Favorite Room?


moon tourism
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i rlly love community mentoring bc everyone there is hella chill and it's great to see people want to get integrated into smogon stuff plus shitpost
also rp is cool too i guess,,,,,,,,,,
Sports room simply because everyone in the room are similar in so many ways and we learn to see other sports from others perspectives that we never would of saw or gave a chance. The room is also more mature because most athletes are held to a certain conduct by coaches. Also Pikachu as a mascot for Japans soccer team was pretty great to see our sports and Pokemon mix.

Also Debates room because no mater how intense the argument gets it rarely (atleast the ones I partake in) turns into flame wars and if you arent knowledgeable about a topic and try to speak on it, you get chewed alive. And different perspective /views on world issues is interesting. Yerp

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