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This thread is where authors can request that their workshop articles be reviewed and eventually approved for publication. If you believe your article is ready to be approved, please first review the article requirements below to make sure your article meets standards.

Article requirements:
  • For now, the facility will accept articles which describe a single subject (Pokemon, item, ability, mechanic, etc.) and explain how it functions differently from how it does in the videogame series.
  • Article length must be at least 3 paragraphs.
  • The article must include:
    • A title
    • A subject which has not been written about in the last 6 months.
    • At least one Key Difference about the subject that makes it function differently in BBP than it does in the videogame. It does not have to be something extreme.
    • An example of a strategy that utilizes this key difference. Anything, simple or complex, is fine.
    • At least 1 strength and 1 weakness that the subject has (when applicable). This mostly applies to subjects which are Pokemon or Items, but nevertheless try to find strengths and weaknesses for whatever your subject may be.
In the future, we may choose to accept a wider variety of articles.

Style Requirements:

While writing, keep in mind that these articles will be read by players who are unfamiliar with the rules of Battle-By-Post. Explain the game’s unique rules and mechanics thoroughly enough so that they can be understood as they come up in your article.

Example Article

Facility flow:

1. When the article is ready for review, reply to this Thread. The reply should contain a link to your article.

2. An approver will verify that the article meets all the above requirements (length, content, etc.) and does not contain grammatical errors.
  • If the submission meets all requirements and has no grammatical errors, the approver will grant permission for you to publish your article in a new thread in the Bulletin Board Post subforum.
  • If the article contains a few grammatical errors, the approver will tell the author what errors to fix, then conditionally approve it.
  • If the article contains too many grammatical errors to fix quickly (but the content is acceptable), the approver will act as an editor, revising the article while taking care to only fix grammar errors and leave everything else unchanged. Then they will approve it.
  • If the article does not meet content/length requirements or shows an appalling lack of effort, the approver will reject it.
3. After your article is approved, post it in a new thread to the Bulletin Board Post subforum.

4. Finally, you may claim 5UC at the Prize Claiming Thread as if you completed a battle. In your prize claim, link to the approver's post here which granted permission, as well as to your new thread containing your article.

5. You may reserve a new subject immedately, but must wait at least five (5) days before submitting another article.

Approver payment:

Approvers will be paid 1UC for each approval or rejection. Approvals in which the approver personally revised an article with many grammatical errors are worth 3UC instead.
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I'd change "In the cartridge videogames" for "On cartridge", it's more concise and less confusing. Otherwise, nice article!
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