Favorite Room?


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The german room since it's my " Main-PS-Room " and there are a lot of nice people, I already cultivated some good friendships there ! Contributing to the translation project also made my bond with the room stronger.

The OU room is also interesting, but often times it's quite boring there because the main topic of the room only covers the competetive aspect of Pokemon, unlike the german room for example.


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let's see -
love Help, the staff are awesome the fact i'm on it as i say this is just a coincidence and helping people with stuff is fun
im a nerd don't judge
pogo (pokemon go) is a favorite too, don't play much any more, but again, like the people.
the rest of my room's i'm active in are hidden rooms so i'll just leave it at that.
Tours Plaza is super lovely. Not too big, but talkative with a nice community of very friendly users. It's my fav room to chill, and either join in on the consistent tours (which by the way are often quite unique!) or to cheer on others. The staff are engaged and we're hosting a room invitational tournament(!!<3)

There can sometimes be quite a bit of banter and pre-battle scoffing, but only bc we luv each other.

Also the Cafe bc food is yum.
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Now that I've spent more time on the server, I can add more of my favorite rooms. I am not an active talker, but I do like to lurk in various rooms, and my favorites are as follows...

Lobby: It is quite active with interesting conversations as well as its share of funny moments. I remember cracking up with laughter recently about people wanting to nuke the Lobby. I sure hope that never happens.

Survivor: There is usually a game going on that I can spy on or just friendly conversation to follow

And Trivia: It's always fun learning new facts about life and Pokemon. I once participated in a trivia quiz there and was so proud of myself when I actually gave the right answer to a question :).


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Might as well throw something here
The Cafe - first ever showdown room; can officially establish that Russian vodka is superior to Polish vodka. Room is super chill and introduced me to most of the rest of showdown.
Mafia - was intrigued ever since I joined the room; this led to a passion for social and psychological games that I enjoy hosting and playing in, on ps and elsewhere. The user base is...something, but the games are fun and quite beautiful in the way psychology can be manipulated.
Survivor - Officially the most chill room on showdown. Very fun userbase and games.
Cosmopolitan - very fun topics to discuss and reflect with the users there.
Battle Dome - a small and underrated room. Quite hard to learn, but the closest thing I can get to dnd without having to spend energy to go to other sites and interact with people in the real world.

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