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Hi there, I've got into art like around ~10 months ago, but really ramped up in production in like the past few months and felt I've gotten a lot better so decided to post an art thread here to monitor my progress and share my stuff. I'll post pretty frequently, whenever I finish art (probably once a week at least until school starts). I have done a lot of pixel art work and anime style artwork digitally.

Here's the headliner:
Demon Girl (no background).png

These pixel art sprites comprise a portion of the good ones I made for the game I'm developing.

Let me know what you guys think!


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Love this Ina piece! I can tell you were really ambitious with it, and I think it turned out really well! Since you asked for feedback, I've got a couple suggestions to improve it even more:

I think you could emphasize the contrast more. This is already a dark scene, with the magic circle coming from the book being the main source of light. As it is, the lighting feels somewhat flat because there isn't much range between the brightest and darkest colors you've used, and I don't get a sense for how far back the tentacles behind her are supposed to be. So you can afford to brighten her face more than it currently is, to show how close it is to the main light source, and darken the areas that are farthest away from it even more, like the farthest parts of the tentacles.

On that same topic, since that magic circle is main source of light in the scene and it has a distinct orange color, you could try putting some bright orange highlights in the areas closest to the light source. For instance, on the edges of the book, on the fringes of her hair, and on the lower half of her face. The same thing can be said about the halo behind her head; since it's another source of light, you could illuminate the edges of the back of her hair to indicate those are being lit up by that as well.

Hope this helps! The composition overall is very nice, and it's clearly a big improvement already. I also want to say that I really like the spritework you've posted in this thread, so I hope you keep that interest alive too!

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