key to winning. raikou is the absolute star of the show here tho, this set sweeps essentially every scarfrotom offense and p much any non quag/non bliss defensive team and even some bliss teams if u get the pressure going on the right turn when bliss took some chip to set sr.

+2 252+ SpA Raikou Aura Sphere vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Blissey: 304-358 (42.5 - 50.1%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Leftovers recovery

fun little team


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:gyarados: :infernape: :empoleon: :scizor: :latias: :rotom-wash:

Wanted to post bc I think Ape is the best nasty plot user in OU. The goal of this team is bait in and remove defensive latias as soon as possible to have ape and the rest of the special offense go off. I personally think vacuum wave is a bit of a waste of NP Ape's potential and having CC to insta OHKO defensive clef (and hit empo, tran, tar really hard) is huge. Empo helps hold the team together against jirachi and set up rocks, while CB Sciz (huge forgotten threat) can just instantly get rid of latias and back up Scarf rotom. Specs lati is a glue that can hold you together (esp against breloom) and appreciates ape coming in on defensive steels types trying to absorb its hits.

Lele3 below has shared a version of my team above, but I still want to present this one with explanations of the ideas/sets.

Modest Suicune lead is great at pressuring most stalls (hippo/scarf ttar lead is the norm actually) and people send defensive Latias/RT Gyarados rather than clefable because Suicune can 2hko it. Weaken these mons mean ape will have an easier time sweeping. It's also good vs offense because you can force a scarf/specs Latias and Rotom switch, and weaken/kill them. Can also force damage against Gyarados, Swampert, etc. Toxic is for latias (especially CM set) and quagsire mainly.

I surrounded him with max spdef Metagross (super bulky since it's my only steel type - and leftoversis an option if you want more longevity against Latias, etc.) because it can pivot some Suicune checks such as Specs Latias, Jirachi (iron head, thunderbolt, grass knot...), etc. I run iron ball because you can pressure stall and especially Skarmory, and against offenses you target bulky waters/ground, so that it helps DD Tyranitar.

Gengar is necessary here because you need to pressure Jirachi, to check Breloom and a fight/ground immunity. Sunny day is a crazy touch (you can opt for a more standard set, so max speed WoW/Taunt) on this team ; the main purpose is that removing sand in the short term help Suicune, Infernape and Gengar itself a lot. It also has a good synergy with the rest of the team because you can possibly weaken Latias, burn bulky physical mons (swampert, gyarados, jirachi, hippowdon, etc...), and force a Scarf Tyranitar switch to be locked into crunch/pursuit, which will help your own Tyranitar.

Infernape is a necessary touch here because with Scarf Latias you really need either Jirachi or mach punch ape against SD Lucario. Jirachi can probably work, but it makes the team too weak to Skarmory balances imo (and other issues), and ape has the right support, so why not.

The team really likes the support of scarf Latias because of its defensive roles, healing wish (especially for Suicune and Infernape), speed control and a check to DDers.

DD tyranitar aswell because the rest of the team can weaken a lot of his checks. You need this coverage to handle Gliscor which can be annoying for the team, and to target Gyaradso. Remove it help the team and especially ape. I also added Tyranitar here to check Zapdos, to punish Latias and shuca is necessary since you have 3 grounds weak.

Hope you enjoy this team :D - and sorry for my poor english.
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Link to paste

I almost brought this team vs Kristyl in SPL -- why not submit it!

The strategy behind this team is fairly straightforwards: get rocks up with Azelf, boom and hope for a trade, then send in whichever threat puts you in the best position. Having 3 priority users + a scarfer as threatening as Magneton makes a lot of endgames very easy against offenses. Your main goals should be to either trap Latias with Scizor or get rid of the opponent's hazards with Starmie. Both allow Infernape to do its thing.

I really think Mach + CC + Overheat + U-turn is the best Ape set: it seals endgames quicker than you'd think and heavily punishes teams that are too soft into it. Most of what switches into Ape is owned by SR + U-turn as they're weak to either Rock or Bug. While you have to rely on the inaccurate Overheat, you don't actually have to use it very often as CC is just that good of a click.

You can use Rotom as the scarfer over Magneton and I've run that a bunch. However I prefer the synergy with Mag as it allows Dragonite to run Earthquake which is just that much better. I don't think the spinblock comes into play that often anyway as there isn't much breathing room for spinners.

Set details:
  • Sash is really good on Azelf -- beating Specs Latias lead is key.
  • You can drop Ice Beam for Hydro Pump on Starmie if you really like it but I don't think it's all that great. TrickSpecsSpin is my favourite set to use as of late; it's particularly good against stall since they love dropping Rotom now.
  • You can toy around with Scizor's speed but I think a point faster than TrickBall Metagross is all you need.
  • 332 speed on Infernape to creep on Kristyl's DDTar (Badamant)
  • Pretty standard DD Nite, but you should run Fire Punch if you decide to run Rotom as the scarfer.
  • Magneton's also standard. I really like Flash Cannon though, I don't think Explosion is all that great.
Team link: :infernape::jirachi::breloom::skarmory::clefable::latias:

Infernape - Choice band helps deal with the power issues of mixed infernape, and banded u-turn cripples starmie and latias. Slack off helps to alleviate hazard damage from spamming u-turn. A single slack off can pretty much end a game, and nobody is expected a banded infernape to suddenly heal itself.
Jirachi - Spdef is here to switch into latias and ghosts that try and capitalize off of cb infernape. Skarm, clef and lati are all somewhat passive and it can be difficult to get your own offense going. U-turn is here to tie the defensive core with your fighters, allowing the team to get more opportunities to break opposing defense. This is very important for this team and is the main reason why infernape is able to fit.
Breloom - Double fighters is nothing new, both breloom and infernape work together to break and clean up teams. Mach punch revenges ttar and paralyzed sd lucario, which allows infernape to drop mach. A bulkier set might be better on this team.
Skarmory - Hazards + u-turn spam is always very nice. It is super fast with taunt to mitigate opposing spikes. Against offense, this is purely meant to serve as a short term answer to physical threats, leverage infernape, breloom and jirachi as much as possible instead of trying to play a slow game against offense.
Clefable - Keeps up rocks vs starmie, which is very important because infernape needs rocks. It also gives a solid answer to mixgon, allowing for latias to drop speed to better handle opposing fighters. Clef could be switched out for another mon, but I really like the flowchart of clef -> lati -> u-turn jirachi -> infernape or breloom.
Latias - Very necessary for dealing with fighters. Originally it was rotom but heatran was way too scary so I switched it out. You could also use bulky scarf lati with trick + recover.

At first I wanted to put infernape on stall, but as you would expect fire fighting doesn't add a lot of defensive value. Instead I decided to settle for a more balanced team. I've tried to solve the pace mismatch of having infernape on a balance team as much as possible and it seems to have worked. I'm super happy with the result and the team has been very fun to make and test.

252 Atk Choice Band Blaze Infernape Flare Blitz vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Starmie: 216-254 (66.6 - 78.3%)
252 Atk Choice Band Infernape Close Combat vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Starmie: 144-170 (44.4 - 52.4) maybe starmie actually is unviable....
note: i simplified ev spreads cause i'm a hoe

cloyster + ape camel double fire spikes offense:

ape really appreciates spikes and spin, and the best pkmn to do this offensively in one slot is cloyster. i'll talk more about this pkmn post spl, but i think it's an awesome lead that can mess up azelf/aero/scarftar (and a lot of other leads), get spikes up vs a lot of physical attackers, and has nice contingencies in bad lead mus thanks to camel pivoting on zapdos/tran/etc, scizor t1 into lati, etc

camel is great with ape as a stallbreaking + anti-offense core, as it's pretty good at weakening/removing lati and pivoting into twave from defensive sets. rotom and zapdos are rly fuckin annoying when using cloy, gyara, ape, and scizor so camel provides nice glue (also against jira).

gyarados is broken af on offense and u can use a ton of diff sets. keeping it simple works well here and you get a nice loom backup with a second lum. gyara and ape sets are super flexible on this team (can go with johnny's nasty plot + cc passho ape), but stay away from lefties ape bc that shit is just not worth it imo

cb sciz + ape forms a nasty u-turn core with spikes and spin from cloy. you have to skip out on either a fighting resist or a 2nd steel with cloy + camel + ape and i decided that this team doesn't need the second steel. it's pretty gyara weak and you want a scarfer + way to offensively spinblock, so nothing fit better in the last slot than scarf rotom

the team is really fun and may have a few weaknesses but with strong offensive pressure it should be serviceable enough. rly happy to see so many submissions this time around and i hope we can keep this thread going :)

i whipped up a lil ho team with the core of nasty plot ape + dd tar + subpetaya empoleon

the basic idea is to get rocks up and die quickly with aero n then maintain the momentum advantage with sweepers + spore + uturn

aero sets rocks and has taunt. standard set no notes. if its still alive after like 3 turns something is wrong. you really dont want them to get rocks up super early so you can punish if they try to set them later

nasty plot ape is the beginning of the torrent of sweepers. it doesnt 6-0 anyone especially with dnite and latias being everywhere, but you can conceal the set for a while cause infernape can do anything. it used to be scarf heatran until i realized it doesnt do any damage

breloom is there for sleep support as well as to revenge kill shit like dance ttar or lucario or whatever with mach punch. seed bombo for suicune/swampert and focus punch cause numbers.

specs zapdos could be scarf too but im a numbers appreciator. sleep talk for breloom, hp ice for dnite/lati, uturn for momentum. this is also a pretty standard set and like zapdos is Pretty Solid so u bring it in on whatever and uturn or whatever you want. this could be something else but im not sure what. maybe flygon or jirachi.

dance ttar is the next sweeper it sets up on all rotoms and its evd specifically to take a life orb starmie hpump after rocks, which gives you another option to handle it cause otherwise this team is kinda awful into it. crunch, eq, stedge are pretty standard.

empoleon is the last sweeper, and completes a nice lil fire water grass core. it used to be subdance kingdra but this team REALLY needs a steel type. it was also lo starmie at some point but this team doesnt need spin support super badly. maybe a lo all out attacker set w psychic is worth considering but whatever. anyway the sets pretty standard but it sets up on latis n sometimes dragonite n sometimes starmie. this pokemon actually does end games on the spot its surprisingly easy to get the agility.
Voting for Student of Sinnoh

Close runners up were Ballout's team (I found it to run very consistently), and Excals darn cool cloyster team. In the end, I did a ladder climb, and which ever one lost last was the one to vote on.

Edit: I remembered to try Mael's blastoise team. It was a lot of fun and played surprisingly consistently. Worth including in the runners up list.
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Exacl's team unironically worked way too well and carried me to the top 3 at ladder rofl. Didn't like the fact Special Lead Swampert straight-up OHKO's Cloyster, but otherwise, that team was pretty heat enough for me to vote on it.

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