Embirch and Flarelm - Part 6 - Artwork Submissions

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I'll provide my comments--no participation, since I've been busy and unmotivated for this in particular. :(

  • CBMeadow: Your drawings have a unique texture to them that makes them stand out. In terms of style, the thick lines at parts distract me, but that's insignificant. Now, the Flarelm drawing is quite dark, which is quite significant! The shadows under the armor, specifically, make the drawing look layered, but flat. touching those up won't change the design as a whole, but they do create a different sense to the drawing. On an offside tangent on that drawing, I like the dabs of green, since they type the colors together.
  • Kadew: The pose is cute and childish, as Embirch should be. I do like the distinction you made on the feet between the wood and feet, being these thick juts of wood. Additionally, the colors are nice, but the brightness is a bit dark. Like CBMeadow's Flarelm drawing, lighten it slightly.
  • paintseagull: You always get cute points for your drawings. :D This one is no exception. I have no things to say to improve; just that I'd like to see a Flarelm drawing, too!
  • Reynbowz: Is the pose directly referenced from something else? The asymmetrical legs make less approving of the pose, alongside your comment. ô.o


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Final Submission

Final Submission

I probably could've done a better job on flarelm, but that is the most awkward to draw creature I've ever worked with. And its wood armor is now officially made of chocolate. Its head is a raisinet.
Final Submission time again, scraping that deadline as close as humanly possible!

Would have redone it to be consistent, but I only barely got the Flarelm re-re-re-dux done:

And that's that. :D Good luck, all you enormous crowds and crowds of eager participants!


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Right guys, closing this up now... I will be splitting the polls into two for Embirch and Flarelm.

Will have them up as soon as I can!
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