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My favorite room would have to be the Sun & Moon room. Ever since I discovered it back in about July/August I love it (im a Driver in it :p), I fit in perfectly, I love the discussions that go on in the room and more, also the staff are suchh cool people along with the regular users as well, I just love the room and im passionate about it <3. Also The Smash Room and Cafe le Wow are pretty cool rooms too. Granted the only smash game I play is Melee, the room is still full of cool people and the room is more laid back and lenient than others, I love it and with Cafe le Wow, I just love food :p. The staff and users in there are also extremely nice and chill, those 3 rooms are pretty much my main rooms :D
Team Trivia! Triv will forever hold a special place in my heart as the first room I actually started talking in and made my own account for. I was drawn in because I love playing trivia games in general and what kept me was how diverse the conversations are and can be. In triv you'll find fans from all walks of life whether it be baseball, anime, or a baseball anime. In triv nerds of all kinds can come together and just be nerds together and I've made so many friends during my time in the room because of our shared interests and just triviaing.

Survivor Surv is a room I'd join off and on and lurk in curious as to what went on there but I didnt stick around till UGM prep began in September. I fell in love with the risks of rolling the dice and the room was chill and welcoming to newcomers even nubs like me who tried to host a game of RPS and got completely lost during their first host. Surv is the perfect room to just kick back, relax, roll some dice and roast some friends. Amen

Cafe Le Wow Cafe was a pretty easy choice for me. I love eating and cooking food and have expanded my world of food as more time has passed. Its the perfect place to share photos of your food, talk about recipes, or just get tortured by delicious food images shown by one of our glorious ROs.

Cosmopolitan As someone who loves animals and who is better at handling them than humans this room is a perfect fit. Along with talking about animals being able to talk about places and cultures all over the world is such a fun thing to do.Getting to talk to people from the countries you want to visit or playing hangman with friends, its a small room but has a huge heart.

Game Corner As a competitive person this room is fun for doing just that, competing. Whether youre good with ports, pressing enter quickly, or word games this room has games of all types of skills and its fun being able to play with and talk with the users there.

The Happy Place I like talking with users here and I admit I love the polls the most. Its nice being able to share things and talk with users about their lives in a setting like that.
Everything that is not the lobby lol
But tbh Tournaments room can be fun and the RU room is a very nice room too.
Anime and Manga is the only room I ever visit.
That is why he is a room driver in Tournaments
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Updated list of my favorite rooms in no particular order.

| The first actual room I joined on Showdown. I used to think I knew everything about this game. But boy, was I wrong. In this room I made a lot of friends which is always nice. It was a very special room to me and I loved answering trivia questions. Expanding your knowledge about a game you've played for basically your entire life is a very fun thing to do. Especially when you realize there's so many things you didn't even know about it.

Cosmopolitan / Fashion | Fashion is something I always was into and Cosmopolitan, Fashion at the time, was the room that allowed to me to share fashion and ask for opinions. I loved doing it. Later on the room merged with the Wildlife room, which I also liked a lot. Animals is one of my other hobbies. And that's why I loved the room.

Game Corner | Another room I loved. I loved playing chat based games, rather than chatting all the time. Seeing as how I wasn't keen on competitive Pokémon back then. I was Making a few games and seeing people enjoy them and it going well was a great feeling. Made a lot of friends, some of which I still have contact with these days.

| The Monotype format was something I always had found interesting but I always thought I would dislike it because I didn't feel comfortable playing competitive Pokémon. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I joined the room in hopes of learning more about the format. What I got out of it was something I didn't expect at all. I made a lot of friends in the room and felt like I was part of them. They were the most friendly and caring people I ever met. I was allowed to play in the room league and was the leader of the Normal type.

| When I really got into spriting I had to join this room and see if more people were spriting like I was. Luckily there were quite a few. And even though the room didn't centralize around spriting, the discussion was enough to satisfy me and make me stay. Met more cool people some of which I am still on good terms with. I occasionally still join the room asking for help. Because, who can help you better than experienced spriters?

Nederlands |
A room for people that spoke the same language as me... That's what I needed because I didn't quite master the English language. And because there was no set topic it was also very free. It allowed you to talk about almost anything you wanted. Just like most language rooms. Discussing topics which you liked, that the foreign people didn't understand, was great.

| I don't quite remember how I got into the room. But I love this room. Despite me not speaking German. Luckily for me they also allowed English to be spoken in the chat. A whole lot of cool people to interact and talk with. I started liking the room so much that I volunteered to write the article for the room. Which I'd think turned out pretty well. I still pop in occasionally but am not as active in it as I once was.

| Helping people is something I always loved doing. So this room was a no-brainer. The appreciation after helping someone is something I loved experiencing. And therefor I decided to stay with the room.

Cafe Le Wow
| This is my home. I basically live in here. I met some cool people in here and I stuck with it since I joined a few years ago. Everyone likes foods and drinks but not everyone likes getting hungry by the pictures and links the room staff posts.

| Even though I said several times that I am not much of a competitive Pokémon player, I still love this room. Even people like me, who do not tend to ladder very much, have urges to participate in tournaments just for fun. And that's exactly what this room is, fun. Many cool people in here that are willing to battle you, chat to you and laugh with you.

The Studio
| I am kinda surprised I never mained this room before. Because I love music and I think there's a ton of people out there who do as well. Yet I joined relatively late. A lot of cool people again in here and it's awesome to expand your comfort zone when it comes to music. I now listen to a lot of songs, bands and artists I never expected to like. Woo, way to go Studio!

| I'm a survivor, I'm not gon give up, I'm not gon stop, I'm gon work harder. I'm sorry. I could not resist it. Anyways, I like the Survivor room because it's got fun people and a lot of funny games as well. It's basically Pokémon but in text form. Almost everything is decided by a coin toss which I like.

| Again, I am not much of a competitive player but Sun and Moon RarelyUsed is one of the funnest tiers I played. A lot of fun to use Pokémon in a very balanced metagame. And then you realize it's even still in beta(?). The room is very laid back and chill and has a lot of funny and friendly people in it. But also a ton of terrible puns. And that is why I love it.


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let's talk about lobby

so what is lobby? the lobby is just a place to talk about anything safe for work; there is no real set topic, so the convos can range from gen wars to geoff posting t h i c c pictures in chat, just make sure you dont talk about us politics, as we cant derail our topic even further. as for the people in lobby? well it is a clusterfuck of suicidal teenagers cramped together in one room that have nothing else better to do with their lives. since these kids have nothing better to do, they try to have dominion over others by asserting their opinion against others, saying that its the only one that matters. then there's the kids that just go into lobby to have some fun, most often called shitposters. these shitposters can be really funny, even if they go against the rules, they're efforts in shitposting will be appreciated by the staff. however those types of shitposters are really rare and almost extinct, as most of the time they are just terrible and unfunny that we have to end up blacklisting them. then, whenever wally decides to kill a shiny ralts in emerald, there will be a half decent user that pops in chat, who we think is good enough for roomvoice. then if we believe that they are still decent, we will decide to turn them into one of us heartless nazi mods, losing all of the personality and soul they once had. really, the lobby is just full of terrible shitposts and people getting muted every minute, its a bunch of edgy kids that are a legend in their own mind, only go if you really dare.

edit: fuck lobby tbh
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Ruins of Alph As an older folk this was my first room I regularly visited. It's a wonderful place for old gens lovers. Staff is very friendly and open for tournament requests (sometimes us, regs fight about it but it's all good :) )

Health and Fitness usually one of the smallest rooms out there, so it's unfortunatelly dead quite often. However I like the fact that it's never very crowded since it allows for more indepth discussion on training, diet etc. Also I like to share my fitness knowledge with unexperienced ones who come here for advice.
My favorites are the Portuguese, Spanish and Survivor rooms. Portuguese room because it's the first room I've ever joined and also because I have a lot of friends there. Spanish room because I can practice my Spanish there and also because most of the users in the room are wiliing to help, which is nice, even though I don't talk too much there as before. Survivor because the games are fun and everyone is cool. Be there or be square.
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PU because it's one of the few rooms that doesn't hate me, much. I guess I also like the community and stuff. RMT is also chill because I have a lot of friends there, bar AnishSomani, and I love rating on PU team a week...
Lobby, the happy place and anime and manga are my favs! Lobby because there is the most people to socialise with and since there is no one specific topic centralized discussions are free and open to virtually anything (although mostly the polls drive the lobby topic). The happy place because like lobby people are happy to socialize and chat about various things about life and to cheer people up! No pun intended i swear :P and finally a/m because having a weeb life is a one of a kind life!

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TRIVIA: Whenever a discussion about rooms is brought, I always state that Trivia is special for me and that I will always put it as a first room in my room list. Trivia was not my first room and in the beginning I wasn't very active. So let's go with my backstory:

I used to main another room, although by that time I was really shitty user in general and were pissing people off. It seems like I was really shitty because I eventually got blacklisted from that room. So I decided to main Trivia as I sometimes was active there. Unlike most rooms I have been in, Trivia was the only room where I actually felt as part of a room's community or overall was someone with a better image. Not only that Trivia accepted me, but I further became maturer the longer I stayed there. Further, I met there a lot of people with the same interests as me (e.g. Danganronpa lovers, etc.). A lot of the achievements I have done on PS overall wouldn't have happened without Trivia, particularly the aforementioned maturing. I'm lately not that active as before in the room (which is sad for me), but I'm trying my best to stay on Trivia's side.


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Lobby: Overall is a great room and it is fairly easy to blend into any topic (even if you really don't know much about it) it's where basically I met most of the people I'm friends with (or people I highly appreciate) in PS. There's a lot of nice people there and it's a good place if you want to distract yourself a bit or just talk about you like the most. Sometimes the topics fluctuate and change rapidly but I think that's the magic of the room, you could be talking about cats and when you come to realize a few minute after you're talking about cars or some other kind of stuff. I would recommend it for people that like to socialize in crowded net places.

Help: I've always found it nice to help those who really don't know how things work. Just think about it, when you first joined, I am more than sure you were lost and had a lot of questions and doubts and you probably asked someone to respond you either one or various questions before figuring out the rest of the stuff by yourself. So it's really nice and satisfying that you help other people the same way other people helped you as well.

Cosmopolitan: May not be a big room but the quality content and the users there already make up for it. The topics frequently discussed are really nice since it has something that most people usually prefer. You could always learn something new there (specially from Wildlife or other countries).

Ruins of Alph: I'm mostly a person who is a fan of old games, and old Pokémon games are no exception. I feel quite comfy in this room specially since most of the time the discussions are about past gen things and it really gives you a nice feeling of nostalgia, and on top of that you can constantly play past gen tours with other people who share the same feeling about you.

Spanish/Español: It's a really cool room full of cheerful people, it is very similar to Lobby which is why I like to chat in there a lot. It is also a nice room if you wish to practice and improve your Spanish, everyone there will be more than glad to receive you and play a couple of tours with you there.


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Digimon: Well it is a room I helped founded, and the people there are very nice. We talk about well, Digimon, and it is fun. I also like it cause its a private room still and not many people join but its nice that everyone in there knows everyone.

Trivia: Trivia is a fun place I go into everyday. The people and auth are nice. I met some good friends there like Darthikyu (Another Co-Founder of Digimon) and Arcadium who is a really good (ex) RO, and honestly without talking to them, I would be a sad lonely PS user. Some backstory is that from 2013 to like 2015 or 2016 I wasn't the best of users. I was banned from a few rooms quite a bit and held a bad reputation, but I stopped being bad when I was locked for a few days. So i quit my battling and joined Trivia. I felt welcome and I have only been banned from it once so I know I am becoming a better user overtime. (Update) In early February of 2019 I got voiced (chuckles).

BattleRoyale: A room founded by Panpawn, we talk about Battle Royale games, but mostly Fortnite. The users there are funny and cool. I get to meet users there I never knew existed and some I always wished to talk to. I find it fun because if I wanna play duos or squads I have people to play with and so I wont be lonely.

TheCafe: The Cafe is a nice room I like to join. The users are very kind and welcoming. I joined around November of 2018 because I like food and Warrdd is there.
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My favourite room is Deutsche, since it is my home on Pokémon Showdown.
I also enjoy the Writing room as the atmosphere is pretty relaxed and the users are very kind.
Help is also a room I utmost enjoy as I love helping others. On top of that, I always learn something new in this room.


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Time for an update :)

Cafe Le Wow - This will always be one of my favorite rooms; that'll never change. Amazing people, amazing staff, FOODMONS, and I love food :D

Sun & Moon - Still my favorite room on the server. It's the first room I've ever participated in and instantly I fell in love. Never leaving.

Cosmopolitan - This is a new room for me. I joined a few months ago; sometime in October/November I'd guess. What I love about the room is how much everyone (I mean EVERYONE) appreciate animals and how everyone respects each other's opinions. There's literally no hostility in the room ever which is great. The staff is amazing as well as the regular users :) I don't see myself leaving this room anytime soon.

Scrabble - As someone who loved Scrabble growing up, it's only natural I'd wanna be part of such a room. Being able to play Scrabble on PS! (courtesy of Cheese) is simply amazing lol. Also we have our own signature metagame - Scrabblemons, which is pretty cool. As the room is private, there's not that many users overall, but it being small means less trolls and less drama, + everyone pretty much knows everyone else which is cool :D

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