Elimination of the waiting periods between Searches

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I know 30 seconds don't sound as bad but when you're desperately looking for information it seems like eternity. I believe that forums should be as McDonaldized as possible and having to wait between each search is just obnoxious. I have been in some others vBulletin Forums, none of which present this problem so I guess it can be turned off somehow. If there's a reason for this however, please let me know.

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It's because of the huge server load that could cause, leading to lag. If searches can be done non-stop, it takes its toll on the server. Smogon has a huge memberbase, which is bound to keep expanding, so these measures are unfortunately necessary.


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Okay I don't really know enough about anything to post helpfully but I really like the phrase McDonaldized lol

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Yeah that was a good one.

Anyway, Destiny Warrior got it as far as I know. Searches are taxing on the server, and for the same reason, we can only get 50 results.


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Cathy upped the search feature to thirty seconds between searches due to the heavy amount of traffic we receive when a new generation came out. While I also hate the 30 seconds waiting period (and it could probably be a third or half of what it is currently), it is there so the forums don't get lag spikes and we don't get error 500 messages.


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I've reduced this to 15 seconds between searches and we'll return 100 results again. If it has a negative impact on the server we will revisit it. If it does not we will look into reducing the time between searches further.
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