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I thought I posted in here previously but I guess I didn't, so:

Scavengers: Super chill room with a bunch of great people that I always love to see online and talk with. To name a few, Stylus, adiass, Meicoo, but tons more as well. As a person who loves Scavenger hunts, that's obviously why I joined the room initially, but I stayed for more than just the room's concept itself.

Sun & Moon: As somebody who's really invested in the Pokemon games, it's always fun for me to be in the room and discuss the games with users. Similar to Scavs, the community made me stay here after joining the room.

The Studio: I haven't actually been in TS long, and I often wonder why, because it's a great room with a great group of people. Everyone's open to different music tastes there, so there's no judging or anything, and people are always open to listen to new music.

Lobby: Can pretty much talk about any topic here which is always fun, and while it does get chaotic sometimes, I've always found it enjoyable to have conversations about any damn thing in the room.

Trivia: We have Ninjadog13 as a RO so that should say enough ;].
But in all honesty, I joined Trivia from a redirect and didn't expect to stay. After about 5 days of leaving the room on autojoin, I started to become hooked on TTL and playing officials, and the rest was history I guess.

Game Corner: I initially didn't really think GC was my type of room, but after getting familiar with the games and users, it instantly became one of my favorites.
My favourite room is Roleplaying because I enjoy compensating for my lack of social skills in real life by participating in fictional adventures with anonymous people online. I am also a massive fan of locking people who roleplay as a chair or better yet, a fat hippo. For these reasons, I fit right in so I am thankful to the lovely people who made the room. Its status as a main room is truly deserved.


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Trivia: My first room, the room I've been in for almost 5 years, and the room I've made many close friends in. Not much else to say, just a lot of history there and an overall cool room to hang out in.
Game Corner: GC is all over the place in terms of games, and the variety is lots of fun. It's easy to lose track of time while playing and hosting games, and it's been nice getting to know the active users there.
Survivor: I was redirected here from Game Corner in late 2016 and stubbornly refused to leave for fear of being redirected there again, and soon came to find out that it was one of the most chill rooms on the site, and a great place to shitpost and meme around. I haven't been too active in the room lately, but I.
Scavengers: Easily the room I enjoy the actual activity of the most, possibly because I only joined it semi-recently. It's also really chill, and has a lot of great people in it.
Wifi: I feel kinda guilty about my lapses in activity in Wifi, but I genuinely enjoy chatting in there and even trading once in awhile, especially when I need a breather from all of the above.
Scrabble: Scrabble deserves a mention even though I've been kinda out of touch with the room for months, namely because of the people in the room who have put so much work into the room.
Scholastic: First room that I really stuck around in. Fun community with some interesting people, met a lot of the users I'd consider friends on the site here.

Trivia: Started hanging out here because I liked the official Trivia games, stayed because I liked the users.

The Studio: Probably the room I've been active in the longest, on and off for a few years. I think this room has improved a lot over the years and it now has a really friendly community with a wide variety of musical tastes.
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I've resisted posting here for a while, might as well anyway

Video Games: I'm a video games addict so naturally this is the room for me. Great place to hang around and discuss FNAF.

Chess: I'm also a nerd so this is another room for me. Best sports room. Stay mad Kennedy even tho you're my fav ever ps user

Survivor: Bad room. Everyone's a nerd.
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Mafia: The first room that I actually enjoyed. The community is...something and the game is constantly developing because of the staff.
Survivor: A really cool room that I can lurk in and have fun. The people here are nice and it's a nice place to chill in.
The Studio: Although I've barely been active in this room, everyone there is extremely nice and respectful of other people's tastes in music.
Game Corner: A fun room that has an amazing group of people and an amazing variety of games.
Random Battles: As someone who can't team build, this room is great. A variety of tours every hour with friendly staff make this room amazing <3


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I've only ever been properly active in one room and I didn't post seriously last time but;

My first room and the only room I've ever been relevant in. I care too much about this room, if anything

The Cafe
Dope room, talking about food is always fun.

I just come to yell about United when I have good wifi.

I always miss DD but I love games where I dont have to think too much.


I don't speak a word of it but I have frens there and get random hls I dont understand, I know how to ask for an LC match, though

I'm not very adventurous


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LC can be kind of dead at times but people in there are quite helpful, so that may be my favorite room on the regular PS server
Trivia: Joined to pass time while trying to ladder (very unsuccessfully cos I'm bad), stayed because everyone there and everything about it is just awesome. I've always liked to test and expand my general knowledge, and I'm surprised I haven't discovered this room despite years of intermittent activity on Pokemon Showdown. You could say that Trivia made me stay on Pokemon Showdown permanently, because without it, there really isn't much of a reason for a terrible battler such as myself to be on a competitve battling simulator.

Scavengers: I love to solve a good puzzle, and Scavengers never ceases to entertain me in that regard. During UGM, the Puzzle Weekend was one of the most fun things I've ever participated in online. Also helps that I'm a big fan of using Google.

Game Corner: tbh only for the card games just a fun room to chill in when bored, even though I'm terrible at like 80% of the games on there.


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Wi-Fi: Smaller and less chaotic than Lobby, more active than Sun&Moon so I sort of fell into using this room most of the time when I started P.S! and I've stuck with it off and on ever since.

Scavengers: Joined this room about 3 months ago and I've been in it ever since, great staff, great regs and I discovered making Hunts is genuinely fun.

TVBF: Joined off and on over the last year or so but became a reg. after the pre-nom system came around. Has a great and interactive staff excluding Arrested, and an easy topic to follow almost all the time
My first room, i would host there all the time :D
Goodly room except for guishark lol i'm ok at like 2 games.
Canalave Library:
Rip cana, but i love mythology so it was bound to be one of my favs.
I'm terrible at it but everyone is nice and it's chill.
I'm kinda new but it's chill and i see pictures of dogs alot so that's good
Pokemon games:
I joined for the community playthrough stayed for the next one :^
Alright boyes here we go, order of most to least favorite:
SURV - My main babe, it's luck so i can suck at everything and still win only downside is OM Room being owner
GC - It's good except for the times people like Catlover3 join
Scavs - I do some hunts sometimes it's good fun
also used to main wifi and won quite a few giveaways in my time there


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I replied to this thread a long time ago, but my favorite rooms have changed a bit!

Survivor: My first main room, joined here in 2015 and met some of the best people I've ever met. The atmosphere is chill, welcoming, and the people are friendly. Plus, the games are fun and effortless. The room and people here will always be special to me.

YouTube: Joined this room after I saw a friend was there and ended up sticking around. The people here are chill and friendly. After all, I love watching YouTube videos constantly so it was a great fit for me.

Cosmopolitan: Another friend of mine introduced me to this room and I fell in love. I love animals, nature, and learning about other cultures so obviously this was the perfect room for me. The people here are extremely friendly and welcoming.

Battle Dome: I used to lurk in this room quite often, very confused by everything that goes on here. Finally a friend convinced me to start playing, and I'm glad he did. This room is very fun once you get past all the confusing stuff, and the environment is chill.

The Cafe: Recently just joined this room, but it's a great fit for me as I love food and talking about food, and the people here are friendly. The pictures shown here make my mouth water.


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The community is great and is gaining lots of popularity as of late. Furthermore the meta is lots of fun and I enjoy building and playing in room Tours and the Rotational ladder which will be back next month!

Health and Fitness
I've been around Health and Fitness for awhile now and I gotta say I love the people that I've grown to know so well. It's a great place to go and ask for advice regarding anything health related as well as just hang out and discuss current health trends.
1v1 is where I learnt that u can do more than just play in PS. Been more than an year and a half into the community, and still going throug the routine "ridiculously angry, or too affectionate" towards the room in general SHOUTOUT LSF

Help gets hit by troll sometimes, which depresses me, but I love the room nonetheless. Get to learn something new about PS everyday. Also has great peeps like Hubriz Flare Quote Wally The Bully Yveltal321

YouTube has insanely nutty ppl, with whom I can relate, so I love it too.....

THP has the most friendly staff u could ever want :] Great place to hang out...

Edit : I forgot miapi as a friendly user in Help room so that says something about him, doesn't it? which is unfair.
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Scrabble: one of my favorites because the people there are amazing.
Pokemon GO: I've made a connection to almost every regular user in there over the past couple years, the staff are awesome.
Trivia: This used to be my favorite room but ever since MGM it's been on a slow decline (sorry :[ ) since all the users are absolute cancer.
Scavs: meme room.
Cafe: so many cute users owo

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