Gen 1 Dugtrio (UU) [QC]


Dugtrio is the fastest Pokemon in the tier aside from very niche Aerodactyl and Electrode. Thanks to its ground typing it can't be paralysed by Thunder Wave which is the most reliable and common method of paralysing. 80 attack is kind a mediocre, but good enough to deal with Pokemon who are weak to ground type and to serve as a revenge killer/finisher/late game sweeper.


move 1: Earthquake
move 2: Rock Slide
move 3: Substitute/Slash
move 4: Toxic/Sand Attack


Earthquake is Dugtrios strongest and most important move. It 2HKOs Pokemon that are weak to it as well as Kadabra and opposing Dugrio. Rock Slide gives nice coverage, especially against Legendary Birds that are 4x weak to it, although it's still only a 2HKO (keep in mind 10% chance of missing). Substitute can give you an extra turn provided you correctly predict that opponent will switch and you aren't sure whether they will use a flying-type Pokemon. It's especially useful in the early stage of the game to scout what counters for Duggy your opponent brings. Slash provides the most consistent damage, dealing almost as much dmg as neutral Earthquake or 2x super effective Rock Slide. Because it always crits it's also the best way to deal with any potential reflect users. Status moves gives you an option against bulky Pokemon that can switch-in on Dugtrio relatively easy no matter what attacking move you choose. Toxic is excellent against Dragonite which otherwise can relatively safely switch-in and set up Agility on Dugtrio because even super effective Rock Slide doesn’t threaten it. Poisoned Dragonite won’t wrap for long. Sand Attack is more general in use since it will also work on poison-types and Rest users. However this strategy is much more RNG-based and unfortunately accuracy drops wears out after switching.


Most of the time Dugtrio is a hit and run Pokemon. It's brilliant in finishing off foes and revenge killing. Ideally you only use it when opposing Pokemon is within KO range. However it can also switch freely into electric type moves that threaten your water and flying types. It’s an excellent way to gain some momentum and deal some noticeable damage or prepare for a switch and set up a substitute. Keep in mind that it doesn’t protect from getting statused.

Remember that Dugtrio has a horrible bulk; it takes quite a bit of damage from neutral moves and almost all super effective ones OHKO it straight away. If you want to be able to set up substitute with it, you need to keep it healthy.


All the other moves that Dugtrio can learn in this generation are either uncompetitive or banned in standard formats due to clauses (ie Dig, Fissure, Double Team).


Tangela is the best counter to Dugtrio, albeit it’s a niche pick. With is excellent physical bulk and ground resistance it can take Dugtrios moves all day and paralyse it with Stun Spore. It won’t do much damage outright (Mega Drain is only a 3HKO) but a paralysed Dugtrio is nothing more than a dead weight.

Other Grass-Types can either OHKO Dugtrio with Razor Leaf or status but they lack the ability to take hits from Dugtrio like Tangela due to their secondary poison typing.

Vaporeon also doesn’t mind switching in on any of Dugtrios attacks and can OHKO it with Surf. Rest take care of any damage or status received. Golduck and Poliwrath are slightly less bulkier and fail to OHKO right away but can relatively safely set up on Dugtrio with Amnesia. When boosted they can pose a serious threat to your entire team, especially when your Tentacruel is out.

Gyarados and Dodrio can switch in freely on Earthquake and Rock Slide doesn’t bother them that much while they can threaten Duggy to OHKO it with their STAB moves: Surf/Hydro Pump from Gyara and Hyper Beam from Dodrio. Defensively Dragonite is similar to them but it cannot OHKO right away. But unless you status it Nite will have an easy time setting up Agility and Wrapping your team to death.

Articuno and Omastar, although get 2HKO by super effective moves, can OHKO Dugtrio in return and replenish any lost HP with Rest. Using them to counter Duggy requires good prediction and some luck though (crits!). Not to mention it is unlikely to see Dugtrio stay in.

PS. Added Golduck and Poli to CC.
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I was thinking if I should include Golduck and Poliwrath to CC sections. They were very rarely used but their bulk allow to take some hits from Duggy and set up Amnesia. When wrappers are out they can potentially sweep the rest of the team.
Hmm, I reckon it wouldn't hurt to add them to the end of your comment on Vap, since they have a similar premise in how they check Dugtrio (Water STAB, decent bulk)

Maybe mention that it's actually pretty ok at switching in on Psychic types, especially Kadabra, as Psychic is literally the only thing it fears from them while its attacking power (and crit rate) is sufficient to threaten both Hypno and Kadabra (though obviously more effective vs Kadabra).

Personally I'm not a fan of Substitute and would slash Slash over it, just because Slash is a great option when you have no idea what the opponent will switch to... Sub also accomplishes this I guess, but losing your HP kinda sucks and a lot of the time the outcome is the same. That's just my opinion though, I'm not gonna insist that it be changed if you think differently
Gotta add Golduck and Poli then.

Dugtrio can switch easily on Thunder Wave and will usually win with Kadabra 1v1 (both Psychic and EQ are a 2HKO). However with Hypno it's not so easy. It takes hits considerably better and can put Duggy to sleep. In general when you switch on predicted TWave from psychic types unless they are within KO range (~60% HP Kadabra and ~30% HP Hypno) you're risking taking considerable amounts of damage. Crits are always fun and you can expect to get some from Dugtrio. However Kadabras crit rate is almost as high and Hypno can also get an ocassional one (at 13,1% its crit rate is slightly higher than what being at stage +1 is in next gens)

Slash vs Substitute is a matter of preference IMO. They both have their merits. I mean theoretically you can run them both but then you are almost completely helpless against most of the mentioned checks and counters.
The content itself seems very good, I can't think of anything else I'd add to it, good job. I'll suggest some changes/mistakes I found:

"Earthquake is Dugtrio's (missing the apostrophe) strongest and most important move. It 2HKOs Pokemon that are weak to it as well as Kadabra and opposing Dugtrio (missing the t)."

"Ideally you only use it when the opposing Pokemon is within KO range."

Articuno and Omastar, although get 2HKO by super effective moves Although Articuno and Omastar get 2HKO'd by Rock Slide and Earthquake, respectively, they can OHKO Dugtrio in return and replenish any lost HP with Rest. Using them to counter Duggy Dugtrio requires good prediction and some luck though (crits!). Not to mention it is unlikely to see Dugtrio stay in.

(the abbreviation correction applies to any other in the text, like Gyara, Nite and the other occurences of Duggy)

Vaporeon also doesn’t mind switching in on any of Dugtrio's (apostrophe) attacks and can OHKO it with Surf.
Might aswell give you my opinion on this one too ^^

-I feel like the overview "underate" Dugtrio potential. I like the way you started by mentionning his amazing speed tier but i don't think mentionning Aero or Electrode being that revelant, they haven't seen use in "high level" play yet. In practice he will remains the fastest pokémon 90% of the time in UU games.
It could be interesting to mention dugtrio anti-meta abilities as most staples of the tier such as Tentacruel, Kadabra, Electrics, Haunter and Omastar are extremely weak to it while most common archetypes are likeky to have one or two "reliable" switchs to earthquake spam. Taking over Dugtrio repeatitvely is nearly impossible considering his high crit ratio and the fact that dugtrio achieve a considerable amount of 3HKO on neutral-targets such as Hypno, Victreebel and Golduck, while EQ-immune pokémon won't enjoy multiples rock slides. Theses traits allow dugtrio to be a decent wallbreaker with the right predictions while slash allow you to mitigate them a lot. Dugtrio is also the best cleaner in the tier by far, being prefered over the likes of Articuno Dragonite and Persian for this role. 80 base attack may seems low on paper, but it does not hinder Dugtrio at all considering how good stab earthquake is in this metagame.
On the other hand, Dugtrio is never likely to take more that one hit before dying, but wrap being extremely potent in the tier allow dugtrio multiples opportunities to get in safely. Speaking of wrap, it could be interesting to mention the exellent sygnergy between Dugtrio and the most dominant pokémon in the tier, Tentacruel. They both cover each others match up really well: Dugtrio appreciates how wrap spamming Tentacruel invites the likes of opposing Tentacruel, Kadabra, Electrics and Haunter all of which Dugtrio can potentially KO with very little damages (thoses becomes reality after fews wraps). In return Tentacruel can take on a large portion of Dugtrio checks such as Dragonite Gyarados Articuno and Vaporeon and pivot from there. Usage tips might be more suited to dig into that, but one quick line on this could be nice

-About the set, i see it like
1: Earthquake
2: Rock-Slide
3: Toxic/Slash
4: Sub/Slash

-The first two moves are given as you mentionned, Earthquake become quickly a no brainer while rock slide take care of fews good ground immune pokemon. Toxic is only used to stop Dragonite sweeping potential (as Dragonite freely use dugtrio as set up fodder otherwise) but some teams can forgive it and may prefer the utility of Slash especially in the early part of the game. Lastly Substitue has proven to be incredibly useful especially in the late part of the game. As it help regarding predictions or to just simply abuse a paralyzed foe. It also punish any attempt to fodder something on Dugtrio which makes it even harder to revenge kill properly. I don't agree that Sub should be used on the early part of the game. As Ortheore mentionned, it often lead to the same damages Slash does, while you cut 25% of your HP (also note that sleep and stun spore are more likely to be used early-on on which reduces even more the usefulness of sub at this stage of the game). Also idk if sand attack is worth nothing especially on the main set, others options seems to be better considering Dugtrio already have kind of 4mss syndrom.

-Lastly, i think Dragonite should be mentionned in first the check and counter section because he's by far the most common response to Earthquake one team could have while Rock slide "only" 4HKO and dragonite have a wide pool that he punish anything from there. Gyarados does the same but is less common. Theses two pokémons are the most effective way to check dugtrio and unlike the rarely seen Tangela, they potentially do heavy damages after. Idk if the grass part is worth, Victreebel only switch once and gets annihilated by a critical while Venusaur is barely seen, tough his extra bulk let him take one more hit. Really Tangela is the only grass worth nothing, and it should be noted that he does nothing bar spreading status, which isn't ideal on the long run. Kangaskhan could be mentionned as a check: despite being neutral to EQ (he often live 3) and is one of the best way to pick up a KO considering nothing really switch on it and may force your opponent to leave their Duggy in because of a lack of better options. To me he act as a better check than say Moltrès, Dodrio of even Articuno and thus despite the EQ immunity

Well that was long, again thoses are just my thoughts and the tier is quite new that its natural to have differents opinions on it. Good job on this analysis ;)

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