Programming EV Tracker for iPhone

I'm nearing completion of development of an EV tracking app for iPhone. It allows you to set EV goals for a Pokemon and track EVs gained based on its held item, Pokerus, and Pokemon defeated.

EDIT: EVTrack v1.0 is released today and available here:

If anybody's interested in helping beta test the app, sign up here: Please note you should be willing to provide constructive feedback. If you don't want to commit to being a tester, feel free to leave any suggestions here for what you'd like to see in this app. I'm not currently running a beta test for this app.


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I'm glad to see you are making this, it looks pretty sweet so far. I'll sign up when I get the chance, which will hopefully be soon!
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Give your developers some time to create a build for this iPod Touch 3rd Gen. Testflight will email you when they have.
I'd love to test this out, but I'll need to get home first to register since I'm on my school computer, which is blocking it. Will this be free?

K. I just joined the beta testing :)
Posting to say that I have recieved an e-mail confirmation about its release. It works perfectly fine with my iPod.
Great! So yes, I've released the first build to the beta testers. If you haven't received an email and you've already signed up, it's because you haven't registered a device with an iOS version of at least 4.0 (the app will not run on anything less).

Will this be free?
Probably not. But I'm building it to be worth whatever I end up charging for it.
Played around with it for a bit, and I like it so far. The things I'd like to see, unless they're there and I just can't find them, would be a way to remove the pokémon from the list once your done eving, and tracking vitamins. Otherwise, it's pretty well done for a beta version. :)
All right, I've been testing this and I have a few suggestions.

First, there needs to be a way to delete a pokemon from the Your Pokemon list.
Second, when you hit Battled new Pokemon, there should be a way to go back to the previous screen without selecting a Pokemon.
Third, the power items (at least in gen 4) are supposed to give their evs regardless of the pokemon fought. They don't on this app.
Finally, a way to remove pokemon for the list of pokemon battled would be nice.

Overall, this looks like a great app, thanks for making it!
This is more like a suggestion than a criticism (and I do agree with the back button being installed), but something that would be nice for me at least would be to see how many of one Pokemon I have battled. Maybe a xX (where X represents the number battled) of the Pokemon just next to the EV.

I'm using this while I was EVing my Victini and I thought I had only put on one Audino even though I had put two, so I clicked it two more times (having battled three), then realized my mistake. Maybe that's just me being stupid, but I would at least think it might help!

But if it's a hassle don't worry about it because it's just aesthetics for one person anway haha. Will continue use. I do appreciate the Goal function because I can put in the EV spreads ahead of time.

Criticism: No EV reducing berries function. From what I see currently (or from what I am able to understand) you cannot reduce EVs at all. I think a reducing function should be added so that you don't need to start an entire new Pokemon over this. Might just be me again. Awesome app though, I appreciate it. edit: also because you might accidentally click a pokemon twice. i hope i'm not missing something and this is just dumb feedback haha :/

edit:kso now that i have been informed: you're right masterbane, thanks. disregard this then (besides my plea for xX). i didn't even know you could click current; i just thought that was the default where EVs were displayed. excellent to know, though.
Most additions mentioned so far in this thread have now been added to the second and latest build, which I just put up on TestFlight.

Here are the release notes:
IMPORTANT: Delete any previous version of the app from your device before installing this version. You will need to manually recreate any data. (sorry!)

- You can delete Pokemon from "Your Pokemon" list
- Close button added to "Battled new Pokemon" and "Begin EV training a new Pokemon" lists
- EV bonus from Power items is properly applied even if the Pokemon battled gives EVs in different stats
- You can remove Pokemon from recently battled list
- At launch, most recently edited Pokemon is loaded
- Battle count is shown for each Pokemon in recently battled list
Vitamins, wings, and EV berries will come in a later release.
EDIT: All features working for me. Excellent update!
EDIT2: There is a glitch with deletion, if you have 2 of the same pokemon, the second one does not have a sprite, when the first one is deleted the second one still has no sprite or name so you can't tell what it is from the menu.
Hooray, the app is now launched on the App Store! Much thanks goes out to the people here who gave feedback (I've PM'd you to give you a promo code).

Here's a link to the App Store page, so to anyone reading this: please check it out and download it if you think it'd be useful. :heart:
I wish I took part in helping it now, just seen it and had a look on my iPod. It looks awesome...I'm really tempted to download the app. Only thing is, should I spend the £1.19 on it?

Edit: Never mind I've downloaded it to my iPod and I'll give you feedback after I've used it
Just released is version 1.1, which adds a pretty helpful feature: vitamins, EV berries, and wings.

Also, until August 10 the app is free! Download it! Tell your friends! Leave a review on the App Store! (please, please, and please)

As always, feedback is welcomed.

<3 excellent addition! i actually didn't use my promo code (heh i'm stupid and it slipped my mind i just kept using it as normal for a while) but i'll DL it. i think i left a review as Stylish oh wait no because it was like two days after my promo code expired so i didn't actually own it lol. i'll dl and leave one tonight / tomorrow though because this is honestly an excellent addition to my app library.

as i said in my e-mail from however long ago, great work and thanks a lot for your work <3

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