Favorite Room?

Hi my name is Sundar.

And my favorite room is Cosmopolitan. This is not a pre-recorded biased message.

(It’s the first community I have been a part of, and I love it to bits. It’s always nice to always discuss and learn about different types of cultures and whatnot.)

Second favorite would go to the Cafe because I love food, and who doesn’t love rooms where you can talk and share your food experiences with other people :)

There’s also YT, where I love to talk about content creation, but it can’t outcompete with The Cafe. For any YT staff reading this, please don’t kill me.

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The three rooms I'm currently auth in, certainly.
Library: Great community, and I do like writing quite a bit, and overall a great room.
Help: I do enjoy helping there quite a bit, and the Auth are cool there.
Harry Potter: Harry potter's a cool franchise, and I just enjoy being in there quite a bit.

honorable mention:
Scavengers: Great place in which I enjoy trying to figure out the correct answer to each hunt without really being too pressured by timers.

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