Eon Tournament Round 1

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Hey guys... I'm not in this tournament, but I would like to know from the people using them and fighting them... How do the Lati@s fare in OU, are they unfair? Do they get destroyed? Or does every team carry a Lati@s counter?


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Almost done with my team Seige, but it still needs some work/ testing. I should be able to battle this weekend.
I PM'ed LHB about two days back, but have yet to hear a word out of him.

Anyone have an idea as to when he's usually on Shoddy?
I'm sorry to say that I need to withdraw from this tournament. I will no longer have access to Shoddy Battle for a long time due to computer problems (I'm using a public computer just to post this), so I can't make the deadline for our battle. I greatly apologize to the tournament director and my opponent.
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