DW Index and Reservation Thread - Do Not Post Analyses Without Reserving Them


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The following are up for reservation again since no threads have been posted:


If you originally reserved one of these you can technically do so again, but we want progress.

The threads that have not been written on are next!!
Politoed, Jolteon, and Toxicroak are now all available for reservation due to inactivity.

As another note, if I do not see any progress on currently inactive analyses within the next two weeks, you may be stripped of your reservations and denied further opportunities to write analyses.
Just posting to say that I haven't forgotten about Gothitelle. Since I now have Chandelure, the Gothitelle analysis will be more of a challenge because I have to favor using one Pokemon over the other in their respective analysis!
I'd like to reserve Politoed. Also, I think Gastrodon should go to priority and if it does I'd like to reserve that too.

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