Empoleon (Offensive Stealth Rock) (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2)


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Something important you should notice

This is added on to Dat Blast's current check:

Middle of AC said:
For example, if Empoleon is up a against a Ground- or Fighting-type, such as Nidoqueen or Life Orb Mienshao, the Shuca Berry or Chople Berry will allow Empoleon to take their respective Ground- and Fighting-type attacks and OHKO back with its STAB Hydro Pump.
Middle of AC said:
Crobat is another great partner for this set, as it can keep Grass- and Fighting-types (RC) such as Virizion and Shaymin (RC) in check with Brave Bird while also bringing Empoleon in safely with U-turn;...
Keep the commas if you wish (I'd recommend it due to the flow it has), and the change is sort of subjective. Also, to stay consistent, you might want to switch Shaymin and Virizion around, as the latter matches with the 'Fighting-types' category.'

Other than that, solid amchecks, stamping both of them together to get GP APPROVED 2/2

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