Championship - Type B F**k Z-Moves (SM - OU/UU/Ubers) - Round 1


approved by Quite Quiet

As the title states, Z-Crystals and Z-Moves will not be allowed in this tournament.
Therefore this will be perfect for those that want to experience the Sun/Moon competitive scene without them.

Tournament Exclusive Rules
- All Z-Crystals and Z-Moves will be banned for the entirety of the tournament
- This means that no Pokemon can hold Z-Crystals for Knock Off / Trick / Switcheroo shenanigans
- BO3 SM OU, SM UU, and SM Ubers

General Rules
- Single Elimination Tour
- All standard tournament rules apply
- Replays optional
- Matches will be played on either Showdown or SmogTours
- If a ban/unban happens or a new clause is added at any point during the tournament,
it will take effect as soon as the new round starts
- If your opponent breaks any of the rules, it is up to you to decide whether you would like to take the win or rematch

This Tournament has SC Points!!!!


KoldKappuccino vs. Vai Lusa
Chill Shadow vs. Frania
Navy vs. Reviloja753
Aurora vs. Hec
vs. Ernesloru
Empo vs. Lax
Clyde Frog 53 vs. dragonuser
Squawkerz vs. Melle2402
Felony vs. Dlanyer
Navura45 vs. davidTheMaster
RedEmptionMc vs. darksylvion
Pohjis vs. Akashi
Conquer Phoenix vs. ThePokeMaestro
Finding True Love vs. Marshall.Law
MiyoKa vs. Arifeen
FLCL vs. JTD783
KingKdot vs. iPro
Dundies vs. Mysterious M
EeveE Storm vs. Welli0u
Snowy vs. carm
Wheitron vs. Egior.
Brancus vs. Alore
michy47 vs. CKW
rice10 vs. Huston
hoblaph vs. Finchinator
elodin vs. Velvet Blood
Freend vs. OOZAKU
UltraBallz vs. We Three Kings
Gallaniel vs. Drud
My Thunder vs. Adam the first
Jinover vs. YMAS
Corazan.. vs. LBLOL7
Piratilla vs. Hamhamhamham
Mr. Miner vs. Exiline
Mix vs. -Snow
byronthewellwell vs. Boomalacka
Flamestar vs. implaser
Leooo_33 vs. MetalGro$$
RedMaxx vs. Sour Apples
p2 vs. Bro Kappa
Akiko Yosano vs. MamoJustWins
Bronto Burt 2 vs. Mindnight
dih vs. Abk1997
wishiwasasexhaver vs. Jase Duken
Doctor_DraX vs. Casparov
Lopunny Kicks vs. Eternal Spirit
HQuaze vs. Highways
Star vs. didi
BRTTar vs. Its Time
Holiano vs. Lcans
DBW vs. Megazard
MetaMnce vs. Aronskii
Conni vs. roystopror
PokeTCG gamer1288
vs. blazenix
Bluxio vs. Gene Sp
Gyslexic Duy vs. Quint_
Level 56 vs. zugubu royale
insult vs. HSA
Alloy vs. Astoria
double switches vs. vsomani
pokeisfun vs. AJB
Hayburner vs. Fardin
cuzzie vs. ProfessorMasterChief
Will-I-am vs. Bushtush


- Originally there was supposed to be 128 people but, I accidentally wrote someone's name twice and found out someone dropped out last minute sooo...
If you have a "Bye" as your opponent, please check in with the thread since you will most likely have someone subbed in as your opponent.

- Houndoomite and Heracronite released
- Metagrossite is banned

- Old news but, Terrakion has been unbanned

Deadline will be 5/31 @ 11:59 PM PST
sub deadline - 5/24 @ 11:59 PM PST

good luck and have fun!​
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