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Programming EV Tracker for iPhone

Just downloaded this and I have to say it is fantastic!! good work Jungle Boy!! one question though, how do I delete pokemon from the list? I know it says you can but I can't figure out how to do it.
To delete Pokemon from a list (either your Pokemon or recently battled Pokemon), just swipe the row horizontally to reveal a delete button.


downloaded, its a great app, someone should do a Damage Calculator, it will be fantastic! ;D
Really good program! Only one thing is missing, I think there should be a "Save Progress" button, instead of autosaving. Then you could save the EVs when you save your game, because right now if you accidentally turn your DS off, or it runs out of power, or something, you completely lose track of EVs.
Sorry to bump an old thread, but what happened to the app? It's been removed from the app store. Was there any sort of follow up?

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